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Minutes 021121

Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Thursday February 11, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm at George Webb’s Restaurant in Peshtigo by club President Steve Mellenthin, K9STT.

Secretary’s Report: Motion to approve the January meeting minutes was made by Bruce Conover, N9CON and seconded by Pete Johnson, AB9PJ. The motion was accepted and carried.

Treasures Report: Club treasurer Mike Lemke, KD8FUE reported a balance of $4,624.54

Repeater Report: AB9PJ reported both the 147.000 and the 444.075 have been working well. The new Yaesu Fusion repeater is now on the air for testing at K9STT’s tower in Marinette. The new repeater is on a temporary frequency of 444.500 with a PL of 107.2 and can function in both analog and fusion digital modes.

Webmaster Report: K9STT reported he has reCAPTCHA working on the club website. It should prevent the spam membership signups we were receiving.

ARRL Report: K9STT reported we are current with ARRL and he has been in contact with them.

Education and Training: Doug Dooley, KD8OVR reported that we have not been able to hold radio classes because of the pandemic, but hopes to be able to offer classes again in the future. He has been directing people who inquire about classes to various internet sources for the time being.

VE Report: AB9PJ is planning a testing session for the week of February 14th. He also reported that the club is in need of VE’s. If anyone is interested in becoming a VE they should contact AB9PJ or KD8OVR.

Old Business

Jim Callow, K8IR has reserved the 2nd pavilion at Henes Park for the club picnic that will be held on August 15th.

New Business

An audit of the club’s financial accounts was completed for the year 2020 in late January.

The club’s 2021 budget was prepared by K9STT is available on the website.

K9STT presented the committee appointments for 2021. There is currently an opening on the election committee. Contact K9STT if you are interested in serving on the election committee.

There is an open At Large officer position.

K9STT reported ARRL offers insurance to affiliated clubs that is cheaper than our current policy. Coverages will be compared before making a recommendation to switch insurance carriers.

A letter to invite area amateur radio operators to join the club was presented by K9STT. ARRL can provide us with a mailing lists of licensed amateur radio operators by ZIP code.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by N9CON and seconded by AB9PJ. The motion was accepted and carried. Meeting ended at 7:38 pm.

13 members present: K9STT, N9GLT, AG9P, W9CYN, KD8FUE, KD9IGW, AB9PJ, AB9QC, WN9KHG, N9CON, K8IR, KD8OVR and WC9E


Minutes respectfully submitted by John Goldschmidt – Secretary

January 2021 Minutes

January Minutes

JAN. 14, 2021
The meeting was called to order at 7:12pm at George Webb’s in Peshtigo by President Bruce
Conover, N9CON.
Secretary’s report: Moved by AB9PJ, second by K9STT to approved the minutes of the
December meeting. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: None
Repeater Report: AB9PJ reported the 147.000 repeater is working well as long as it’s not windy,
due to it still being on a backup fiberglass antenna. The 444,075 is working OK.
Webmaster Report: K9STT reported he’s preparing a revamp of the site.
ARRL Liaison: K9STT reported everything up to date.
Old Business:
15 are confirmed for the After-Christmas Party.
Finance and Property Committee held no meeting
New Business:
K8IR will reserve a pavilion for the picnic on August 15
Election: AB9PJ moved, second by W9CYN to approve the slate as proposed by the nominating
committee. Motion approved.

The new officers are:
President: Steve Mellenthin K9STT
Vice President: Eric Janssen KG9GH
Secretary: John Goldschmidt N9GLT
Treasurer: Mike Lemke KD8FUE
At Large: Doug Dooley KD8OVR
At Large: Bruce Conover N9CON
At Large: Cal Tharp K1SGW
N9CON swore in the new officers who were present.
Correspondence: None
N9CON congratulated the new officers and thanked everyone for their past support.
Tom Phillips, Menominee County Emergency Mgt Director talked about an upcoming exercise
W9CYN inquired about having a VE Session
Motion to adjourn by WN6KHG, second by AB9PJ. Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.
Those in attendance:
Tom Phillips

Membership Letter

January 29, 2021


Greetings fellow Ham Radio operator!


2021 will prove to be an exciting year with the M&M Amateur Radio Club! With our relatively new Tax-Free status, new repeaters going up, and the Emergency Communications trailer project – we have our work cut out for us which makes your membership even more important than ever!


We need your fundraising ideas to build a stronger organization.  Project volunteers are needed to help design and build the interior, as well as designing and configuring the electrical and electronic equipment needed. As always, we need volunteers to build a stronger ARES/RACES and SkyWarn team.


While we have a great team of volunteers, we are an aging team and need an influx of younger Hams to start stepping up in these areas, and as officers of the club. Please consider helping to fill in in one of these areas! It doesn't require a lot of time, just a little effort.


Please consider filling out the enclosed membership card, and returning it to join us now, or you may also join/renew online at W8PIF.com and look for the Join Now button. Together we will build a stronger Ham Radio community, and provide the services our hobby lends itself best to; Helping Others!


Warm regards & '73,

Steve Mellenthin - K9STT