DAR Boys & Girls Club

Many thanks to the many people (especially Ed Engleman, kg8cx) who helped establish K8DAR, build the program, and keep it going since 2005!

The DAR Boys & Girls Club serves the communities of Menominee, MI and Marinette, WI year-round by providing recreation and education to area children during the summer and after school.  In the K8DAR station at DAR, children are able to communicate all over the world by using radios and equipment under the supervision of licensed operators who volunteer as members of the Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club. The DAR is the only Boys & Girls Club with their own Ham Radio room. It's the place to explore amateur radio and electronics, as well as prepare to earn an amateur radio license from the FCC.

The recent addition of Snap Circuit solderless electronics kits have been extra popular with the youngsters.



New Snap Circuit Kits a big hit at the DAR Ham Shack!

The new "Snap Circuit electronic kits are a big hit with the kids at the DAR Boys & Girls Club in Menominee, Michigan.  Mike Lemke (KD8FUE) is seen here with a couple youngsters and exploring electronics project from building a flying helicopter rotor to a local radio receiver among many other projects in the instruction manual. These kits are solderless, which makes them safe and convenient to assemble 300 projects that can be built from them.

Kids can win one of these Snap Circuit kits by answering our "Question of the Day", which are taken from the Technician Class question pool. Question of the day is geared toward teaching kids the answers to all the Technician Class pool questions to help prepare them for their exam.

Club Members also have access to 3 live ham radio stations, both HF and VHF/UHF. They regularly make contacts both in the United States and internationally.

The M&M Amateur Radio Club is pleased to staff the DAR Boys & Girls Club "Ham Shack" with licensed ham operator volunteers!  The DAR has 2 HF radio stations, and 1 VHF/UHF station at the club, licensed by the FCC as K8DAR.