The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Dave Cunningham, NS9R
                     Vice President: Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ
Treasurer: Tom Rynish N8LHB
Secretary: Jim Callow K8IR

The MMARC Newsletter                                             June 2004


The June meeting will be held on Thursday June10th at 7pm at Henes Park in Menominee.  Field Day planning will be a big part of the agenda.  We hope you can attend.  We’ll use the third pavilion (by the deer yard) if it’s available, otherwise we’ll use one of the other pavilions.


Club members gathered on May 7th at the Best Western Riverfront in for the annual Charter Night Banquet. 

Eric, KG9GH, presented the Ham of the Year Award to Lou Parkansky, AA9JH. Lou was voted Ham of the Year for the help he has given many area hams.

Lou, AA9JH with his Ham of the Year Award


We were honored to have both the Wisconsin and Michigan ARRL Sections Emergency Coordinators at our event. Bill Niemuth, KB9ENO, gave a program on ARES/RACES in Wisconsin.  Also in attendance was Ray  De Vlieg, KB8VNI, the Michgan Section Emergency Coordinator.


KB9ENO, left, and KB8VNI at Charter Night



The club’s annual summer picnic will be held this year on Sunday July 11th in the third pavilion at Henes Park in Menominee. The picnic will take the place of  the July club meeting.  Click Here  for a printable picnic reservation form. Please return it by July 3rd.



For the second year in a row, we will have a VE testing session at Field Day.

Paul, WC9E reports registration will begin at 10:30am on Sunday June 27th, and testing will be held at 11am.  VE’s who can man the session are asked to contact Paul or Ed, KG8CX. Anyone wishing to test at this session should also contact KG8CX or WC9E. 




On May 22nd, several more new hams were added to the area's growing contingent of radio operators, along with some upgrades.  Congratulations to the following who successfully passed the Technician level: Jason Lauzer, KC8ZVC of Menominee, and Elizabeth Pearson, KC8ZVD of Wallace (XYL of KC8YZA). We are happy to welcome them into the ham radio community.

Also, two upgrades were realized on the 22nd:  Pete, formerly KC9FKC, who passed his CW, and is now an Extra class, and sporting a new call, AB9JF (for now…we hear a vanity call is being applied for);  and Tyler, KC9FKE, who successfully passed his General written exam.  Now he needs to master the code, and he would become our youngest General class operator. 

VE's serving at this session included:  WC9E, VE coordinator; AA9JH, AA9PB, AA9IB, AA9GZ, and KG8CX.  Your efforts were much appreciated.

We now have had 10 new hams licensed since Jan. 31.   Stay tuned for even more new ham announcements in the coming months. 




By Bill Becks, WA8WG
Marinette County EC

A joint team consisting of Marinette and Oconto County ARES/RACES members joined the search effort on Saturday May 22nd for a 39 year old Town of Porterfield woman missing since last October and presumed deceased in Marinette County.

The Amateurs provided the communications necessary to coordinate the search activities of the Bay Area Mounted Search and Rescue Team from Menominee County, Michigan who were limited to the use of short range GPS/UHF radio's. We accomplished this by assigning ARES members to drive into areas adjacent to the riders and equipped them with similar low power radios to maintain contact with the riders and using two meters as the backbone to communicate information among search units as well as to and from the command post. This method worked very well as we were able to keep one or more ARES units in contact with the rider teams at all times to maintain safety, command, and control.  Although the body of the missing woman was not recovered during the search the riders were able to radio in two reports that required deputies of the Marinette County Sheriff Department to investigate with one of them regarding the discovery of criminal activity not related to the target of the search.

Jim Pearson, KC8YZA, who heads the Bay Area Mounted Search and Rescue team called the Amateur Communications “a pivotal component of our search”.  Those participating included WA8WG, KB9DSV, NS9R, KC8WJN, KB9URW, and KG8CX.



By Jim Mans, AA9PB

CQ CQ CQ Calling all Amateurs!

Its time for Field Day again, and it looks to be the best one yet. Field Day will again be held on KC8WJN’s property Northwest of Menominee. This year’s W8PIF field day TEAM so far consists a group of individuals that have a diverse array of special talents and expertise: KC8WJN , NS9R, K0SN [Tom, Chief Antenna Designer, turns 50 on field day June 26 did I say 50?], W9YQ , KC8YZA ,JAKE my son, , and myself AA9PB.  We do have room for more people on the TEAM, And there will be additions. We WILL and DO welcome all the help we can get. 

 So far everything is on schedule and going well. The trees that will be antenna supports are cut, peeled, measured, and drying. These will take care of the 40 meter and 80 meter antennas for 2 stations. Also Tom has built a 20 meter monobander for a good signal on 20. We also have an A3S tribander that will be up for an additional station. There will be a few dipoles and other antennas as well.

At this time I am not sure how many rigs will be on the air at one time,{but I have heard a rumor about a few amplifiers set to be used to increase business on the bands."WE WILL BE HEARD"}

 Now for the good stuff, FOOD and activities.

FRIDAY: The plan is to have antenna raising, station layout and setup, (WE WILL NEED PLENTY OF HELP HERE), followed by a campfire/eyeball QSO party on Friday evening {another rumor, of a fish boil by Earl in the evening},

SATURDAY: Breakfast {I'm sure something will come together in a frying pan} followed by final station setup and checkout {and generally chasing "MURPHY" around for a bit} Field Day starts at 1pm that's when the fun really starts. Saturday afternoon there will be dinner and dancing, {no band just Radio… if you want to dance to the beat of CW.} But I hear dinner will be a sure thing, (possibly a chili cook off between Earl A. and Earl B.and I did hear something about TURKEY} as well as another campfire/eyeball QSO party and lots of radio through the night.

SUNDAY: Breakfast, {another rumor of an Earl Specialty}, the VE Testing session,  radio till 1pm, and the BIG ONE, take down and cleanup. NEED LOTS OF HELP HERE!!!!!!  We all want to be home by dark.

 I hope everyone will come out and join in the fun. There will be plenty of radios and antennas for everyone who wishes to operate as well as great food and plenty of friendly faces to have eyeball QSO’s with. Camping is free and welcomed. Come and spend the weekend hamming and having fun with the W8PIF FIELD DAY TEAM 

Feel free to bring a dish to pass for mealtime or uncooked items {I think we have a chef on staff} and don't forget your lawn chairs. {you can't stand around all day} Refreshments help as well.

 Hope to see you there.  {did I mention all the great food…just making sure}    73 fer nw de AA9PB




Kenwood TS450 SAT complete station. Rig includes Inrad 1800 Hz SSB Filter and 250Hz CW Filter, desk mike, and hand mike. Also includes Kenwood PS430 power supply and IF232C computer interface. Contact AA9PB.



From the content of this month’s issue, you can see our club is very busy, and I thank all of those who have contributed items for the Ground Wave. Unfortunately, the articles this month far exceeded the space available.  That resulted in some severe editing and the need to hold some stories until next month.  I appreciate all contributions. Please keep them coming.

73, Jim K8IR





MAY 13, 2004


The meeting was called to order by President Dave, NS9R at 7pm, with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members and guests were introduced and briefly spoke about their ham radio activities during the past month. A prospective member and potential new ham -- Jason Lauzer -- was introduced.

The secretary's report was approved as printed in the Ground Wave.

N8LHB reported on the treasury status...we have a current balance of $1317.76.

AA9PB made a motion that the club pay for the meals for Ham of the Year, Lou, and his wife, along with our banquet speaker, Bill Niemuth and his wife. Seconded by KC8YZA and approved.

KG8CX read an email from Ken Thyberg, K8ZZV, a former member, now living in Madison and planning to get back in ham radio

Under repeater reports, KG9GH and K8NB will get together on the matter of our BAMC tower base situation, and report back at a future meeting.

KG8CX reported on successful Sunday nets, averaging well over 20 each week.

Under Menominee Co. ARES/RACES reports, N8OSK, the Menominee Co. ARRL EC, questioned on why she was not notified in advance that the Michigan ARES/Races state EC was invited to the banquet and asked who paid for his meal at the banquet. She was told that the Menominee County Emergency Management Director paid for his meal.

Under Marinette-Oconto ARES/RACES reports, KE9S, the former Marinette Co. EC, asked why he was not notified that Bill Niemuth, the Wisconsin state EC, was going to be our banquet speaker. He felt as EC of Marinette Co., he should have been told, and the request gone through him. Dave explained that because two other ARRL section leaders turned us down, we needed to find someone close by who would agree to come, and whose topic would be of relevance to all. After considerable comments and discussion, KE9S made a motion to have the M&M ARC president removed from office, seconded by N8OSK. Further discussion and action was tabled until the June meeting. N9UGG, brought up that because of past conflicts and hard feelings, and since ARES/RACES is not an official club activity, we not allow any discussion at a club meeting relating to that topic. At this point, WA8WG mentioned that he was appointed by Bill Niemuth, state ARES/RACES EC, as the ARRL EC for Marinette County, to replace KE9S who resigned the position, with KB9DSV, appointed as EC for Oconto Co. He thanked KE9S for his work in bringing ARES/RACES to its current position in both counties. Discussion then ended.

Under Skywarn, KG8CX reported that the new Skywarn Operators' Net on Monday evening, has started on the link system, and has been very successful with a number of area counties reporting. This will continue throughout the severe weather season.

Under New Business, Field Day preparations are progressing rapidly. AA9PB is the coordinator for FD 2004 to be held at KC8WJN's extensive site. Several members will gather on Sunday, May 16 at Earl's qth to begin the harvesting of trees to be used as antenna poles and supports. This has the potential to be one of our biggest FD events ever. AA9PB mentioned that we should probably look into a port-a-potty and tent for FD. After discussion, it was moved by AA9PB, and seconded by KC8YZA that the club spend no more than $150 to rent these items. Approved

It was mentioned that a VE session will be held on May 22 at 9:30am in the Stephenson Public Library in Marinette. A large number of persons are expected to upgrade and try for their technician licenses.

On the subject of our repeater antenna on KC8DOA's tower, the president will contact Jim to find out the current situation, and whether we can expect to return to that location soon.

The annual club picnic will be held on July 11 at Henes Park, with Joan Callow and Maxine Drees in charge. The picnic will take the place of the club meeting scheduled for July 8th. NS9R asked that the club members monitor the Sunday night M&MARC net for upcoming information on the July picnic.

Dave, NS9R, reported that the club will have a tent and special event station at the Menominee Waterfront Festival on Aug. 7 in conjunction with the annual national Lighthouse event. NS9R asked that the club members monitor the Sunday night M&MARC net for upcoming information on the special event station.

Since we cannot meet at the library during the summer months, we will have our June meeting at Henes Park on the 10th in one of the available pavilions. Following the meeting, a Field Day antenna building session will be held.

At this point, KC9FKC, Pete took the floor stood up and commented on how the club has helped he and his family get licensed and involved. He felt that a clash of personalities should not hamper interest in ham radio. KC8YZA also commented earlier on the boost he got by getting involved in ham radio, and thanked all those who helped out with the new hams.

No further business, meeting was then adjourned and the CQ video "Getting Started in Dxing" was shown.


Respectfully submitted by Ed Engleman, KG8CX, in the absence of the secretary, who was attending the Dayton Hamvention.


In attendance:

Dave Cunningham, NS9R                     Jeff Rymer, KE9AS
Nancy Buchholz, KA9UZC                  Jim Mans, AA9PB

Larry Buccholz, N9OSF                       Jim Voss, KC8WJO

Tom Rynish, N8LHB                            Pete Johnson, KC9FKC

Lynne Rynish, N8OSK                         Bill Becks, WA8WG

Erik Lowman guest, KB9ZQX             Earl Andre, KB9DSV

Arde Nelson, KA9WAR                      Earl Bramschreiber, KC8WJN

George Benoit, N9UGG                       Jim Pearson, KC8YZA

Lou Parkansky, AA9JH                       Noel Beardsley, K8NB

Peter (PJ) Johnson, KC9FSF               Eric Janssen, KG9GH

Tyler Lehman, KC9FKE                      Jason Lauzer, guest

Ed Engleman, KG8CX
                        Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ
Tom Hellem, K0SN