The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

The MMARC Newsletter                                                September 1999 


Remember to attend the next club meeting on Thursday September 9 at 7pm in the cafeteria of Bay Area Medical Center in Menominee. This is the annual election meeting where we will decide who among us will guide the club into the next millinium. Also on the agenda will be final plans on our special event station and corn roast/swapfest weekend. See you at the meeting.


George, N9UGG reports the Nominating Committee will recommend the following slate of officers for the next year at the elections September 9th.

            President:  Jim K8IR
VP:            Ed  KG8CX

Secretary:  Gary KG9AD
Treasurer:  Lynne N8OSK

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. Thanks to N9UGG and AA9PB for serving as this year’s nominating committee.



Make plans to come out to Green's Green Acres campground on September 18th  for our big 50th anniversary special event station. Operation will be from 10am to 4pm. Certificates and QSL cards have been printed, and are ready to go to anyone who makes at least one contact. We hope to have many ops available during the 6 hours we will be on the air. Come join us! Announcements have appeared in both QST and CQ magazines, so many hams will be looking for us. A mini-swapfest will also be staged, so bring along some old, unwanted or un-needed gear to sell or swap. We'll probably run the swapfest from noon to 6pm depending on interest and participation. The much-anticipated cornroast will run in the evening, along with a picnic.  It’s been suggested members bring along a dish to pass to go along with the corn, and that the club provide plates, forks, napkins, soda and beer.  Final arrangements will be made at the September 9th meeting, and will be announced on the Sunday net.  After supper, maybe we’ll even roast a few marshmallows. Any one desiring to camp out for the evening is welcome to do so, either in a tent or camper. This promises to be one fun weekend. Plan to be a part of this one time 50th anniversary special event weekend.


Marinette county is sponsoring a Y2K exercise for county government , including amateur radio on Wednesday September 8th at the Rescue Squad building in Marinette. Over 50 persons are expected to take part. M&M ARC members participating include, Lynne, N8OSK; Eric, KG9GH; and George, N9UGG. We'll expect a report from them at the club the following day. Also, the following week, Menominee County is running a tabletop exercise involving a train derailment with hazardous chemicals. This will be held on Wednesday September 15th from 6 to 9pm at the Menominee county annex building in Stephenson. Taking part will be Ed, KG8CX, and Lynne, N8OSK. As this shows, both counties are aware of the capabilities of amateur
radio in emergency situations requiring communications which can be counted on to be available at all times. We appreciate the efforts of  both Marinette County emergency government director, Renelle Schaffer, and Menominee County director, Dennis Cassidy to include us in their planning situations.


On  August. 22nd we held our 49th annual picnic, with the largest gathering in recent years. 57 persons attended along with a contingent of our ham friends from Door County. Thanks go to N8OSK, N8LHB, N9QAA, and XYL Mary for setting up the picnic and food. It became quite obvious that some good cooks reside within our ranks. Next year, will be our 50th picnic, and we plan to go all out for a memorable one.


On September 11th, a tradition for the DCARC (Door County Amateur Radio Club) will once again take place. That is the fish boil, held at the Egg Harbor town hall. Along with fish, many salads, relishes, and cherry pies will be on the table. Quite a group from this side of the bay plan to attend, and later to tour Door County.


Several area hams will be driving south to Grayslake, Illinois the weekend of September 25 and 26 to attend this big event. A huge flea market, and many exhibitors both indoors and out will be available. Forums are also scheduled. Planning to attend this year are, KG9AD, KB9NNV, KG8CX, WC9E, and XYL Maxine.


A new website complete with links, club news and many pictures of club
activities has been started by KG8CX, as a part of his personal web
page. You can reach it at :

That’s all one line when you enter the address into your web browser.


September 18 has been set aside as amateur radio awareness day worldwide. The theme this year is "Celebrating success in amateur digital communications". Starting in 2000, World Amateur Radio Day, will be celebrated on April 18. As you may have noticed, September 18 is also, appropriately, the date of our special event station.


This year the HPM contest returns after an absence of several years. It will run from September 2nd to 11th. Any ARRL member with an official designation such as VE, OO, ORS, etc. may participate, and will be in demand from other hams looking for you. An attractive certificate will be sent to anyone sending in verification of at least 25 contacts. Endorsements in multiples of 25 will be noted on your certificate. HF and repeater contacts are encouraged. Anyone in our club who is a VE, or who holds an official ARRL designation can be called for credit. Check the Sept. QST for details. Let's use this contest to "Talk Up Amateur Radio".


You’ll find in this edition of  The Groundwave the new Membership Application and Renewal Form. Please take a minute to fill out the form and make out a check for your dues.  This year we are asking for some additional information.  We’d like to have a list of  what bands can operate on and any training you have so we can show the Emergency Government Directors what resources the club can make available in times of emergency.  Also be sure to let us know whether you’d prefer an e-mail version of The Groundwave.  We will continue to send forms like the Membership form via regular mail even if you get the e-mail version of the newsletter.  We hope to put all the information from the Membership form into a computer database, so next year, you’ll only have to update the information that changes.


From a recent ARRL Bulletin:

An FCC staff member says the Commission staff is ''diligently working'' towards getting a Report and Order on Amateur Radio license restructuring out the door. But beyond that, the FCC staffer--who did not want to be identified by name--said it was impossible to predict when that would happen. A year ago, the FCC proposed phasing out the Novice and Technician
Plus licenses, leaving Technician, General, Advanced, and Extra in place.

 The previous month, the ARRL Board of Directors issued its own plan to restyle Amateur Radio. Among other details, the ARRL plan also called for four license classes and for ''refarming'' Novice/Tech Plus subbands to provide additional phone spectrum for higher-class operators. The ARRL proposed Morse code requirements of 5 WPM for General and 12 WPM for Advanced and Extra class.

Before the long-awaited Report and Order sees the light of day, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau staff first must digest the 2200 comments, filed mostly by individuals. Then, the staff will circulate its recommendation to the Commissioners. The ultimate FCC decision will come either at the Commission's monthly meeting or it will be handled ''on circulation''--outside of an actual meeting.


Celebrating birthdays this month are...
2 - Lynne Rynish  12-Joey Callow; 15- Nate Luthardt; 17 - Paul Brennan; 24 – Wanda Luthardt; 26 - Connie Fletcher
Anniversary couples are...
3 - Jim and Cindy Armstrong; 6 - Tom and Nancy Zeratsky; 12 - Al and Mary Grenier; 24 - Gary and Wanda Luthardt; 27 - Steve and Lisa Haskell
Congratulations to everyone.


This month’s newsletter is printed courtesy of  Peninsula Office Equipment in Menominee, your Minolta Copier, Fax, and Printer dealer.



Meeting for September 9th, 1999 was called to order at 7:02PM in the basement of Bay Area Medical Center in Menominee, MI.  Sec report was approved as printed.  Treasurer’s report, checking account had $82.75.  Deposit for the picnic of $133.50.  disbursements to Angelis for the picnic for $73.48, Stephenson Bakery for $23.85.  Al Grenier – beer, ice, etc. for $22.00.  Balance in checking $96.92.  Savings account: $563.49.  Total assets: $660.41.  Although the picnic is not intended to be a fund raising activity, we had a profit of $14.17.  Next years picnic will be chaired by Paul Drees and his wife, Maxine.  Some minor correspondence from Ed.  Repeater update: its there and working, no changes still haven’t done the fall tune up.  Net report, around 20 as usual, dropped the R.A.I.N. report, the newsline is actually a bit older than audio news, ARRL audio news was more up-to-date, so Ed changed to audio news.

Old Business

Next week is the campout/swapfest/Corn roast/special event station at Greens Green Acres.  There will be two stations.  Quite a few people planned on coming out and operating.  There was a Y2K meting update from Lynne Rynish, George Benoit, and Eric Janssen.  There were more than 50 people participating they broke up into groups and discussed situations with what would go on and how to handle them to prevent any major trouble.  Guest: William Peterson came in a little late.  Final picnic summary.. everything went good     New co-hosts next year, WC9E and Maxine for the Annual August Picnic.

New Business

World amateur radio day is on 9/18.  Same as special event day.  Starting next year it will be in April.  There was a letter made up to recruit members for our 50th year anniversary to those who were former members we would like to have as members again.  The letter will be sent out within the next month and we’ll see what happens.  ULS system is up and running again  Ed has a website with a lot of club info and pictures the address is in the newsletter.  HPM /130 contest is going through Saturday.  If you work stations with /130 you get a certificate.  Membership dues, still $15.00, $7.50 for additional family member, try to have all dues in by December First.  Fill out the form as quickly as possible, and this will be the last time needing to be filled out unless changes are made.  Newsletter editor is still Jim, K0SN.  Ham of the year award in October issue will have a form explaining the nominating process.  The winner will be announced at the Christmas Party with the Award presented at the Charter Banquet.  Jim Mans, and Paul Drees will be on the collecting/nominating committee.  October 29th will be the next fish fry.  Don’t know where yet.  Election of Officers for the 50th year.  Paul made a motion to accept the slate of officers, seconded by Larry.  The slate of officers for the 50th year are, President: Jim Callow, Vice President: Ed Engleman, Treasurer: Lynne Rynish, Secretary: Gary Luthardt, taking over for Nathan Luthardt.  No other office changes were made.  K0SN and N9PQU were nominated so far for ham of the year.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:12PM


There were 19 Members in attendance to the September 9th meeting.


Ed Engleman


Jim Callow


Lynne Rynish


Keith Tonn


Arde Nelson


Bob Schroeder


Noel Beardslay


Connie Fletcher


Larry Buccholz


George Benoit


Eric Janssen


Tom Rynish


Gary Luthardt


Jim Mans


Jeff Rymer


Tom Hellem


Paul Drees


Nathan Luthardt


William Peterson *Guest







 I nominate __________________________  call sign_________ for Ham of the year.  My reason(s) for nominating this person is(are):