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Doug - KD8OVR, Committee Chair


Get Your License! Ham Class VE TESTING

Are you interested in getting your Ham Radio license?

The Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club can help!  We offer classes to help you learn everything you need to get started! We usually hold a class in March, but if there are a number of interested people at other times of the year we would certainly consider doing more.

Our classes usually run 1 night a week for 4 weeks, with the Exam on the 4th week. We offer free study material online, along with some great youtube videos which will prep you for class material.

Register for our classes or for your license by filling out one of the forms below, and we'll be in touch when our next test or VE test session.

Our training committee Chairman and VE Examiner Lead is KD8OVR - Doug Dooley. Doug is an Extra Class Operator and serves in many capacities in our club.  He's a great teacher!


Resources for your Technician License

No Nonsense Tech Study Guide by KB6NU

Tech 2022 - by K8TB

Tech Study PowerPoint by - K9STT


 Online Registration

The M&M Amateur Radio Club will be offering a class to prepare you for getting your amateur radio license. The class will be scheduled as soon as we have a few interested people sign up, so be the first! There is no charge for the class, but a $15 fee is required to take the FCC exam.

If you are interested, please fill out this online form or call Doug at (906) 863-2492  to register. Hope to see you there!!

Register here for our next VE Testing Session!

A new session has been scheduled, and you are welcome to test with us! The FCC imposes a $15 fee to take the test, but there is no charge from the M&M Amateur Radio Club!

Exam sessions are conducted by volunteers working under the direction of the FCC and a Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC).

Please describe any assistance you may need during the exam.


Technician Class Outline

Amateur Radio

Technician Prep Class


Class Outline

Week 1 Introduction

Electrical Principles

Electronic Principles and Components

Radio Wave Characteristics

Week 2 Antennas and Feedlines

Amateur Radio Signals

Electrical Safety

Amateur Radio Practices and Station Setup

Week 3 Station Equipment

Operating Procedures

FCC Rules

Week 4 Exam


NoNonsense Technician Study Guide – Free PDF version

A key element in preparing for the actual exam is taking as many practice exams as you can. Make sure the practice exam is based upon the July 2018 to June 2022 question pool. Here are some practice exam resources:

Here are some YouTube videos of a technician ham class you may want to view if you miss a session of want further information – search YouTube for Technician Ham Class September 2018 Chapters 1-9: