The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

The MMARC Newsletter                                                July 1999 



The next meeting will be July 8, in the usual location, the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee at 7pm. The August picnic, special event station, and other upcoming activities will be discussed. We only had 9 members at the June meeting, so hopefully more of you will attend this one.


One of the memorable moments of Field Day 1999 was the generator dying after just one QSO was in the log. It seems with all the preparations, nobody remembered to fill the gas tank!  Fortunately, the problem was easily solved and the M&M ARC and BAWA clubs both had successful Field Day outings on June 26th and 27th. The BAWA crew bested their totals from last year by nearly 70 contacts, partly due to some good 6 meter openings.  The BAWA total was just under 1500 QSOs in the first contest using the new club callsign of N9KI.  Meanwhile, the M&M ARC station, W8PIF, logged 265 contacts.  We were not planning to submit a score for W8PIF, which was billed as the relaxed, fun station, but this effort deserves recognition, so logs will be submitted for both stations this year.   Thanks to Tom, K0SN for hosting both stations.  And thanks to all the members who participated or who just took time out to visit.  Remember, this yearly event demonstrates that we radio amateurs are ready should  some sort of disaster disable other means of communication. Its also a great time for club members to learn from one another about equipment and operating techniques. For example, a couple of members had a chance to try out computer logging for the first time, and found they  really liked it.


Plan on attending the 50th annual M&M ARC picnic on Sunday, Aug. 22, in the new pavilion at Henes Park in Menominee. Details will be discussed at the July meeting. The reservation form is included with this newsletter. Please return it by the deadline. We also hope to invite other area hams and former club members, as well as our friends in Door County. Let's make this a truly outstanding event.


K8IR is erecting a new aluminum tower which will serve as yet another landmark for incoming pilots approaching the Twin County Airport. A new beam will eventually be located atop this structure, which should give Jim a potent signal to all corners of the globe. Yet another DX'er for
our area.


Notice of our 50th anniversary station on Sept. 18 at Green's Green Acres campground has been sent to and acknowledged by both QST and CQ magazines, and will appear in their Sept. issues. An attractive certificate has been designed by Jeff, N9PQU, as well as a QSL card.  Plan now to be a part of this special event. In addition to the station, our annual corn roast, swapfest, and campout will be held that weekend. It promises to be quite a fun filled weekend. Now we need your support. More information in the next issues.


Election of officers will be held in Sept., so we need a nominations committee in August to compile a slate. Also, start thinking about the Ham of the Year award. We still have several months on this, but this year, we plan on having the membership make nominations along with reason(s)
for selecting this person. Nominations will then be passed along to a committee, who will select 2 or 3 for final balloting.


Hardly anyone uses this machine anymore. Even though it is a local coverage repeater with only 8 watts output at 80 feet, there still are local hams with 440 equipment. Ed, KG8CX, has thrown his call on the repeater numerous times, with no response. Plans are afoot to move the
repeater to the tower location at a much higher level, and even to put into operation a completely new machine with higher output. Are there enough of you out there that would use it? Let us know. In the meantime, give the 444.075 a little use.


As it stands now, no news will be forthcoming in the near future on restructuring. The FCC states it has several items with higher priority on their agenda. We may have to wait until later in the year for any news to come out of Gettysburg. There will be changes in the license classes and requirements as we now know them, but we'll have to wait a bit before they become known. Stay tuned.  In the meantime, it was announced that there will be no changes in the question pool for any class test until restructuring is finalized.


Over the past 6 to 7 years, we have had a number of young people go through our classes, test at a VE session, get a radio or two, then drop from sight. What is the reason? Does amateur radio no longer hold the magic that it once did? Are we not doing enough coaching or encouraging
to keep these future mainstays of our hobby active? It is sort of discouraging to the instructors and VE examiners to see the effort put into studying for the exams, not to mention our desire to see new people enter the hobby, and find that the interest has disappeared. We even have older hams who have gone through classes, and tested in these same sessions apparently lose interest and fade from sight and sound. Let's all make an effort to recruit or "re-recruit" one new person back to the hobby, as we approach the new millenium, and the 50th anniversary of our club. We hope to make contact with hams who were former club members and other interested persons and invite them to the August picnic and special event station in September. Remember to "Talk Up Ham Radio" at every opportunity. We want to keep the hams we have and encourage new
ones to join this great hobby of ours.


Effective immediately, the new address for the W9 Incoming QSL Bureau is: Northern Illinois DX Assn, W9 Incoming QSL Bureau, PO Box 273, Glenview, IL 60025-0237. For more information, contact Bill Russin, N9BR, .


The 1999 Dayton Hamvention General Chairman, Dick Miller, N8CBU, reports that attendance at the world's largest Amateur Radio gathering rose slightly again this year. The official attendance at the event May 14-16 was 28,176, up from 28,120 in 1998.

The contingent from the M&M ARC made up a significant portion of the increase!

The 1999 figure marks the second year in a row that attendance at the Hamvention has gone up and continues a trend of growing attendance. Hamvention officials reported that 28,000 attended in 1997.

The 2000 Dayton Hamvention also will be the site of the ARRL National Convention. The Hamvention is operated by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association as a separate entity.

For more information about the Dayton Hamvention, visit

(From the ARRL Letter)


Some nets that would welcome your check - ins include... 147.210 Door County Good Morning net, week-days (except Sun.) 8:00AM   147.270 with 107.2 pl NEWRL (Northeast Wis. Radio League), Tues. at 8:00PM. This net also announces our Sun. net and meeting dates weekly, so it might be nice to check in to theirs as a gesture of appreciation.    147.120 with 107.2 pl , Green Bay Mike & Key Club, Wed. at 8:45PM (Newsline broadcast) 146.550 simplex, BAWA DX net, Wed. at 7:00PM. We reiterate, you  DO NOT have to be a DX oriented ham to check in. Many of you think non-dx'ers are unwelcome. That couldn't be farther from the truth. They encourage EVERYONE to check in and out, or to discuss common ham concerns regarding radio/computer/antenna operation.   147.000, M&M ARC net, Sun. at 7:00PM (Newsline, ARRL Audio News, and occasionally Rain Report.)


Congratulations and Best Wishes to those celebrating special days this
month.... Anniversary - July 1, Al and Sally
( KG9BI / KB9IMX) ... Birthdays - July 2, Ed (KG8CX); Arde (KA9WAR);
July 3, Bob (AA9IB); July 5, Lou (AA9JH); July 7, Bob (AA8UT); July
15, Tanya (xyl of Lou); July 30, Terry (N9JFC)


August 12... meeting
August 22... picnic
Sept. 9....... meeting (elections)
Sept. 18.... special event station, corn roast, swapfest at Green Acres
Oct. 14..... meeting
Nov. 11.... meeting
Dec. 9......Christmas party


Our secretary and Webmaster, Nate is compiling an updated list of members e-mail addresses. Please drop him a note at with yours.


 By Paul Drees, WC9E

November, 1998 - The Armistice day storm  demolished my 50 foot tower together with the hf, vhf, and atv antennas. I waited to hear from the insurance adjuster and then proceeded to dismantle the wreckage.

December - 1998 - Thought of upgrading to a crankup in a new location - 50 feet east of the house. So I selected the spot, went to the farm supply, and bought  2  bales of straw to keep that area frostfree, in case I did get around to digging in February or March.

January, 1999 - Delivery on a new crankup was about 8 weeks. I envisioned  the tower being delivered in hip deep snow and ice, so I postponed the order. Meantime I wanted to be back on the air, so I drove down to Popkeys and picked up 4 sections of Rohn 25 and ordered the

A3S and Ringo Ranger form AES.  I had also reassembled  a 15 meter monobander which I had stored in the garage.  On one of the few pleasant days of the month, some of the shop crew and I  installed the tower, members of the local radio club hoisted the beam and the vertical , and I was on the air!!  The 15 meter monobander would have to wait until the new tower.

February, 1999 - I heard of a used crankup and tiltover  that I could purchase for about one half the price of a new one and save $400 in freight.  Hmmm.

March, 1999 - Seller was not quite ready to sell  at this time since he was not sure what the price had to be.

April, 1999 - In the meantime, to maintain marital bliss, I decided to locate the new tower in the back.  This meant clearing land, cutting trees, hauling logs, and disposing of brush.  This project continued into May and June.

July, 1999 - After the second tree fell on my storage shed, I was forced to relocate that shed which fell apart as it was being moved. The new replacement was positioned far from any future tree cutting. Finished the clearing on the 28th.  Weddings, graduations, and birthdays were over for awhile. Now I thought I could spend more time on the tower installation.

August, 1999 - With three quarters of the base dug, something snapped around my waist. That back problem took 3 weeks to mend.

September, 1999 - With the hole dug, I remembered I had to find a base for the tower.  AA9PB agreed to make one for me.  Jim had it finished by the end of the month.  But then I remembered I had to pick up the tower in Suamico.  So with the help of W9SFs boat trailer and 5 strong backs, we managed to get the long overdue tower dropped off in my back yard.

October, 1999 - Began to assemble the 40 meter 2 element beam  which I bought in Dayton in May.   After final preparations with he base, the concrete truck drove in and dumped in 4 yards of concrete.

November, 1999 - With deer season coming quickly and the concrete cured, I arranged for a crane to lift the 550  pounds onto the base.

December, 1999 - Got the 40 meter beam installed, and then discovered that the 140 feet of coax which I had bought in Dayton was too short. So was the rotor cable. After I put an order in, winter arrived...

January,2000 - 15  below, and the snow was still piling up.

May 2000 - Getting closer to the final installation.  Will keep you informed in the next newsletter.  In the meantime, if you need help with your tower installation, I have plenty of ideas of what not to do.

Editors Note:  We hope much of the above is fiction. We hope to see that antenna up in 1999. Good Luck, Paul.


The June 10th 1999 meeting was called to order at 7:08pm in the basement of the Menominee BAMC Facility by Jim Callow.  There was a prompt for guests but there were none.  Minutes were accepted as written.  There were no bills to be paid by the club.  The treasurers report has 116.97, deposit for 28.00 for an ARRL renewal, and then a disbursement for that same ARRL renewal.  balance in checking: 93.89.  Savings account is at 563.49.  total assets are $657.38.  Submitted by Lynne Rynish, N80SK the Treasurer.  repeater report.. the repeater is working alright, except again when its windy, then it gets scratchy.  People commented on how good Dayton was, Nathan KB9NNV, won an Icom 2 meter HT.  Plans are already in the making for Dayton 2k, which is also site of ARRL National Convention.  Will be the biggest ever. Licensing restructuring update, we will hear something maybe in July with many rumors on what it would look like.  Nobody knows for sure..

Old Business

Field day is coming up in 3 weeks, last weekend of the month.  Going to be stations out at K0SN's, some of us were out at Tom's on Sunday to plan things out.  BAWA club already knows mostly where they'll be at, and M&M Club will probably set up a station in Tom's Garage, if anybody wants to come out and do some operating, everybody will be invited to operate.   It starts at 1:00 Saturday and ends at 1:00 Sunday.  Thanks to Tom for making his place available.  Any plans for publicity in papers?? Signs??  Other old business.. We probably won't be in any parades this year.

New Business

Picnic is August 26th and Lynne and Tom will probably be doing the cooking again.  We don't know about the format this year or not.  Special Event Station in September at Green acres in conjunction with our campout and mini swapfest must get it into QST before July 1 to appear in Sept issue.  Which is September 18th.  General bands would be 10 through 40.  To go from Ten to Four.  Will go more in depth in July and August Meetings.  Went over the certificate setup.  Nominations for officers is in August, anyone interested in being on committee?  Elections are in September.  Ham of the Year nominations go out in November, start thinking about candidates.  Push for new members, and even bring old members back to get them re-involved.  Marinette city emergency government coordinator Renelle Schaffer now recognized by both county Eoc's -- a first.  Bawa's new call is N9KI.  Next fish fry is probably going to be held off until October.  July meeting will be on the eighth.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:43

Members in Attendance

Paul R Drees            WC9E

Gary W Luthardt            KG9AD

Jeff Rymer            N9PQU

Keith Tonn            N9PQV

Kurt Berge            K8BKA

George Benoit            N9UGG

Jim Callow            K8IR

Ed Engleman            KG8CX

Nathan Luthardt            KB9NNV.



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