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Doug - KD8OVR, Committee Chair

Get Your License! Ham Class VE TESTING


March 26, 2019 HAM RADIO CLASS

Congratulations to our 8 make that 9! new ham radio operators & 1 General class upgrade!  Great job!

Jonathan Nord, Tech Michael Heinen, General UG
Ryan Robinson, General Aaron Hubert, Tech
Richard Ladd, Tech Joshua Huckonen, Tech
Dale Paust, Tech Dawn Edlbeck, Tech
Judy Paust, Tech Nathaniel Edlbeck, Tech

New hams include 7 Techs and two Generals, and 1 upgrade to General!


And to our 9th successful licensee, Ryan Robinson who took a stab at General class and passed it!  Congratulations Ryan!



 Volunteer Examiners after March 26 test session (Missing from the photo are Bill & Sue Becks)




NoNonsense Technician Study Guide – Free PDF version https://www.kb6nu.com/study-guides/

A key element in preparing for the actual exam is taking as many practice exams as you can. Make sure the practice exam is based upon the July 2018 to June 2022 question pool. Here are some practice exam resources:






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The M&M Amateur Radio Club will be offering a class to prepare you for getting your amateur radio license. The class will be scheduled as soon as we have a few interested people sign up, so be the first! There is no charge for the class, but a $15 fee is required to take the FCC exam.

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