HAT Team - Hams helping Hams

The M&M ARC HAT (Ham Assistance Team) helps other hams by installation of radios, repeaters, antennas, and communications towers. These polite & professional volunteers help other hams upgrade, install, or get on the air.

This free service for hams has helped many in our local Marinette/Menominee areas, as well as all over north east Wisconsin!

If you are planning an antenna project feel free to contact our hat team early in the planning stages. Somebody here will work with you on planning and scheduling your project. Just fill out the form below and somebody will get back to you in a day or so.

Keep in mind that weather (Wind/Rain/Cold/Snow) greatly plays a part in high work, and scheduled work is tentative depending on weather.  Safety first!

HAT Project Request

The Ham Assistance Team  helps people with installation of equipment,  and installation of towers and antennas. There may be a wait list and members of the club are given priority.  Once you submit the form, somebody will be in contact with you soon.


DAR Boys & Girls Club

New Snap Circuit Kits a big hit at the DAR Boys & Girls Club!

The new "Snap Circuit electronic kits are a big hit with the kids at the DAR Boys & Girls Club in Menominee, Michigan.  DAR volunteer, Mike Lemke (KD8FUE) is seen here with a couple youngsters and exploring electronics project from building a flying helicopter rotor to a local radio receiver.

Kids can win one of these Snap Circuit kits by answering our "Question of the Day", which are taken from the Technician Class question pool.  These kits are solderless, which makes them safe and convenient to assemble to 300 projects that can be built from them.

Additional activities are "The Question of the Day" where members learn questions from the Technician license question pool - one at a time making the info less intimidating and at a comfortable pace. Members also have access to 3 ham radio stations, both HF and VHF/UHF

The MNM Amateur Radio Club is pleased to help staff the DAR Boys & Girls Club "Ham Shack" with licensed ham operator volunteers!  The DAR has 2 HF radio stations, and 1 VHF/UHF station at the club, licensed by the FCC as K8DAR.