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Here is a great place to share your thoughts, ideas, and views with M&M ARC's webmaster, Steve - K9STT. If you have some ideas for changes or features - or if you'd like to help feel free to chime in!  Thanks & 73! Steve.


N9CONHi Steve,(31.07.2020, 18:35)(18:35)0
GuestThank You $te>e,  kay gee nine gee ehch (20.05.2020, 04:01)(04:01)0
GuestOr try the new link here - http://w8pif.com/index.php/photos (14.05.2020, 07:33)(07:33)0
GuestEric - Look for past events & photos in the monthly club news.....(14.05.2020, 06:42)(06:42)0
GuestWhere can find photos from past events?  kay gee nine gee ehch (08.05.2020, 04:56)(04:56)0
N9CONLooks Great Steve!(16.04.2020, 08:29)(08:29)0
Feel free to post thoughts, comments, and questions here.....
(31.03.2020, 07:55)(07:55)0