The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                September 2000


Plan now to attend the final meeting of the current club year on Thursday September 14th at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  This, of course, is the meeting where we will select our officers for the coming year. The current slate has indicated they will run again for 2000/2001, but anyone else desiring to place their name on the ballot will have the chance on the 14th.
The officer slate for the coming year, as it stands now: 
....President, Jim Callow, K8IR
....Vice-Pres., Ed Engleman, KG8CX
....Secretary, Gary Luthardt, KG9AD
....Treasurer, Lynne  Rynish,N8OSK

Other Agenda Items include:
  Old Business
  a.  repeater upgrades and performance
  b.  special event station etc. event
  c.  August picnic summary and thanks
  New Business
  a.  Christmas party
  b.  resumption of fish fries
  c.  possibility of Lighthouse special event next August



Don't forget to extend your membership one more year, if you haven't already done so.  Dues are still $15 for a single membership, and $22.50 for a family.  Also, remember to extend your ARRL membership, or start one this year.  We must maintain at least 50% ARRL membership to retain our ARRL Charter. Renew through the club, and the treasury gets a portion of your ARRL dues.



The new 2 meter antenna that we approved and ordered out has arrived and was raised to the 400 foot level on the evening of Wednesday August. 23rd. From various reports, it has enhanced the quality and signal strength of the 147.000  machine.  We no longer should have to deal with the static spikes that were common, especially in moderate to strong breezes.  Reception is generally solid out to about a  40 mile radius from the repeater site. That amounts to about a 5000 SQUARE MILE COVERAGE area.  With enhanced conditions, it will be even better at times. To illustrate the improved sensitivity of our new antenna, consider the following examples: Noel, K8NB, got in full quieting from the parking lot of Sam's Club in Green Bay on Friday August 25th.  That's 52 miles from the repeater, according to his GPS unit.   HT coverage with 2 watts or less from the twin city area is now possible with excellent signals, and with a 5 watt HT, from 15 to 20 miles out.   Laurel, W9BTY from Fond du Lac has been heard as well with a full quieting signal.

The current 444.075 repeater has been taken out of service to prepare for the new repeater that Noel, K8NB is finishing for us.  The new 444 Mhz machine is a Motorola, and will provide about 35 watts output from the new Diamond antenna at the 200 foot level.  That translates into a much greater range than we previously had, with 8 watts into an antenna at only 80 feet. 

Many thanks to several people who played key roles in this repeater system upgrade: Jim, KC8DOA and his XYL Denise;  Bill Sebero, the tower climber;  and to Noel, K8NB.  And thanks to all the members who donated generously to the Antenna Fund. We now have arguably one of the best sounding and performing systems in the U.P. and northern Wisconsin. It would not have happened without your support. Several new photos taken at the tower site are on the club webpage at:




Plan on attending this BIG event on Saturday September 16, beginning at 12:00 noon and running to ?? The special event station will be in operation from noon to 6pm, with the corn roast and picnic slated for later in the afternoon.  We may also have a couple of swap tables, if enough "gear" comes in.

Lynne, N8OSK is coordinating the picnic details. The club will provide beer and soda, as well as cups, plates, napkins, etc.

Jim. AA9PB will be assuming his usual corn-roasting chores. Members must provide their own meat, and also please bring a dish to pass.  Please let Lynne know via telephone at (906)863-3573 or on the air by Tuesday September 12th as to how many will be attending and what  type of dish you intend to bring so we don't end up with everyone providing the same thing.  If the item to pass needs to be kept cold, please bring your own cooler with ice.

There are some picnic tables on the grounds, but if anyone desires more comfort, they could take along a lawn chair or two.

Thanks to Lynne for donating forks, spoons, knives and table covering left from their family reunion, so the club won't have to pay for these items.

Also, Jim, AA9PB, is planning on a grilled turkey dinner for Sunday, if enough people plan to stay over and camp out.  Let us know if you are interested in doing this. A couple of tents, pop up campers, trailers, etc., would make for a nice weekend.  All camping facilities are right at your fingertips at Green's Acres, the site of the huge "Porterfield Country Fest" each June. Green's Acres are located west of Marinette on Highway 64, just beyond the silver bridge.  Take the first road to your right going west, or the last road to the left just before the bridge going east towards Marinette. Let's have a big turnout like we did last year.  Operating a station from a picnic table, enjoying great camaraderie and food under the autumn leaves is a wonderful experience.  Don't pass it up.  Bring the entire family.  Stay tuned to the Sunday net for further news and updates on this premier club event.



We will probably resume the popular Fish fries starting in October.  Any ideas on places to visit?


Is anyone interested in upgrading, taking the 5wpm code, or taking their first test soon?  We would like to have some idea if it's worthwhile to schedule a test session in September or October. Also, it's not too early to think about having a ham radio technician class beginning in January 2001.  Do you know of anyone who might be interested in getting their ticket?



Several hams have recently joined the club: Ken Exworthy, N0AWM from Marinette, Bob Jarnutowski, W9AMZ from Stephenson, Bill Draeb, K9HJN from Kewaunee, and John Weitermann, KB9VXJ from Sturgeon Bay. Bill and John have been regulars on the Sunday net. Welcome aboard all!



Connie, KB8VQR informed KG8CX that she has an IBM Thinkpad for sale. It has Windows 95 on it.  It has the A drive and a modem--not the fastest, but for word processing kinds of things, it is fine. It has an external cd rom that UES said they could get to work with more time.  It might be good for packet on the go or some other ham use. She's asking in the $150 range.  Contact Connie if you're interested.



Jeff, N9PQU says he's looking for any radio equipment you want to sell. Contact him at


Congratulations to the following people who are celebrating special days
this month:
  * Anniversaries greetings to:  Sept. 3 Jim and Cindy Armstrong, KB8PCQ--Sept. 6 Tom and Nancy Zeratsky, K8ICO--Sept. 12 Al and Mary Grenier, N9QAA--Sept. 24 Gary and Wanda Luthardt, KG9AD--Sept. 27 Steve
and Lisa Haskell
  * Birthdays greetings to:  Sept. 2, Lynne Rynish, N8OSK--Sept. 17, Paul Brennan, WA9SKK--Sept. 24, Wanda Luthardt--Sept. 26, Connie Fletcher, KB8VQR


Sept. 16---Special event station, Corn roast, picnic
Oct. 12---monthly meeting
Nov. 5----Kaukauna swapfest
Nov. 7----Election day, Remember to Vote
Nov. 9----monthly meeting
Dec. 14---Christmas party (location TBA)
Jan. 11, 2001---1st meeting of new year.


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the hard copy version of The Ground Wave.


AUGUST 10, 2000

The August 10, 2000 meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by President Jim K8IR.

The minutes for the July 13, 2000 meeting were published in the August Groundwave. The Treasurer's report shows a balance of $455.06 in checking and $583.49 in savings for a total of $1,038.55 in assets. A motion was made by KA9WAR Arde and seconded by AA9GZ Bob to approve and all in favor. The club does have almost $500.00 towards donations for the antennas and many thanks to all who have made contributions. K8IR reported that membership dues are now payable anytime.


Repeater Updates K8IR reported that the commercial 2 meter antenna is on order and will be installed up at the 400 level and the Diamond dual band will be installed at the 200 foot level. Ed KG8CX reported that the 440 repeater will be upgraded with a much higher power unit.

For the net report Ed reported checkins of 14 on Sunday and with summer checkins are down.



Having a raffle has been dropped for now. The summer picnic is August 16 Sunday.



The special event station is September 16 and campout at Green's campground. The call is W9M and will be from noon to six pm local time. The information will be in QST and CQ. AA9PB and N8OSK will be taking care of refreshments and food.

K8IR asked about the need for any upcoming VE sessions? Also the new code rules coming up with fill in the blanks and no more multiple choice. The  copying of 25 letters in a row  at 5 words a minute did not change.  

The nominations committee report was presented by Ed KG8CX. All four officers in office now will run for next year's term.

K8IR  Jim President

KG8CX  Ed Vice-President

KG9AD  Gary  Secretary

N8OSK  Lynne  Treasurer

Anyone interested in running for any office should contact KG8CX ED or N8LHB Tom to be put on the ballet. Voting will take place in September and new officers will begin their term in October.

Adjourn to the Ameritech Building for a tour presented by Tom N8LHB. Only members of the club will be allowed on the tour because of security reasons.

Motion by AA9GZ Bob and seconded by KB9NNV Nathan to adjourn all in favor at 7:25 pm.


Gary W Luthardt KG9AD, Secretary


Persons attending the meeting:

Gary Luthardt  KG9AD
Edward Engleman  KG8CX
Jim Callow  K8IR
Lynne Rynish  N8OSK
Arde Nelson  KA9WAR
Bob Schrader  AA9GZ
Bob Johnson  AA8UT
Kurt Berge  K8BKA
Nathan Luthardt  KB9NNV
Jeff Rymer  N9PQU
Eric Janssen  KG9GH
Bob Jarnutowski  W9AMZ
Tom Hellem  K0SN
Dwight Bosselman  W9YQ
Alfred Swanson  N7KHR
Tom Rynish  N8LHB