VE Testing & Education


 Thinking about taking your ham exam?

 Here is a little help!!!



If you are interested, please register online to TEST or call Doug at (906) 863-2492 to register. Hope to see you there!!


acknowledgment before testing, this is FCC REQUIRED!


Congratulations to the graduates of our March 2019 Technician License Class! 

8 new hams and one successful upgrade to General were the results of tonight's VE Session, so far a 90% success rate. Another test will be given to the remaining students next week - wish them luck!



2 newest ham radio operators, and two upgrades, 1 from tech to general, and one from Advanced to Extra class  passed their exams on November 8, 2018.

M&M Amateur Radio Club offers education and testing when we can get a group of interested parties together. Instruction is free of charge, testing is $15 per person. Please contact us if you are interested, or join us at one of our meetings.