The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
Web Page:
                   President: Jim Callow K8IR
                     Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                              November 2002   


Don't forget to attend the next meeting of the M&M ARC on Thursday November 14th at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC.  Tentative agenda includes:
     (a)    Repeater move and current reception status
        (b)    License Classes
        (c)    Christmas party
        (d)    Charter banquet
        (e)    Update on by-laws committee among other items.


The 147.000 repeater was moved from its location on the KC8DOA tower to the BAMC location on Saturday, October. 19, in order to eliminate the long standing wind noise.  This may only be temporary.  Thanks to K8NB, Noel, for making the physical move, and to the following for their assistance:  K8IR, N8LHB, KC9AXH, and KG8CX.  After the move was completed, and the feedline checked, we found the 2 meter signal into the antenna had a very high SWR, and was unusable in that condition due to water in the coax connector and a loose center conductor.   A temporary antenna (dual band magnet mount) was put into temporary use on the roof until we could make repairs.  On Sunday, Eric, KG9GH, offered his services, and replaced the coax jumper.  All joints were sealed with special coatings and electrical tape, and the antenna hoisted to the top of its 20 foot tower on the roof.   N8LHB checked the SWR with his MFJ test analyzer and found both the 2 meter and 440 lines were now almost perfect at 1.1 to 1.  Assisting on Sunday besides Eric were N8LHB, KC9AXH, and KG8CX.  

Special thanks goes to Eric, KG9GH for the antenna repair.  Without his generous offer to step in, and do the physical antenna climbing in rather windy conditions, we would not have been able to have our system up and running on Sunday afternoon.  We all are indebted to the entire crew for making the move, and making the needed repairs, so we could be operational from the BAMC location.

Since moving the 147.000 repeater back to the BAMC location, we have noticed a decrease in mobile coverage, much as we anticipated.  However, base station range has remained pretty much the same as before, within our normal coverage area.  In fact, HT reception in the tri city area has improved due to the transmitter being within the city of Menominee as opposed to 5 miles north.  Base Stations are able to access the 147 from distances of 30-50 miles away with excellent signals.  More importantly, the wind static has disappeared, and the audio is what it should be.

The 444.075 repeater has improved to the tune of increased coverage, on the order of 10-15 miles or more.  In certain locations it plays as good or better than the 2 meter machine.  As an example, K8RJ was able to communicate into the repeater with an HT and a rubber duck antenna inside his vehicle at a distance of 10 miles.  N9JKX was able to access it practically noise free from Algoma, and K9RTB from Dykesville.

We apologize to those members who are no longer able to access the 147.000 repeater.  We will be working on ways to improve coverage, so that eventually we can return to or surpass our previous level of access 



The RSVP form  for the party is included with this edition of the Ground Wave.  The Christmas party will be held on December 12th.  At that time, the 2002 Ham of the Year will be revealed.  There will be no December meeting, as the Christmas party is strictly a social affair. Please note the RSVP deadline...your cooperation will be appreciated by both the club and the supper club.

Also note the form to be used if you wish to nominate a member for Ham of the Year.



Testing for new and upgrade licenses will be conducted on Thursday November 14th beginning at 5pm.  The test session will be held in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  Test requirements are a $10 fee and two forms of identification.  If you already hold an amateur license, we will need a copy of your license, and the white CSCE sheet indicating you passed the level you are currently at.  All levels of tests will be available...Technician, General, and Extra, along with the 5 wpm Morse code.  Walk-ins will be accepted, but if you are interested, advance notice would be appreciated.  

The regular monthly meeting of the M&M ARC will begin at 7pm. 



By Lynne Rynish, N8OSK

Erik Lowman, the new Marinette County Emergency Management Director assumed his duties on Monday, November 4, 2002.  

Erik was born in California and while only a few months old, moved with his family to Claremore, Oklahoma.  He graduated from high school in 1994, attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma with a MIS major.  Seeking more excitement in a career, he found an Emergency Administration and Planning program at the University of North Texas and quickly changed his major.  He received his bachelors degree in emergency management on May 13, 2002, and the day after graduation he married LaCrosse, Wisconsin native Valerie. She is a Spanish teacher and will be joining Erik at the end of the semester.

Domestic preparedness will be a main of focus for Erik.  He states "It is very important that we utilize the post 9-11 rush of new Federal and State grants in order to get our first responders better prepared and trained to cope with very real and new threats.  I really believe that terrorism can happen anywhere, even here within this county."

He is looking for better coordination and response planning and training for all hazards.  He intends to be a very "hands on" director. 

Working with the amateur radio community is also a part of his overall plan.  Erik holds a technician class license, and has the call sign of KB9ZQX.  He has personal experience working with ARES/RACES from his days of working a major flood in Texas. This afforded him the opportunity to see amateur radio operators in action.  Perhaps he can expound on the experience at one of our meetings.

Erik said he and his wife find this area beautiful and have found everyone they have met thus far, have made them feel welcome.

We have extended an invitation to Erik to attend our club meetings and to join us at our Christmas party.  Providing there are no emergencies, Erik assures us he will make every attempt to attend.

We wish him well in his new position with Marinette County!



The local Rad Shack in Pine Tree Mall is now sporting a ham antenna on the roof, thanks to Sales Associate, Tom Nelson, KA9JVH.  The store will shortly begin carrying the new Rad Shack dual band HT, in addition to the 2 meter mobile rig it now carries, along with related accessories.  Stop in and say hello to Tom...he is very "radio friendly."



Randy Zandt, KB9ZES of Pembine, and Marge Bramschrieber, who is the Menominee County Emergency Management Director, were elected into  membership at our last meeting. 


Congratulations to the following Wedding anniversary:  Tom & Linda
Hellem, Nov.26.
Birthday people are:  5th, Rose Mary Edquist; Sally Mans;  7th, Kurt Berge; 10th, Keith Tonn; 18th Diane Mans.  Best wishes to all.




The October 10, 2002 meeting of the Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:02 PM by President K8IR Jim. The President introduced the guests at the meeting. Randy Zandt KB9ZES who will be voted on for membership and John Marx KA8GZA from Ohio.

The Minutes for the September, 2002 meeting were in the October Groundwave and the President asked if there were any corrections. All in favor. The Treasurer's report for October 10, 2002 shows a balance of $340.68 in the checking account and $348.08 in the savings account for a total assets of $688.76. A motion made by N9OSF Larry and seconded by K8NB Noel to approve the report. All in favor.

KG8CX Ed presented a bill for membership from the UP Repeater Association for $5.00 and K8NB Noel has the forms all filled out. Motion made by AA9GZ Bob and seconded by N9UGG George to approve payment. All in favor.

For the Sunday night 7:00 PM net KG8CX Ed reported an average of 20 checking in and last Sunday 24 checked in. Ed said thanks to everyone who do check in.



K8IR Jim reported on the great fishfry at Little River a few weeks back and thanked AA9IB Bob for setting it up. Jim remarked that Bob is suggesting another fishfry there for October 25th at 6:00 PM before they close up for the winter. The next fishfry will be on this date of October 25th at Little River. Contact Bob or Ed if you plan on attending the fishfry.

Last month we had a long discussion about the 147.000 repeater and the problems that we have been having a motion was made to have Jim K8IR check out with KC8DOA Jim. For the report Jim said KC8DOA did cut the power down on the repeater and this did not seem to make any difference. K8IR reported he talked to Jim on Tuesday and it does not look like the tower crew will appear this fall to do the tower work. As per last month with no progress noted in solving the problem we will be moving the repeater back to the other site BAMC in Menominee temporarily as per motion last month September 2002. A motion made by Bob AA9IB to purchase a diplexer for the repeater move and seconded by Keith N9PQV all in favor except for one. Repeater move is scheduled for Saturday October 19, 2002. Noel K8NB will take care of the coordination of the repeater move.

Two memberships to vote on. Randy Zandt KB9ZES and Marge Bramschrieber. K8IR asked any discussion? Members voted by paper ballot.

The club has two new members.



The Christmas Party will be December 12th at Schusslers in Peshtigo. In the next issue of the Groundwave there will be a form to fill out for ham of the year and reservation form for the Christmas Party.

Eric KG9GH reported that at the next meeting he will have in writing a By-Law Committee report.

Club property............we need to know where everything is and have an up to date inventory of what the club owns. Also should it be in one location or spread around?

VE testing before the meeting in November 14 at 5:00 PM.


A motion made by AA9GZ Bob for adjournment and seconded by N9UGG George. All in favor.  Meeting adjourned by Jim K8IR at 7:50 PM.


Gary W Luthardt  KG9AD, Secretary


In attendance at the meeting:

Gary Luthardt...........................KG9AD
Ed Engleman............................KG8CX
Jim Callow...............................K8IR
Lynne Rynish...........................N8OSK
John Marx................................KA8GZA
Larry Buchholz.........................N9OSF
Bob Schrader...........................AA9GZ
Noel Beardsley.........................K8NB
Kurt Berge...............................K8BKA
Keith Tonn..............................N9PQV
Tom Rynish............................N8LHB
John Goldschmidt...................KC9AXH
Randy Zandt...........................KB9ZES
Eric Janssen............................KG9GH
Bob Osier...............................AA9IB
George Benoit.........................N9UGG
Louis Parkansky......................AA9JH


Club members and guests are cordially invited to
attend the M & M Amateur Radio Club
Christmas Party



                         Date:           Thursday, December 12, 2002
                    Place:          Schussler’s Supper Club

                    W 3529 County Trunk B

                    Peshtigo, WI  54157

                    Time:                    6:00 p.m. social – cash bar
                    7:00 p.m.  family style dinner

coffee, tea or milk

                                       short program to follow dinner
                    voting for Ham of the Year

$15.00 per person, which includes tax and tip

 Reservations are due no later than Wednesday, December 4, 2002. Make check payable to M & M Amateur Radio Club and send to:

                             M & M Amateur Radio Club
          P. O. Box 1082
          Marinette, WI  54143

*  Please do not put a burden on the restaurant by showing up without a reservation!  The restaurant must order food a week in advance, and we must abide by their rules!  If each person felt that just one or two did not matter, and SIX of you felt this way, we would be  creating a problem for the kitchen and their wait staff for the evening.  If you do not have a reservation, you will not be accommodated.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!


mail this portion with your check

Name of club member _____________________________________   

Number of reservations ________  at $15.00 per person 

                             amount enclosed  $ ____________





I nominate ______________________ call ____________ for Ham of the Year for the following reasons:




Take to a meeting, or mail to: 

M & M Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 1082, Marinette, WI 54143

Voting and counting of the votes will take place at the December 12th Christmas party.