Areas/Races net is every Sunday Night at 8:30PM.  You do not have to be a Member of Ares/Races to check in. Just call in when they ask for other check in and state your call sign ,location, and if you have any traffic. The frequency is 145.470   PL 114.8.

Here are members of the Area/Races Group:

Mike Lemke KD8FUE EC Menominee County

Calvin Tharp K1SGW AEC Menominee County

Jim Callow K8IR   Menominee County

Ed Engelman KG8CX ( Skywarn) Menominee County

Eric Jenssen  KG9GH Marinette County

Larry Buckholtz  N9OSF  Oconto County

Jeff Pownell AC9PZ ( MARS) Oconto County