The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Jim Callow, K8IR
                     Vice President: Bob Schrader, AA9GZ
Treasurer: Paul Drees, WC9E 
Secretary: Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI

The MMARC Newsletter                                            October 2005


The October meeting of the M&M ARC will be held at the Spies Public Library meeting room at 7pm.  The new officers officially take over at this meeting.  The agenda will include a motion to amend the Bylaws to include the creation of a separate repeater maintenance and expense fund. The repeater committee motion to create the separate fund was approved at the September meeting. This vote will be to amend the bylaws to include a section about the repeater fund.  The proposed language is included with the agenda in this issue.

Dave, W8DXX will give a program on the Motorola BPL (Broadband over Power Line) system that was announced last spring.  The system was designed with a goal of limiting interference to HF radio service. A recent trial at W1AW was very positive.



At the September meeting, the nominating committee’s slate of officers for the new year was approved.  Jim, K8IR was elected President and Bob Schrader, AA9GZ was elected Vice-President.  Paul, WC9E was reelected Treasurer, and Valerie, KC8WAI was reelected Secretary.

Thanks to Dave, NS9R, and Dwight, W9YQ for their two years of service as President and Vice-President.



Here’s a reminder that it’s time again to pay your annual dues. Individual member dues are $15, and it’s $22.50 for a family. Please pay at a meeting, or send your money to P.O. Box 1082, Marinette, WI 54143. Also please send in the membership renewal form in this issue if any of your information has changed.


It’s with great pleasure we report a very special donation to our repeater fund.  Tanya Parkansky heard our requests for donations during a recent Sunday net, and asked Ed, KG8CX, and Jim, K8IR to stop over and see her.  She said she wanted to donate one of Lou’s, AA9JH (SK) radios to the club to help in our fundraising efforts.  As a result, the club now has Lou’s Ten-Tec Orion HF Transceiver. We’ll discuss how we want to use the donated radio at the October meeting.

We want to give a big thanks to Tanya for her most generous donation. 




Jim Voss, KC8WJO and his wife recently returned from a trip to England.  On Tuesday, September 27th, their group stopped at Greenwich, England for a guided tour of the Royal Observatory where "time and space began".

Pictured is Jim straddling the Prime Meridian.  His left foot is in the western hemisphere, and the right foot in the eastern hemisphere. 



A VE test session has been scheduled for Thursday evening, October 20th. The location is Stephenson Public Library and registration begins at 5:30pm.  All classes of tests will be available.  Remember, copies of your CSCE and FCC license must be presented, along with two forms of ID.  The test fee is $14.

Paul, WC9E, is the local VE liaison and in charge of the session.   We know of several individuals who are anxious to test and receive their ham radio privileges.   Anyone interested in testing can contact Paul Drees, WC9E, or any of the local VE team for information or to sign up.



Several public presentations of amateur radio will be given to area groups in the upcoming weeks and months.   On Tuesday September 27th, KG8CX and AB9PJ gave a presentation along with a demonstration to a group of about 40 township officials from Menominee County.   ARRL pamphlets were handed out, and the ARES/RACES connection was discussed.   Marge Bramschreiber, the Menominee County Emergency Services director, was also in attendance.

On October 11th, Pete and Ed will give a presentation and demo to a group of area wide Scout officials in Marinette.  The upcoming JOTA weekend will be elaborated on, and invitation for Scouts to attend the local event being planned for Saturday October 15th at KC8WJN's field.   We're hoping to make this an annual event, with ham radio demonstrations and opportunities for Scouts to find out about how they can get involved.

Other local civic and school group presentations are being planned as the season progresses.



The 2005 severe weather season was one of the most active we've experienced.  Thirteen activations were made starting with the statewide tornado drill on April 21st.  We experienced 2 activations in May, 5 in June, 3 in July, 1 in August, and 2 in September.  The latest weather activation was on Sept. 21st.

An average of 17 spotters checked in either as fixed or mobile.  

Appreciation for their service and dedication goes to all these weather spotters, as well as to WA8WG and KB9DSV for the use of their superb McAllister/Abrams linked repeater system.   With these facilities, we were able to cover the entire Menominee, Marinette, and Oconto geographical areas, as well as parts of Shawano, Langlade, Brown, and Door counties in Wisconsin... plus Delta and Dickinson counties in Michigan.   We also had direct ham radio communications with both Green Bay and Marquette weather offices. 

While severe weather activations are probably over for the season, and the Skywarn operators' net discontinued, we will continue to be on the alert for winter weather conditions such as ice storms, heavy snowfall, and wind.  At such times, we may solicit reports from throughout our coverage area and direct them to either Green Bay or Marquette.   When severe winter weather is a threat or is occurring, monitor the link system, and be prepared to give out reports as you experience them at your location.

-KG8CX, AEC for Skywarn operations, Menominee, Marinette, and Oconto Counties

-Net Control, Tri County Skywarn



Celebrating birthdays this month are Tom Zeratsky, K8ICO on the 7th;  and Linda Hellem on the 25th. Congratulations.




 October 13th, 2005


1.    Call meeting to order 

2.    Pledge of Allegiance 

3.    Recognize guests and/or new members

Members introduce themselves with their call sign and talk about their HAM Radio activities in the past month. DX Stations worked, Antenna Projects, Contests worked, etc

4. Approve Secretary's Report as Printed in Ground Wave

5.    Treasurer's Report (Paul)

6.    Communications to read (any club officer)

7.    Net report (Ed)

8.    Repeater Committee Report

9.    Education Committee Report

10.          Bylaws Committee

11.          Old Business....
Bylaws changes recommended by repeater committee:

         The Bylaws shall be amended as follows:

Section 6


  1. A permanent "Repeater Maintenance and Expense Fund" shall be created to pay for all repeater expenses for both the 147.000 repeater and the 444.075 repeater.   The Fund shall be kept in a separate account under control of the club treasurer. 

    2. The following revenue sources shall be directed to the above said account for the purpose of current and future repeater expenses for the purpose of maintaining the two club repeaters in a high quality fashion on an ongoing basis.

            a.   35% of all club membership fees on an annual basis beginning with the
 2006 membership dues and continue every year thereafter.

            b.   100% of all donations from members specifically “indicated” for repeater maintenance and/or fund.


     -   Boys & Girls Club update. WC9E


12.          New Business…

-         Donation to repeater fund from Tanya Parkansky

-         Christmas Party

-         Testing Session October 20th

-         Technician Classes

-         Donation to Spies Library

13.          Announcements/Raffle

14.          Adjournment

15.          Program by W8DXX on Motorola BPL System



September 8th, 2005


MMARC called to order at 6:59pm, September 8th, 2005.

-Pledge to the flag. 

-Recognition of members and guests. 

-New member Tearlach Sinclair 

-Marge Bramschreiber announced the Township meeting, Tuesday, September 27th, at 7pm, in Carney. Ed KG8CX and Pete AB9PJ will go. 

-Secretary minutes as in the Ground Wave accepted. 

-Treasurer report- $680.64 + 487.45= $1,168.09 accepted. 

-Katrina frequencies, keep clear by 5khz, give call sign on each side.

-West Gulf ARES Emergency net 7.285mhz days, 3.873mhz nights.

-Health & Welfare 7.290mhz days, 3.935mhz nights.

-Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network 14.265mhz and 7.265mhz. 

-Memorial Service for AA9JH, September 18th at 2:00pm, First Covenant Church. 

-AB9PJ mentioned the Jamboree on the air. Boy Scouts in Green Bay or here? October 15-16, 10:00am-8:00pm (Sat-Sun).  Any volunteers?


-Old Business:

            Paul- donations for raffle are due in October. The equipment donated to the Club for DAR will be checked to be sure it is operating well Tuesday, September 13th at 5:00pm. Do we retain ownership?


-New Business:

            Nominating Committee Report:

            Pres. Jim Callow   K8IR

            Vice Pres. Bob Schrader  AA9GZ

            Secretary Valerie Hallam  KC8WAI

            Treasurer Paul Drees  WC9E

Open nominations from the floor:

            Pres. 0             Vice Pres. 0

            Secretary 0       Treasurer  0

Unanimous acceptance

WC9E $53.00 from raffle. In October there will be books from Jim Callow to raffle. Meeting will be October 13th.

Open floor discussion of the Repeater Committee:

            Crew is on the tower painting. They do not do antennas. Hire climber $600-$1,000. Replace parts. Rebuild everything but the feedline, $225 side and hardware.

$877.50 antenna

$150.00 freight

$125.00 misc. hardware

$0.00 stabilizer bar

$1,377.50              $2277.50 total

Motion to accept repeater committee- NS9R reminded the Club that there is nothing in the by-laws to cover this. Motion amended pending by-law change (#1 6a).

Next month (October) presented in writing, so we can vote. Amended motion carried.

-Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm.


Valerie Hallam  KC8WAI                                                         Pete Johnson, AB9PJ
Paul Drees                    WC9E                                                 Taylor Johnson
David Cunningham        NS9R                                                  Rebecca Gondek K9RLG       
Dwight Bosselman        W9YQ                                                 Tom Hellem, K0SN
Arde Nelson                 KA9WAR                                           David Arnold, W8DXX
Bob Schrader               AA9GZ                                                Joseph Callow, W9JJC
Marge Bramschreiber   Emergency Management                      Jim Callow, K8IR
Gene Voelker               K9GGV                                               Allan Grenier, N9QAA
Tearlach Sinclair           pending                                                George Benoit, N9UGG
Ed Engleman                KG8CX                                               Nancy Buchholz KA9VZC
Tyler Lehman               KC9FKE                                             Larry Buchholz, N9OSF
Kurt Berge                   K8BKA                                               PJ Johnson, W9LPJ
Jason Lauzer                W9JTL                                                Noel Beardsley, K8NB



Date                            Transaction                            Payment          Deposit                       Balance


7/14/2005                    Check to J Mans-Field Day      162.00                                                 437.45

8/17/2005                    Dues                                                                15.00                          452.45

8/17/2005                    Picnic                                       160.00                                                 612.45

8/24/2005                    Picnic                                       125.00                                                 487.45

10/5/2005                    Repeater Donations                                          350.00                         837.45

10/5/2005                    Raffle                                                                 53.00                         890.45

10/5/2005                    Dues                                                                120.00                       1010.45



6/7/2005                      Interest earned                                                      1.15                        679.36

10/5/2005                    Interest earned                                                      1.28                         680.64


TOTAL ASSETS      10/5/2005     101.45 + 680.64 =  1691.09


 $350 (Donations)+$53(Raffle)+$42(35% of  2006 Dues)




Membership Renewal


Name___________________________   Call Sign______________________________

            (Please print)

I am submitting a check for:

                        Individual membership                       $15.00 ____

                        Family membership                               $22.50 ____


Please make check payable to M & M Amateur Radio Club and mail to:

M & M Amateur Radio Club
ATTENTION: Club Treasurer
P.O. Box 1082
Marinette, WI 54143


Please complete this section if any of the following have changed:

Call sign: _____________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State _______________ Zip Code _______

E-mail Address ________________________________________________________


We would like your Birthdays/Anniversaries for the Ground Wave ___________



If you currently receive the Ground Wave via snail mail and would like it sent to your e-mail address, please provide your email address _____________________


 Please remember the club year runs from October 1st through September 30th.  Anyone who has not paid their dues by December 31st will be removed from the club roster.