2022 April Minutes

Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Thursday April 4, 2022


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm at inVenture North in Marinette by club president Steve Mellenthin, K9STT.

Motion to approve the March meeting minutes was made by Tim Mellenthin, WN6KHG and seconded by Cynthia Patterson, AA9VV. The motion was accepted and carried.

Treasures Report: Mike Lemke, KD8FUE reported a balance at the end of March of $5,355.28.

Correspondence: M&M Area Community Foundation spring grant cycle is open the last two weeks of April. There was discussion about applying for the grant and it was decided we need to determine a specific item/project to apply for this grant. Will consider this grant in the future.

Committee Reports

Repeater Report: No report

Education and Training: Doug Dooley, KD8OVR reported the new FCC $35 application fee for amateur radio licenses will become effective on April 19, 2022.

Property Report: Bruce Conover, N9CON reported everything is up to date.

ARES Report: KD8OVR reported Menominee County donated a computer to the group.

Trailer Report: No report

Fundraiser Report: K9STT reported the club will be selling smoked pulled pork sandwiches at the 2022 Logging & Heritage Festival fundraiser.

DAR report: KD8OVR reported everything is going well.

Yacht Report: Ed Engleman, KG8CX reported they have gained 32 since the first of the year, adding 1-2 a week.

Webmaster Report: K9STT reported the website is getting a lot of hits. Looking at migrating the website to a new server.

ARRL Report: K9STT reported we are current with ARRL.

HATT: No report

New Business

A PayPal accounts is needed to transfer funds from a Go Fund Me account to our club’s bank account. Motion to apply for Go Fund Me and PayPal accounts was made by Jim Callow, K8IR and seconded by Paul Sorensen, NS8V. The motion was accepted and carried.

Using Zoom to include out of area members at club meetings hasn’t been working well do to numerous technical difficulties. Going forward, the club will use a conference call format until the issues with Zoom can be resolved.

A motion to make a $200 donation to inVenture North for allowing us to use their facility to hold our meetings was made by KD8FUE and seconded by NS8V. The motion was accepted and carried,

Old Business

Repeater expansion: Waiting to hear from the Menominee County EC on the Pinecrest location.

Logging & Heritage Festival fundraiser: K9STT reported the booth space has been paid for and the menu has been set.

Bylaw changes: Motion to approved the changes as printed was made by NS8V and seconded by WN6KHG. The motion was accepted and carried.

ARES antennas at the EOC: Haven’t been able to survey the antenna situation yet. Waiting to hear from the County EC about location changes in the building for the EOC.


The club plans to hold a field day event this year.

Reservations for the club picnic at Hennes Park have been made and we will be back in pavilion #1.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by N9CON and seconded by NS8V. The motion was accepted and carried. Meeting ended at 7:52 pm.

13 members present: N9GLT, KG8CX, AA9VV, AG9P, KD8OVR, KD8FUE, K9STT, N9CON, NS8V, W8AWF, KF5WFP, K8IR and WN6KHG


Minutes respectfully submitted by John Goldschmidt – Secretary