Scheduled Nets

~Sunday Schedule~

Kandy Net           
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
  5- Steve 5- Ed 2- John 7- Ed 4- John
  12- Ed 12- John 9- Steve 14- John 11- Steve
  19-John 19- Steve 16- Ed 21- Steve 19- Ed
  26-Steve 26- Ed 23- John 28- Ed 25- John
      30- Steve    
July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2- Steve 6- John 3- Steve 1- Ed 5-Steve 3- Ed
9- Ed 13- Steve 10- Ed 13- John 12- Ed 10- John
16- John 20- Ed 17- John 15- Steve 19- John 17- Steve
23- Steve 27-John 24- Steve 22- Ed 26-Steve 24- Ed
30- Ed     29- John   31- John


~Wednesday Schedule~

Wed Edition Schedule:          
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
  1-Steve 1-Steve 5-Robert 3-Steve 7-Robert
  8-Steve 8-Paul 12-Steve 10-Paul 14-Steve
  15-Paul 15-Robert 19-Paul 17-Robert 21-Paul
  22-Robert 22-Steve 26-Robert 24-Steve 28-Robert
    29-Paul   31-Paul  
July August Sep Oct Nov Dec
5-Steve 2-Paul 6-Steve 4-Paul 1-Steve 6-Robert
12-Paul 9-Robert 13-Paup 11-Robert 8-Paul 13-Steve
19-Robert 16-Steve 20-Robert 17-Steve 15-Robert 20-Paul
26-Steve 23-Paul 27-Steve 23-Paul 23-Steve 27-Robert
  30-Robert   30-Robert 30- Paul  




Good evening everyone and welcome to the Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club Sunday/Wednesday evening net, also known as the "Kandy Net/OR/Wednesday Edition". Your net control for this evening is __YOUR NAME___YOUR CALL_
This net is held each Sunday evening at 7pm CST on the W8PIF M&M ARC repeater with a tone of 107.2 both on transmit and receive.  We are also on Echolink node #481872
All ham radio operators within range of this repeater and all those hearing us on Echolink are encouraged and welcome to check-in.
This net features club news, station operator comments, plus news and updates from the YACHT young ham programs.
This is a directed net and all transmissions will go through this net control station.  Mobiles and those with emergency traffic are always given priority in transmission.
I will ask for Echolink check-ins first, followed by those accessing the net direct through the repeater.  Please give your call slowly, clearly, and phonetically.  
(a) echolink check-ins....
(b) repeater check-ins....
(c) Club news
(d) Any additional check-ins or comments....

(Pause for more check-ins every 10 or 15 min. and again at end of net.)

(Added)... You are also invited to check in to our mid-week net on Wed. 7pm CDST on the 147.000 repeater. 
Thanks for your participation this evening.  We had ___ check ins.  The next meeting of the club is on_______________. 
73 and have a good evening.  The W8PIF repeater is now returned to regular amateur use.  _____ is clear.
(updated 3/27/2021)