Ham Class

March 26, 2019 HAM RADIO CLASS

Congratulations to our 8 make that 9! new ham radio operators & 1 General class upgrade!  Great job!

Jonathan Nord, Tech Michael Heinen, General UG
Ryan Robinson, General Aaron Hubert, Tech
Richard Ladd, Tech Joshua Huckonen, Tech
Dale Paust, Tech Dawn Edlbeck, Tech
Judy Paust, Tech Nathaniel Edlbeck, Tech

New hams include 7 Techs and two Generals, and 1 upgrade to General!


And to our 9th successful licensee, Ryan Robinson who took a stab at General class and passed it!  Congratulations Ryan!



 Volunteer Examiners after March 26 test session (Missing from the photo are Bill & Sue Becks)




NoNonsense Technician Study Guide – Free PDF version

A key element in preparing for the actual exam is taking as many practice exams as you can. Make sure the practice exam is based upon the July 2018 to June 2022 question pool. Here are some practice exam resources:

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The M&M Amateur Radio Club will be offering a class to prepare you for getting your amateur radio license. The class will be scheduled as soon as we have a few interested people sign up, so be the first! There is no charge for the class, but a $15 fee is required to take the FCC exam.

If you are interested, please fill out this online form or call Doug at (906) 863-2492  to register. Hope to see you there!!


Public Roster


Last Name First Name Callsign 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Armstrong Jim KB8PCQ pd  pd  pd    
Staffeldt Dottie WB9NCT    pd      
Piontkowski Russell N9FIC    pd      
Buckholtz Larry N9OSF pd  pd  pd    
Buckholz Jackie   pd  pd  pd    
Callow Jim K8IR pd  pd      
Callow Joe W9JJC pd        
Conover Char   pd  pd  pd    
Conover Bruce N9CON pd  pd  pd    
Croy Floyd K8ZLO pd        
Croy Pamela   pd        
Dooley Doug KD8OVR pd  pd      
Drees Paul WC9E pd  pd  pd    
Engleman Ed KG8CX pd  pd      
Eggener Marty KB9NNW    pd      
Exworthy Ken N0AWM pd  pd      
Goldschmidt John N9GLT pd  pd      
Gomez Gayle W9GCG pd  pd      
Gomez Lloyd W9LEG pd  pd      
Hallam Valerie KC8WAI pd        
Horvath Thomas WD8OSE pd  pd      
Janssen Eric KG9GHJ pd  pd      
Johnson Peter AB9PJ pd  pd      
Kohlbeck Dave   pd        
Lemke Mike KD8FUE pd  pd      
Lemon Tyler   pd        
Mans Allen KG9BI pd  pd      
Mellenthin Tim WN6KHG pd  pd      
Mellenthin Steve K9STT pd pd      
Meyst Bill AC8IO pd  pd      
Nelson Aden KA9WAR pd  pd      
Paquette Mike   pd  pd  pd pd pd
Schumacher Damian AG9P pd  pd      
Sexton Richard KE8GMQ pd  pd      
Taylor Randall AB9QC pd        
Tharp Calvin K1SGW pd  pd      
Wagner Daniel N9OWD pd        
Weitermann John KB9VXJ pd  pd      
Wells Robert KD9IHC pd  pd      
Wiedemeier Willis WA9BUD pd  pd  pd    
Patterson Cynthia W9CYN pd  pd      
Bolander Daniel  WB9TYT    pd      
 Heinen  Michael  N9OMS    pd      
 Gibbons  Thomas  W8WQ    PD      
 Steinhaus Richard  KB9EYL     PD      
 Steinhaus Sue   KB9EZH    PD      
 Vary  Lisa      PD      
 AJ      pd  pd      
 Conlongelo  Matthew  AC9UZ    pd      
 Soleck  Michael  KD9IGW    pd  pd    
 Staffeldt  Dottie  WB9NCT    pd      
 Paust  Dale  KD9MVZ    pd      
 Bohnert  David  KE8KWU    PD