The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Dave Cunningham, NS9R
                     Vice President: Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ
Treasurer: Paul Drees, WC9E 
Secretary: Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI

The MMARC Newsletter                                             October 2004


The October meeting will be held on Thursday October 14th at 7:00pm in the Spies Public Library meeting room. Agenda items will include a report from the repeater committee and appointing a committee to plan the Christmas Party. Jim Pearson , KC8YZA, will present a program on the Bay Area Mounted Search and Rescue group and their relationship to amateur radio. We hope you can attend.



Congratulations to the officers for the 2004-2005 club year elected at the September meeting.  Dave Cunningham, NS9R will continue as president, and Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ continues as Vice President.  Paul Drees, WC9E will take over as treasurer, and Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI is now the secretary.  Our thanks go out to Tom Rynish, N8LHB for his work as treasurer, and Jim Callow, K8IR for serving as secretary during the past year. 



We are saddened to report that Mike Anuta, W8HKY passed away on September 9th at the age of 103.  Mike was a true “Brass Pounder” , working as a telegraph operator for the Milwaukee Road beginning in 1920.  He was first licensed as WN8HKY in 1952. He remained active through the 1970s. When he moved into a retirement apartment, he sold his ham gear but kept his ticket current. After reading the Eagle-Herald story on the 50th anniversary of the M&M ARC, he rejoined the club, bought a 2-meter hand-held and was regularly the first check-in to the club's Sunday night 2-meter net. He last checked in on February 8th, the Sunday after his 103rd birthday.


Mike Anuta, W8HKY 1901-2004

The ARRL noted Mike’s passing on their Website, in the weekly ARRL Letter, and on the ARRL Audio News, heard during the Sunday Net.
Mike is survived his wife of nearly 83 years, Marianne.  

Here’s the link to the ARRL Story:




Area hams have been enjoying the expanded coverage of the WA8WG 146.88 repeater. The move from Wausaukee to McAllister and a new antenna has created a coverage area throughout Marinette County and beyond in Northeast Wisconsin, and the southern Counties of the Upper Peninsula.  Linked with the KB9DSV 146.835 repeater, the total coverage extends well south of Green Bay.


Antenna raising on September 9th


The new location for the 146.88 repeater provided solid communication for fixed and mobile stations during recent SKYWARN call-ups.  Thanks to Bill, WA8WG, and Earl, KB9DSV for assembling a great system that provides wide coverage for everyday as well as emergency use.




Members of the Club’s repeater committee have met with Jim, KC8DOA regarding moving the 147.000 repeater back to the Jim’s Rangeline Road Tower.  The move is expected to take place before the end of the month.  There are also plans to diagnose and repair the noise problems that forced a move from that location a couple of years ago.  There will be more details at this month’s club meeting.


The 2004 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be held on October 16th  from 10am to 12:00pm. The Marinette/Oconto County ARES/RACES group will conduct a two meter net on the 146.35/146.88 Link System with simultaneous operation on the ARES Statewide H.F. Net on 3996 KHz from the Porterfield Town Hall.  A luncheon and ARES/RACES meeting will follow the exercise. For more information contact Bill, WA8WG, Marinette County EC or Earl, KB9DSV, Oconto Count EC.



Edited From the ARRL Letter:

The 47th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) takes place October 16-17. Details on JOTA also appear in September QST, page 104. JOTA is an annual event in which Boy and Girl Scouts and Guides from all over the world speak to each other via Amateur Radio to share experiences and ideas.

 If you hear any participating JOTA stations on the air, be sure to make a contact--and don't forget to QSL. There's more information about JOTA on the Web at:  and


By Jim Callow K8IR

I, along with Jeff, KE9S, had the pleasure of attending the 2004 W9DXCC convention and banquet in Elk Grove Village, Illinois on Sept. 18th.  This was my first time at this event, and it was a day well spent.  This is the 52nd annual W9DXCC event, so they’ve had a long time to fine tune the format. 

The day-long program included presentations on Dxpeditions…5U5Z to the Niger Public, and 3B9C to Rodrigues Island.  I had seen the Dayton 3B9C presentation, but this one, by Eric, K3NA was different, and one of the highlights for me. The presentation included an animation of a 160 meter opening from Rodrigues into the USA.  It was fascinating to watch the locations of the stations worked follow the sunset across the continent.  A most interesting phenomenon was how the contacts seemed to cluster in small areas, as if a spotlight was shined here and there, with the general trend following the line of sunset.

The Low Bands, including 160 meters were a continuing theme through the day  With the decline of the sunspot cycle, DX’ers are starting to concentrate more on the low bands.  The guest of honor and banquet speaker was  John Devoldere, ON4UN, who literally wrote the book on low band antennas.  The next edition was supposed to be out by now, but is now being promised by the Dayton Hamvention next year.

One of the more interesting presentations was called Technology Revisited.  Using the “last man standing” method, the oldest licensed hams in the room were identified.  Believe it or not, there were two hams present who were first licensed in 1932!   They were asked to describe the equipment of that time (all homebrew), and how chasing DX has changed over the years.

There were dozens of prizes awarded during the day.  I won a book on the history of  Don Wallace, W6AM, a pioneering ham in California  W6AM was a legendary station when I broke into the hobby in the 1960’s.  His hilltop farm of rhombic antennas was usually the loudest signal on the band, especially if he was pointing your way.  He also was famous for his 1 kilowatt mobile station, the legal limit at the time.

There were four major prizes given out at the banquet, three of which went to visitors from Wisconsin, which was duly noted by the Bears fans present.  I guess they and their favorite team got even the next day.

Half the fun is the interesting people you meet, especially at the hospitality suites and receptions, of which there were several starting Friday evening.

The Northern Illinois DX Association which organizes the event says they attempt to put together a program that will appeal to both “Big Guns” and “Little Pistols”. They certainly accomplished their mission.  And believe me, with only 150 countries confirmed, I was among the littlest pistols in the room. 

For anyone with an interest in DXing, this is a very worthwhile and affordable chance to immerse yourself in the hobby for a day.  I’m already looking forward to next year.



Your editor is always looking for articles to include in the Ground Wave.  If you’ve been working on an interesting project, had an interesting QSO, or won an award that you’d like to brag about, write up a short article and send it to the editor at  .




The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm at the Spies Library meeting room by President Dave, NS9R.

A moment of silence was observed in honor of Mike Anuta, W8HKY, who passed away today at the age of 103.

Members introduced themselves and told of their recent radio activities.

A motion by Jim, AA9PB, seconded by Bill, WA8WG to approve the minutes of the September meeting as  printed in the Ground Wave was approved

Tom, N8LHB presented the Treasurers report as of Statement Date 08/31/04:

Checking Account Beginning Balance                                       $656.07
Saving Account Balance                                                           $356.69
Total Club Assets                                                                     $1012.76

COMMUNICATIONS: There were no communications.

NET REPORT:  Ed, KG8CX reported an average of 23.5 check-ins during the past month.

SKYWARN REPORT: Ed, KG8CX, reported the last call-up was August 18th.  14 Stations checked into the net.



The Repeater Committee reported on its progress.  Lou, AA9JH, reported his antenna was down and available to install at BAMC for comparison with the existing antenna.

Dave, NS9R, reported he talked to Jim, KC8DOA, who said there would be no problem in moving the repeater back to his tower.  Jim has a stabilizing arm that can be installed on the antenna to reduce it’s movement in the wind.

Noel, K8NB reported the W8PIF license has been renewed for another 10 years.





The nominating committee of Bob, AA9GZ and Jim, AA9PB, reported the following nominees:

President:           Dave Cunningham, NS9R  and Tom Rynish, N8LHB
Vice President:   Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ
Secretary:           Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI
Treasurer:           Paul Drees, WC9E

A motion by Arde, KA9WAR and  seconded by Jim, KC8YZA to accept the nominating committee report was approved.

A motion by Bill, WA8WG and seconded by Bob, AA9GZ that per the constitution and bylaws the election proceed and the floor be opened for nominations was approved.

After three calls for nominations from the floor, there were none made.

A motion by Bill, WA8WG and seconded by Tom, K0SN to close nominations was approved.

A motion by Jim, KC8YZA and seconded by Bob, AA9GZ to cast a unanimous ballot for the unopposed nominees for the offices of  Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer was approved.

Voting for president was done by written ballot.  The nominating committee counted the votes and reported the following: NS9R 20,  N8LHB 5, Abstentions 1.


A motion made by Jim, AA9PB, and seconded by Arde, KA9WAR to donate $100 to Spies Public Library for the use of the meeting room and the AV equipment was approved.

NS9R said the pursuant to club policy, $30 would be sent a W8HKY memorial fund.

NS9R appointed W8DXX and AA9GZ to do a year-end audit of the club’s books.

A discussion on when to start Technician Classes was held.  K8IR will send notices to the local media announcing the classes and asking interested parties to contact the club.

NS9R appointed an education committee. KC8WJO will be the chairman.  Others on the committee include WC9E, KC8YZA, KG8CX, AA9PB, K8RJ, W9YQ, AA9PB, KC8WJN, and K8IR.


A motion to adjourn made by Tom, K0SN, and seconded by Jim, AA9PB was approved at 8:17pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Callow, K8IR


Those in attendance:

Dave Cunningham, NS9R                                Edward Engleman, KG8CX
Jim Callow, K8IR                                             PJ Johnson, Jr. KC9FSF
Tom Rynish, N8LHB                                        Rebecca Gondek, KC9FSE
Noel Beardsley, K8NB                                    Lynne Rynish, N8OSK
Bob Osier, AA9IB                                           Bob Schrader, AA9GZ
Arde Nelson, KA9WAR                                  Bill Becks, WA8WG
Tom Hellem, K0SN                                         Bill Peterson, KB9URW
Jim Pearson, KC8YZA                                    Paul Drees, WC9E
Jason Lauzer, W9JTL                                       Peter Johnson, Sr. AB9PJ
Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI                                Jim Mans, AA9PB
Paul Sorenson, KC8YZB                                 David Arnold, W8DXX
Jim Voss, KC8WJO                                        Earl Bramschreiber, KC8WJN
Lee Bane, W0FAX                                          Bob Jarnutowski, K8RJ

M&M ARC Questionnaire

October 2004

 Printable PDF Version

Please take time to complete this questionnaire, the future and vitality of our club depend on your input. You can return this questionnaire to a club officer at a regular meeting or send it in with your membership renewal.




City, State, Zip___________________________________________

Call Sign________________________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________


ARRL Member?  Yes___   No___



Are you presently active in Amateur Radio? 

Yes___ What aspects of Amateur Radio do you enjoy?


No___ What is the reason you are not active?


Are you interested in upgrading your license?


How many club meetings have you attended during the last year? ______


What could the club do to make the meetings an event you would look forward to?


What amateur radio group activities are you interested in volunteering for? (E.g. special event operation, field day, contesting, hidden transmitter hunting, etc.)


What club social activity committees are you interested in volunteering to serve on? (E.g. Christmas Party, Charter Night, Club Picnic, Fish Fry, etc.)


Please add any additional comments that you feel would contribute to the betterment of our club.