Scheduled Nets

~Sunday Schedule~

Kandy Net           
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

 7- Rob

4- Rob 3- Rob 7- Paul 5 -Paul 2- Paul
14- Paul 11- Paul 10- Paul 14- Ed 12- Ed 9- Ed
21- Ed 18- Ed 17- Ed 21- Steve 19- Steve 16- Steve
28- Steve 25-Steve 24- Steve 28- Rob 26- Rob 23- Rob
    31 - Rob      30-Ed
July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2- Steve 6- John 3- Steve 1- Ed 5-Steve 3- Steve
9- Ed 13- Steve 10- Ed 13- Steve 12- Rob 10- Rob
16- John 20- Ed 17- John 15- Rob 19- Paul 17- Paul
23- Steve 27-John 24- Steve 22- Paul 26- Ed 24- Ed
30- Ed     29- Ed   31- Steve


~Wednesday Schedule~

Wed Edition Schedule:          
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
  1-Steve 1-Steve 5-Robert 3-Steve 7-Robert
  8-Steve 8-Paul 12-Steve 10-Paul 14-Steve
  15-Paul 15-Robert 19-Paul 17-Robert 21-Paul
  22-Robert 22-Steve 26-Robert 24-Steve 28-Robert
    29-Paul   31-Paul  
July August Sep Oct Nov Dec
5-Steve 2-Paul 6-Steve 4-Paul 1-Steve 6-Robert
12-Paul 9-Robert 13-Paup 11-Robert 8-Paul 13-Steve
19-Robert 16-Steve 20-Robert 17-Steve 15-Robert 20-Paul
26-Steve 23-Paul 27-Steve 23-Paul 23-Steve 27-Robert
  30-Robert   30-Robert 30- Paul  




Good evening everyone and welcome to the Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club Sunday/Wednesday evening net, also known as the "Kandy Net/OR/Wednesday Edition". Your net control for this evening is __YOUR NAME___YOUR CALL_


This net is held each Sunday evening at 7pm CST on the W8PIF M&M ARC repeater with a tone of 107.2 both on transmit and receive.  We are also on Echolink node #481872

All ham radio operators within range of this repeater and all those hearing us on Echolink are encouraged and welcome to check-in.


This net features club news, station operator comments, plus news and updates from the YACHT young ham programs.


This is a directed net and all transmissions will go through this net control station.  Mobiles and those with emergency traffic are always given priority in transmission.

I will ask for Echolink check-ins first, followed by those accessing the net direct through the repeater.  Please give your call slowly, clearly, and phonetically.  


(a) echolink check-ins....

(b) repeater check-ins....

(c) Club news

(d) Any additional check-ins or comments....

(Pause for more check-ins every 10 or 15 min. and again at end of net.)

(Added)... You are also invited to check in to our mid-week net on Wed. 7pm CDST on the 147.000 repeater. 


Thanks for your participation this evening.  We had ___ check ins.  The next meeting of the club is on_______________. 

73 and have a good evening.  The W8PIF repeater is now returned to regular amateur use.  _____ is clear.


(updated 3/27/2021)



EMP lab tests

Video Article:

Magnetic Loop Antennas


UP Hamfest

U.P. Hamfest 2022

Sponsored by the Delta County Amateur Radio Society
Saturday August 6th 2022
9 am to 1 pm EDST
American Legion Post 301
10584 N Main St
Rapid River, Mi. 49878
Coordinates 45.9298º N -86.9667º W
Talk in 147.150 (+600 / 100 PL)
Swap Info:
All tables $5.00
Send all table registrations to:
Walt K8WLT 906-420-3449 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Setup Friday 5pm to 7pm and Saturday 7am to 9am
Food and refreshments will be available
$5 Admission and Door Prizes www.k8pl.org

Floyd Croy Equipment

Thank you to SK Floyd Croy for his equipment donation to the club! This is a listing of equipment available for sale thru the club, if interested don't delay making your offers, this will all go to ebay shortly! Most of this equipment is in brand new condition. All proceeds go to the club, please be generous!


Floyd Croy Estate Donations to MMARC


8. Matched Pair 572B Amp Tubes

22. Heathkit Scope Full Function IO 17 ***** SERIAL NUMBER 0002*****