The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Jim Callow K8IR
                     Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                               May 2002   


Plan on attending the next meeting on Thursday the 9th at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  We will review further results of the Michigan QSO party, and hear from the participants on their experiences.  We will also be presented with Field Day 2002 plans, which promise to be quite interesting and exciting.  It will be a bit different than previous years, and held closer to town.  Remember, the quorum is 11, so let's try and attend so an official meeting can be held.

  (a)  discussion of a "unique" Field Day planned for June
  (b)  evaluation and results of the Michigan QSO party
  (c)  August picnic plans
  (d)  Skywarn/ARES information and results of latest call ups.
  (e)  Repeater wind noise on the 147.000, and what can be done to reduce or eliminate it.
  (f)   Internet repeater linking project


By Jim Mans, AA9PB

Hello all. Just in case anyone has not heard, I volunteered to be this year’s Field Day Chairman and wanted to let everyone know about the plans.  So along with my personal belief that radio should be “fun”, this year  we will have a “theme” for Field Day. This year I want to do something totally different for Field Day. During a few discussions over the last  few months, it has come to my attention that quite a few of the local hams have (and still love) some “old time radios”, so this year’s Field Day theme will be “Old Time Radio”.  The idea is to have fun with the old tube type, analog dial, no frills, few filters, pick out a signal out of the five that you hear at once, orange glowing, drifting, hot smelling, non-QSK, D-104  compatible, well you get the idea, radios. It’s time to bring out and be proud of your “boat anchor”.  Yes, now is the time to be proud of the old gear. If you can plug it in and it glows, please bring it to Field Day this year and let it play. I would like to see as many old radios as there are floating around the basements, shelves, closets, and attics brought out to Field Day for a dusting off and to make a few contacts. I’m not sure if there is a  “class” for what I hope happens, but if nothing else, it should make for some interesting discussions and bring back some memories, along with some new memories, and maybe a few smiles and some laughter. I am not concerned with a “score” as Field Day is not really a contest (you get nothing if you win). 

Oh, did I forget to mention the GREAT FOOD that we always have at Field/Food Day? Maybe even something special this year…my secret.

The location of this year’s event is at the hunting camp of Mike Blavat and the “Bog Jumpers”.  Mike is nice enough to let a few of us use the camp  every year for the Michigan QSO Party. And it has nice trees for lots of wire antennas. When I asked him about Field Day, he said “No Problem”.  The directions to the camp are pretty simple. From Marinette/Menominee, take M35 north to County Road 338 (just before Kleinke Park) go left about 2-3 miles and then take a right on County Road 346 (its the first blacktop road to the right). About 200 feet later, take another right on Bay De Noc Lane (you’ll be going past the Freis Farm) with about 100 yards of blacktop and then gravel for three miles to the end of the road and the “Bog Jumpers” Camp.  From the Marinette County area, go to Wallace via McAllister and JJ, turn north on 41 and go one mile to County Road 346 (green sign says to Hayward Lake, also a sign to the Motongator Country Music Fest) turn right (east) 3-4 miles to the stop sign, then turn right (if you go straight, it’s gravel).  You’ll go through two 90 degree turns, and about another mile and you should  see  the Freis farm on your left. Look for Bay De Noc Lane and turn left. (If you come to the stop sign, you are 200 feet too far). Take it to the end and you are there.

I hope to see a big group this year. Camping room is not a problem.  Come out and enjoy the campfire and fun.





The recent Skywarn activation of April 18th for Marinette County brought out 21 amateur operators/spotters.  Eight of those were mobile units.  No severe weather was actually experienced by most spotters, but we proved to the NWS in Green Bay, to the community (if they were listening), and ourselves, that spotter interest and participation is at a high level in NE Wisconsin.  We
had spotter coverage from the Pembine/Wausaukee area, down to Oconto County, and from the western border of Marinette County to the bay. The statewide mock tornado drill on Friday, April 19th, also brought out many participants.  Thanks to Arde, KA9WAR, for handling net control duties for that one.


On the April 14th two meter net, a proposal was made to organize a tour to the Green Bay NWS weather office.  Their cut off number for tour groups is 16. Due to a large degree of interest, that number has now been reached.  We have set up the tour for Saturday May 11th.  Many facets of weather station operation will be shown and explained, including the doppler radar/computer stations, the weather radio network, and the amateur radio station setup that is used whenever a Skywarn activation is made.  We are told the presentation and tour will take about 45 minutes.  Following the visit, we will all adjourn to the Old Country Buffet for lunch.  If additional interest is shown by club members, another visit can be arranged for later in the summer/fall season, or again next spring.  An evaluation of the visit and comments from various members will be printed in the June Ground Wave. This should prove to be a very entertaining and educational opportunity for many of the club members and their family.



The next testing session is scheduled for Thursday, June 13th at 5:30pm in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  The 5 wpm CW test will be available, as well as all levels from Technician through Extra.  Bear in mind that a new, more challenging version of the Extra Class exam will go into effect on July 1st.  Now would be the time to upgrade to Extra.  Currently, we have three
individuals planning to test.  Contact KE9S, Jeff Rymer or KG8CX, Ed Engleman for further info or to notify of your intention to take a test on June 13th.  You will need two forms of ID, and a $10 test fee.


Friday, April 19th and Little River Country Club were the date and location of our most recent social gathering.  18 members and spouses attended and stayed longer than usual, with some great conversation and of course food. Little River CC is a nice place to have a fish fry, and we are planning another one in either September or October  Plan to join us for that one.


Members of the M&M ARC were all over the UP this year, participating in the Michigan QSO Party on April 20th.


The Club’s W8PIF call was activated from a Menominee County Deer Camp again this year by AA9PB, K0SN, NS9R, and NT9B.  The group logged over 1000 QSO’s, but it looks like they were edged out for the Multi-Op Plaque by a group in Lapeer County.






Jeff, KE9S did a one-man operation from a deer camp in Iron County.  And we mean one-man.  He somehow erected his antennas, including a beam, by himself.  Jeff logged 300-some QSO’s, despite some very difficult propagation conditions caused by a solar flare.





Jim, K8IR, and Ed, KG8CX, activated 11 counties in the Western and Central UP as a mobile.  They also encountered difficult conditions during the day, but as the sun went down, the conditions improved greatly, and there was a pileup every time they entered a new county.  They managed 285 QSO’s despite the demise of K8IR’s Icom 706 halfway into the second county.  Luckily, the trusty Kenwood 570 had been packed in the trunk, and served them well the rest of the way.



Some of our other members also worked the contest, including Dwight, W9YQ who participated while on vacation in Florida.

After two straight years of winning the club plaque,  it looks like the M&M ARC had some serious downstate competition this year.  We’ll have to wait a few months for the final results.



From the ARRL Letter…

Wisconsin Gov Scott McCallum signed AB368, the Amateur Radio FCC PRB-1 Amateur Radio Antenna Protection Act into law. The governor's stroke of the pen April 2 makes the Badger State the 16th to incorporate the language of the limited federal preemption known as PRB-1 into its statutes. The new law becomes effective immediately.
AB 368 mirrors the language of the limited federal preemption. It would require that ordinances or resolutions affecting the placement, screening or height of Amateur Radio antennas or support structures have a "reasonable and clearly defined aesthetic, public health or safety objective." Such an ordinance or resolution also must represent "the minimum practical regulation" necessary to accomplish the locality's objectives and must reasonably accommodate Amateur Radio.



Just as Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum signed Wisconsin’s PRB-1 bill into law, the issue is now warming up in Michigan.  Dick Mondro, W8FQT ARRL, Michigan Section Manager writes:

Attention Michigan Amateur Radio Operators:
A battle is about to be waged over the future of amateur radio operations in Michigan and this is a Call To Arms! Cities and counties all over the United States, including Michigan, have been passing laws prohibiting or severely restricting the erection of amateur radio
towers. We must not allow this to continue here in Michigan.
In 1998, Virginia was the first and only state to pass a specific tower protection bill. Prior to that, five other states passed lesser generic bills. Now we have sixteen states that have codified PRB-1 in their state legislatures with our neighbors in Wisconsin being the latest.  
Michigan hams have no such protection, but that's about to change. The Michigan Section Leadership has formed a Work Group to forge ahead and get an antenna bill passed in our state. We cannot do this alone, it is a monumental project and we need help.

Individuals that would like to help should contact me, but most importantly we need the help of all of our Affiliated and Special Service Clubs. We need a commitment to see this through. Clubs can help by making information available to their membership and when the time is right to send letters of support to our legislators. Clubs can help by turning out members to attend committee sessions in Lansing in a show of support. A similar bill in Tennessee was just defeated due to lack of support.

I appeal to every one of you to help us in this effort. Our ability to erect antennas and operate on our bands will be seriously jeopardized if we do nothing.

I can be contacted at or touch with our Work Group.


There are many areas of interest in our hobby.  KG8CX and KA9WAR compiled a list.  How many do you take part in?  What activities did we miss?

AWARDS: 10-10, work all states, work all state capitals, work all counties, grid  squares, special events, light houses. hobbies


BUILDING  radios, antennas, vintage radio, components (towers etc) 


CONTESTS  DX, Domestic,  prefix, sprint, QSO Parties, Field Day

MODES   cw , phone, satellite , EME ,micro , QRP, I link , cross band , fm, am, vhf , ssb,  DIGITAL, psk31, RTTY, packet, am, TV

NETS traffic ,emergency, rag chew, public service, education, MARS , Skywarn , weather 

SOCIAL   fox hunt, swapfests, organizations, conventions

ALSO   managers, mobiles, repeaters, dxpeditions,  APRS  



Congratulations to the following couples who are celebrating their anniversaries: 
 * 29...Paul & Maxine Drees
 * 30....Noel & Lisa Beardsley
These persons are celebrating birthdays...
*  1....Arlene Berge;  2... RuthAnn Greffin;  6...  Jim Callow:  Marge
Schrader;  10...Andrew Buccholz:  11....Nancy Zeratsky;  29....Larry
Campbell;  30...Jim Armstrong;  Andrew Janssen


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.

Thanks to Jim, KC8DOA for hosting the W8PIF Repeater on his tower.


M & M Amateur Radio Club

Minutes of the meeting held on

April 11, 2002


                President Jim Callow K8IR called the meeting to order at the conclusion of the Weather Spotter Training put on by Jeff Last of the National Weather Service - Green Bay, WI. 

                 President Callow welcomed all members and guests, and then he asked all members and guests introduced himself or herself.

                 Minutes of the February meeting were approved as written in the Ground Wave.

Treasurer's Reports:

                March 14, 2002
Beginning balance in checking:                                            435.38
                                               Deposit:  dues                                                      15.00
Balance in checking                                                                            450.38
Balance in savings                                                                               340.27
Total assets                                                         790.65

                 April 11, 2002
Beginning balance in checking                                              450.38
No disbursements, no deposits
Balance in savings                                                                340.27

                                                Total assets                                                          790.65



                A letter was read from Mike Anuta W8HKY thanking everyone involved in providing him with a radio, and setting it up at his apartment.  He commented he was having immense pleasure listening.


Old Business:

                Jeff Rymer presented a bill for printing of certificates, postage, photo paper, and labels for the special event station.  Motion by Jim Mans to pay the bill, second by Tom Zeratsky.  Motion carried.

                Activities discussed, included the March 10th Wisconsin QSO party, April 20th Michigan QSO party, repeater report and repeater activity.  It was noted several club members will be at "Michigan deer camp", Jim Callow will operate mobile from the ten western counties of Upper Michigan with Ed Engleman as his driver during the Michigan QSO party.  A reminder was issued for the NEWDXA meeting to be held on Saturday May 4th at the Railhouse in Marinette, WI.

                Field day Chair, Jim Mans said the club would operate from Michigan deer camp with "Old Time Radio" as the theme.  Jim is suggesting that all old tube type radios be used for the event.  Directions will be provided to those wishing to participate.


New Business:

                It was noted that Jim Swanson had not paid his club dues for this year.  Jim Callow suggested the club give Jim a one-year membership as a thank you for providing the club with a repeater site in Michigan.  On a motion made by Bob Schrader, second by Jim Mans, the club voted to give Jim a one-year membership.

                Ed Engleman announced John KB9QNG of Sturgeon Bay will provide an ILINK demonstration at the conclusion of the April 14th Sunday evening net.

                VE testing will be held on June 13, 2002 prior to the club meeting.  Testing will begin at 5:30 p.m.  Pre-registration is required.

                A reminder of the club fish fry scheduled for Friday, April 19th at Little River Country Club and the family picnic on Sunday August 25th  at Henes Park in Menominee was given. 

                On motion of Paul Drees, second by Eric Janssen, the meeting was adjourned.

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                Lynne Rynish                                      

                                                                                                                Secretary Pro-tem

Members and guests attending the meeting:

 * Not all members and guests signed in:

Tom Rynish N8LHB
Steve Mellenthin KB9ZKO
Tim Mellenthin KB9ZKN
Valerie Hallam
Bob Sanders N9LXM
John Hurschik KB8DSC
John Goldschmidt KC9AXH
Ed Engleman KG8CX
Tom Zeratsky K8ICO
Kurt Berge K8BKA
Paul Drees WC9E
Jim Callow K8IR
Renelle Schaffer KB9WKD
Keith Tonn  N9PQV
Eric Janssen KG9GH
Larry Buchholz N9OSF
Nancy Buchholz KA9VZC
Aaron, Amy and Anne Buchholz
Jim Mans AA9PB
Jacob and Lindsey Mans
Jeff Rymer KE9S
Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Bob Schrader AA9GZ