To all amateur radio operators in Michigan:

To all amateur radio operators in Michigan:

The message below is from Ed Hude, Larry Camp, John McDonough, and Dale
Williams. A special thanks to these gentlemen for their efforts!

Please feel free to pass this on to all radio amateurs, and please
publish this widely!


There are several bills (HB 4181, 4198 and 4199) that have been
formulated in the Michigan House of Representatives that deal with
Distracted Driving. These bills have been assigned to the House
Transportation Committee for further work and study.

As written these bills did not exempt amateur radio operation from a
vehicle from being considered as distracted driving.

The Michigan ARRL legislative team has been watching as these bills were
introduced in the House. As the Michigan ARRL State Government Liaison,
I recently testified before the House Transportation Committee. As a
result, Amateur Radio was granted an exemption (the use of amateur radio
while driving) from being considered a distraction. The exemption
amendment referenced 47 CFR Part 97, 47 CFR Part 90 and a reference to
CB radio.

The Committee vote to include said exemption language in any Distracted
Driving Legislation was unanimous.
The bills will now go to the House Ways & Means Committee for their
consideration. If any of the bills pass out of the Ways and Means
Committee, they will go to the House floor for a full vote. If the
bill(s) pass the House, they will then be referred to the Michigan
Senate. If a bill passes the House and Senate vote, then it will move to
the Governor’s Desk for her approval.

There seems to be a great deal of interest in the Governor’s office to
have a Distracted Driving law in Michigan.
We would appreciate if every Michigan amateur radio operator would send
a very brief email to the members of the Transportation Committee
thanking them for their support of the amendment exempting amateur radio
and other 2-Way radio services from being considered as distracted

Here is a list of the Representatives on the Transportation Committee:

Shannon, Haadsma, Yanrey, Clemente, Sneller, O’Malley, Eisen, Cole,
Sheppard, Alexander, Bellino, Howell, and Afendoulis.

You can find a list of representatives and their email addresses here:

It is appropriate to have friends who are or are not fellow amateurs and
their friends and relatives to send a note similar to this:

"I wish to thank you for supporting the two-way radio exemption on HB
4181, 4198 and 4199. In light of the public services that amateur radio
operators provide free of charge for the citizens of Michigan, it is
important that amateur radio operation while driving to not be
considered to be driving while distracted."

As these bills move forward in the legislative process, there will be
additional opportunities for the amateur radio community (and friends)
to once again communicate with our legislators. We will provide the
specific names and a suggested message(s).

Thank you for your interest and for taking action on this important

Ed Hude, WA8QJE
Michigan ARRL State Government Liaison

ARRL Michigan Section
Section Manager: James A Kvochick, K8JK
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