The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Dave Cunningham, NS9R
                     Vice President: Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ
Treasurer: Paul Drees, WC9E 
Secretary: Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI

The MMARC Newsletter                                            September 2005


Where did the summer go?  September is here, and it’s time to get back into the fall/winter mode. The September meeting will be held back at the Spies Public Library in Menominee starting at 7pm on Thursday September 8th.  The election of club officers is held according to our Constitution at the September meeting. The nominating committee has been working on a proposed slate of officers, but as of the Ground Wave deadline, they have not completed their work.  Their report will be given at the meeting, and nominations will also be taken from the floor. Anyone interested in holding a club office should contact one of the committee members, Marge Bramschreiber, W9JTL, or  N9UGG.

The repeater committee also has a proposal to put before the club membership. More information is contained in this newsletter.

This will be a very important meeting, we hope to have a big turnout on September 8th. See you there.



The annual club picnic was held Sunday August 14th at Red Arrow Park in Marinette.


Club members and families dig in at the picnic.


The weather was perfect at the bayside location as 38 people, including members, their families, and friends gathered. A big thanks to Paul and Maxine Drees for organizing the event. Paul manned the grill, and the serving table included contributions from many of our families. No one went home hungry.  After the meal, we enjoyed another round of Radio Bingo, hosted by Dave and Jeanne Arnold, who also provided a nice variety of prizes. A big thanks to Dave and Jeanne.


Gene showing off his vanity callsign at the picnic



The M&M ARC again put Amateur Radio in the spotlight at this year’s Waterfront Festival.


N9UGG and NS9R on the air at the Waterfront Festival

The station has a dual purpose, by introducing ham radio to the public, and activating the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse during the National Lighthouse weekend.  Thanks to all who came out and helped make it another successful special event.



Dear Club Members,

On behalf of the repeater committee, here is some information leading to the motion at hand regarding the M&M ARC 147.000 repeater.

As we all know, the 147.000 repeater system has an issue requiring testing and possible repair work since being moved back to the Range Line Road site.  The repeater system seems to have worked quite well from the old hospital site.  This leads us to believe that the trouble may be pointed to something on the tower at Range Line Rd.  This could be any of a number of factors which could include the club’s antenna or other hardware associated with the 147.000 repeater system.

Now, we have pondered various ideas as to how the club could obtain an optimum repeater.  Now, given the fact that the club does not have the financial resources to buy or build a new one, repairing the existing seems to be the most feasible option.  However, money is the bottom line and $300 is not enough.

Just to back up a bit, the club has explored the insurance idea which is a good idea.  But, that idea was only valid if the club would be able to use "whomever" to climb Jim's tower.  We all know that Eric is one of the best around but it is my understanding that Jim is requiring the club to utilize a bonded and insured professional climber.  This means that the club will have to hire out.  We, as a club, need to respect the request of the tower owner.  Also, we as a repeater committee no longer have the option to consider the phrase “maybe we can do this”.  However, we as a repeater committee are sending the motion that is noted in the Ground Wave for your review prior to voting on the motion September 8th, 2005.

Now, for the reasoning behind the motion..........Some "preliminarily" calculated costs of replacing the antenna with a 4-bay commercial grade model (Sinclair or Comprod) and replacing other parts such as a side mount kit, jumper cable, connectors and stabilizing bar add up to over $1,200.00.  In addition, the cost of the required tower climber is factored in plus some removal of unused cables hanging in the area of the club's antenna.  The total estimated cost is about $2,000.00 to the club.  Yes, this is a lot of money and still will NOT guarantee the complete repair of the system.  But, we believe it is the best shot that the club has at repairing a sick repeater.  In the least, the club will have re-built a good portion of the repeater system and stands the chance to have one of the most dominant 2m repeaters in the area.  Being located 390' above the ground, it can be a great system.  It just takes a financial commitment and the desire for cooperative teamwork within the club.

As for the money, donations are needed to see that this project named "Operation M&M Boomer", will occur.  The motion at hand is to form a “Repeater Maintenance and Expense Fund” which will contain the funds for current and future repeater expenses.  At this time 8 members have committed to donate $50 each to this fund totaling $400.  That means we already have 20% of what we need to reach our goal.  Any donation amount is acceptable to assist in repairing the repeater and maintaining both repeaters on an ongoing basis.  Donating can be difficult for some, but difficult tasks are usually the most rewarding.

When hams from outside the M&M area key up on the 147.000 repeater system, it is not a true representation of the great club that we have.  Other clubs in our immediate area have good repeater systems and we should do the same.  Have you ever driven to another area, keyed up on a repeater system and it was lousy?  You then ask yourself, who owns this system?  The 147.000 repeater system should be a good representation of our club to others passing thru.

This club is made up of hams that communicate via APRS, CW, HF, Packet, Phone, Repeaters, etc.  As individuals we all have our likes and dislikes, but now the time has come to fix one of our modes of communication within our club to ensure that we do not begin to limit our possibilities.


The M&M ARC Repeater Committee


(The motion is printed under the agenda)          



20/21 Aug. 2005

By Jim Pearson, KS8O

  This is a short synopsis of the Peshtigo Reef lighthouse activation over the weekend of Aug. 20th 2005.  Early morning Saturday, it was raining with a little bit of lightning. Because this operation was a marine mobile operation, we had to wait for the appropriate weather conditions. Capt. George of the Wayside, a 26 ft. boat with a cabin and all the amenities was in charge of the watercraft operations. He is currently a non-ham, but that may change in the future.

  We were finally able to leave the Cedar River harbor at about 9:30 A.M. and headed for the Peshtigo Lighthouse. Great conditions enroute and when we arrived at about 11:30, we started the activation with the call sign KS8O/Marine Mobile.

  We spent most of our short time there on 20 meters and made 38 HF contacts in the first hour. I then switched to the 2 meter band at 147.21 and made 6 contacts there. Because I only had a hand held, I was only able to make the one repeater.

  At about 12:45, we began setting up for the 75 meter band. We did this with the hopes of learning through experimentation and we were not disappointed. We used a twin box kite and a spool of lightweight stainless steed downrigger cable to launch the kite. It took off with great gusto and held the wire up with no problem. I had a lot of problems getting it to load properly but resolved that by changing the downrigger depth that we used for the ground side of the antenna. It turned out that we only made one contact (KG8CX) and because of the wind, we had to shut down the operation for the day.

 So, all in all, not many contacts, but a lot of fun and learned a lot. By the way, while I was operating the radio, we had the poles out and caught one Splake, and one small but legal brown trout. So, for Saturday, we had 45 Lighthouse contacts and 2 fish contacts. I will call it a success for the day. 

  Bad news for Sunday. The wind was just to stiff for us to go marine mobile. Our schedule for Sunday was to run from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. but due to conditions, it was not possible.  We will try again with the kite antenna in the future, stay tuned for updates.

  We had fun with radio, caught fish, and learned a lot. Short as it was, I will still call it a success.



Local hams made some noise in the 2005 Wisconsin QSO Party held March 13th. Congratulations to Tom, K0SN, and Jim, AA9PB who piloted N9KI (at K0SN) to first place in the Multi-Op Fixed category, and a new record in that category. NS9R, manned by Dave, along with Dwight, W9YQ, took third in the same category. Jim K8IR, and Ed, KG8CX took first place in the Multi-Op mobile category for the second year in a row.  Jeff, KE9S with Eric, KG9GH as his driver, entered the single-op mobile category, and Arde, KA9WAR, and Noel, K8NB/QRP had single-op entries.  Their combined scores put the Bay Area Wireless Association at 5th in the club competition. Congratulations to all!



The "Jamboree On the Air" an annual amateur event sponsored by the Boy Scouts, is set for October 15 and 16.   Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, nationwide and worldwide are exposed to ham radio, by getting on the air via VHF and HF stations set up by local radio clubs and individuals usually at scouting encampments, and private homes.  They are exposed to CW, digital, and phone modes during the weekend.  Scouts can also get their "Radio Communications" badge by signing up for classes and participating in these events.    There has been some interest expressed locally in setting up a field-day type station.  Many opportunities exist for kids and adults to get amateur radio exposure, and we need to be the motivating factor in providing it to them



Another former club member has passed away. Conrad “Connie” Schingick, WA8FHD died on his 80th birthday, August 17th at the Luther Home in Marinette.  Connie was active with the club back in the 1960’s and 70’s.  He is survived  by his wife, Pat. 



Lynne Rynish, N8OSK was honored this month by the M&M Community Foundation as the recipient of the Roger Derusha Endurance award.  Lynne is a member of the foundation’s community events committee and has served as chairwoman of the annual M&M Tailgate fundraiser on several occasions.  The M&M Community Foundation awards grants to Menominee and Marinette County non-profit organizations.



Congratulations to the following people who are celebrating special days this month:

* Anniversaries greetings to: Sept. 3 Jim and Cindy Armstrong, KB8PCQ; Sept. 6 Tom and Nancy Zeratsky, K8ICO; Sept. 12 Al and Mary Grenier, N9QAA; Sept. 13 Bob and Fran Osier AA9IB; Sept. 24 Gary and Wanda Luthardt, KG9AD.

* Birthdays greetings to: Sept. 2, Lynne Rynish, N8OSK; Sept. 17, Paul Brennan, WA9SKK; Sept. 24, Wanda Luthardt.




September 8th, 2005


1.    Call meeting to order

2.    Pledge of Allegiance

3.    Recognize guests and/or new members

Members introduce themselves with their call sign.

4.    Approve Secretary's report as printed in the Ground Wave


5.    Treasurer's Report (Paul)


6.    Communications to read (any club officer)

7.    Net report (Ed)


8.    Old Business....
Boys & Girls Club update. WC9E


9.    New Business...
-   Recommendations of the Election Committee for the new club officers.

-         Open Nominations for new club officers.

-         Election of new club officers.

-         Repeater Committee's motion on the repeater






 I, Peter Johnson, Sr., AB9PJ, on behalf of the members (listed below) of the Marinette & Menominee Amateur Radio Club Repeater Committee enter the following motion effective September 8th, 2005 to be voted upon by the membership of the M&M ARC.  It is requested that this motion be published in the September edition of M&M ARC Ground Wave.  It is further requested that the September Edition of the Ground Wave be sent to club members no later than August 31st, 2005 in order to view the motion at hand.

1.  The club shall create a permanent "Repeater Maintenance and Expense Fund" to pay for all repeater expenses for both the 147.000 repeater and the 444.075 repeater.  The expenses will include the monthly power bill charged by JS Electronics for power to the 147.000 repeater.  NOTE:  The club treasurer shall continue to have discretion as to whether to pay the power bill monthly, semi-annually or annually.

            2.  The club shall create a separate savings account for the club to "house" the "Repeater Maintenance and Expense Fund".

            3.  The club shall direct the control of such account to the club treasurer.

            4.  The club shall direct all repeater donations to the above said account via the club treasurer.  In addition, the club treasurer shall maintain a detailed list of all donations to this account from each member until June 30th, 2006 or when the repeater is repaired, whichever comes first.

5.   If the goal of repairing the repeater is not attained by June 30th, 2006, then the club treasurer shall return all donations by club members to those members by July 31st, 2006.

6.   The club shall direct the following revenue sources to the above said account for the purpose of current and future repeater expenses for the purpose of maintaining the two club repeaters in a high quality fashion on an ongoing basis.

            a.   35% of all club membership fees on an annual basis beginning with the
 2006 membership dues and continue every year thereafter.

            b.   100% of all monthly raffle drawing proceeds received by the club up to and including June 30th, 2006.  Beginning July 1st, 2006, all raffle drawing proceeds shall be directed to the general club accounts.

            c.   100% of all donations from members specifically “indicated” for repeater maintenance and/or fund.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Johnson, Sr., AB9PJ             Eric Janssen, KG9GH             Jim Pearson, KS8O

Ed Engleman, KG8CX                     Jim Callow, K8IR



September 2005

8 MMARC Meeting (Officer Elections)

11 NA Sprint CW

10-12 ARRL September VHF QSO Party

10-12 AR QSO Party

11-12 TN  QSO Party


10 Door County Club Fish Boil

16-17 W9DXCC Convention
Northern Illinois DX Association

17-18 Hamfest Grayslake

17-18 QCWA Fall QSO Party

18 NA Sprint SSB

24-25 CQ WW DX RTTY Contest

24-25 TX QSO Party


October 2005

1-2 CA. QSO Party

8-9 PA. QSO Party

8 Fists Fall Sprint

9 NA RTTY Sprint

10 10-10 Int. 10-10 Day Sprint

13 MMARC Meeting (New Officers)

16-17 IL.  QSO Party

29-30 CQ WW DX Contest SSB

29-30 10-10 Int. Fall Contest CW

30 FISTS Coast to Coast



November 2005

5-7 ARRL November CW SS

6-8 ARRL CW Sweepstakes

6 Hamfest Menasha, WI

10 MMARC Meeting

20-22 ARRL SSB Sweepstakes

 27-28 CQ WW DX Contest CW


December 2005

3-5 ARRL CW 160 Meter Contest

8 MMARC Meeting

10 – 11 ARRL 10 Meter Contest

11-12 ARRL CW/SSB10 Meter Contest

27 RAC Canada Winter Contest