EmComm Trailer Project


We get so sophisticated and we have gotten so used to the reliability and resilience in our wireless and wired and our broadcast industry and all of our public safety communications, that we can never fathom that they’ll fail. They do. They have. They will. I think a strong Amateur Radio community [needs to be] plugged into these plans.

—Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator (2009-2017), 3 May 2011


Craig Fugate was right, and it fits right in with our EmComm Trailer Project!

With our EmComm trailer we hope to supply a new communications tool for the Menominee County, MI and Marinette and Oconto Counties in Wisconsin Emergency Management teams. These tools should provide wide coverage voice and data communications when all else fails. Last resort communications will work when cell towers and 800 MHz systems fail, and when the electrical power grid fails. Amateur radio operators have the ability to operate during emergencies and disasters, and we drill regularly for disasters.

Our club acquired the trailer we're converting from Menominee County on permanent loan after a building collapsed on it crushing the roof. We repaired to roof, then re-wired it, and finally started working on the interior.  We are ready to start installing the electrical equipment, batteries, shore power, and radios when Spring arrives in 2022. We are actively seeking grants and donations to fund our purchases in 2022.

Below are some photos of our progress, we hope you'll agree it is looking promising!