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Amateur Radio - Technician Prep Class


Doug Dooley (KD8OVR) is our training and testing Committee Chairman, and schedules and teaches our classes with almost 100% of our students passing their exams! 

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Amateur Radio - Technician Prep Class

Location: InventureNorth - 1320 Main St., Marinette, WI

Time: Wednesday Evenings as noted below from 6:00PM to 9:00PM

Class Outline

3/1/23 Introduction

Electrical Principles

Electronic Principles and Components

Radio Wave Characteristics

3/8/23 Antennas and Feedlines

Amateur Radio Signals

Electrical Safety

Amateur Radio Practices and Station Setup

3/15/23 Station Equipment

Operating Procedures

FCC Rules

3/22/23 Exam


NoNonsense Technician Study Guide – Free PDF version

A key element in preparing for the actual exam is taking as many practice exams as you can. Make sure the practice exam is based upon the July 2022 to June 2026 question pool. Here are some practice exam resources:


If you want to listen to some ham radio (listening does not require a license), you can go to and listen to various radios around the world. You can tune them yourself and listen on different modes.


Thank you for your interest in our training and testing programs. Our next class will be held at inVenture North in Marinette as follows from 6-9 PM on Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 8, and Mar 15.  The first 3 dates will be classes, with the 4th night for testing.

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