The Marinette - Menominee Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL club chartered in 1949, with a club call of W8PIF.  Our membership currently stands at 50. 

We operate two repeaters:  147.000+ (107.2), a wide area coverage system, and the 444.075+ (107.2) which is basically a local coverage repeater.  The 147.000 is also connected 24/7 to Echolink node #481872.   All licensed hams are welcome and encouraged to use our repeaters.  Thanks to KC8DOA for providing us with space for the 147.000, and to The Harbors Retirement Facility for the 444.075 UHF repeater.  Enjoy our site and return often to view new photos and club information. Thanks to K8IR for hosting our echolink system.


>>Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at NWTC in Marinette at 7:00 PM. All are welcome to attend, especially if you are interested in becoming licensed!

>>HAM BREAKFAST every 2nd Sat. 9am at George Webbs just south of Peshtigo - We have our own private room.  Come and join us.


DAR Boys & Girls Club - Menominee, MI

We are proud to support the DAR's Ham Shack with Licensed Ham volunteers to teach the joy of ham radio to children of all ages! This has been a cooperative effort for many years and we are appreciative to be a part of it. Many thanks to Ed Engleman (kg8cx) and the many others who have helped build the DAR Program and to keep it going for the past 13 years!



A fond farewell to KG8CX from the DAR Boys & Girls Club!



Ed Engleman (kg8cx) receives a banner from the DAR Boys & Girls Club in appreciation of his 13 years of service at our November Meeting. The banner was presented by Cal Tharp (k1sgw) and Lloyd Gomez (w9leg). The banner, signed by the staff and children of the DAR reminds Ed that he will be missed!














 Companion Groups

YACHT (Y-oung A-mateurs C-ommunications H-am T-eam) new site: https://yacht.younghams.org



Kandy Net Preamble

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club Sunday evening net, also known as the Kandy Net.
Your net control for this evening is ___________________.
This net is held each Sunday evening 7pm CST on the W8PIF M&M ARC repeater with a tone of 107.2 on transmit and receive.  We are also on echolink node #481872.
All ham radio operators within range of this repeater and all those hearing us on echolink are encouraged and welcome to check in.
This net features club news, station operator comments and occasional news of the DAR and YACHT young ham programs.
This is a directed net and all transmissions will go through this net control station.  Mobiles and those with emergency traffic are always given priority in transmission.
I will ask for echolink stations first, followed by those accessing the net direct through the repeater.  Please give your call slowly, clearly and phonetically. There is no 73 round. 
(a) echolink check ins
(b) repeater check ins
    (1.) Club news given by anyone with something to present to the group
    (2.) DAR or YACHT news if available
(c) Additional check ins or comments
*Pause for more check ins every 10-15 min. and again at end of net.

Thank you for participating in this evening's net.  We had ___ check ins.
73 and have a good evening.  The W8PIF repeater is now returned to regular amateur use.  _____ is clear.

Updated 8/5/18 - Ed Engleman, KG8CX