The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                 November 1999 



Plan to attend our next meeting on November 11th at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee. Only 13 attended the October meeting and we would like to see around 20 or more for our last meeting at BAMC for this millenium. The December meeting will be held in conjunction with the Christmas party.


We would like to have all nominations in by the next meeting.  At that time they will be turned over to the committee, who will select the top 2 or 3 candidates.  We will then vote our choice at the Christmas party, with the announcement to be made at that time.  If you can't be at the
meeting, please mail it to our PO box.


We have received over 70 responses for certificates and cards, with more trickling in all the time.  Jeff, N9PQU, has volunteered to take on the task of printing up all certificates and cards.  These will be mailed out in late December close to or on the date of our original charter.  The cards
will have each member's callsign listed, so in order to have the entire membership on the card, we would like to have your MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/DUES in by December. 1st. You will then be assured of having your call listed on this special 50th anniversary card.  We would like to
have at least 50 members signed up by year's end.  Many thanks to Jeff for doing all this.  It's a big job.


Our 50th anniversary celebration is presently in the planning stage.  It looks as if the date will be sometime in mid or late February.  The observance this year will be special.  Lynne, N8OSK, is preparing a special commemorative booklet on club history.  Along with presentation
of Ham of the Year plaque, there will be other commemorative activities. More information and an RSVP form will appear in the January 2000 edition of the Ground Wave.  We will also attempt to invite as many former members as possible.  The Door County Radio Club was formed at pretty
much the same time, and was closely associated with our club for many years, alternating meetings, picnics, and social events..  We hope some of them can attend to share memories and experiences of an earlier time. 


We seem to have somewhat of an interest by some people in obtaining a ham license this time around.  Ed, KG8CX, recently received 2 calls. Gary, KG9AD, knows of 2 more who have expressed interest, and Nate, KB9NNV, has names of several young people who also wish to get their tickets.  In addition, Renelle Schaffer, the Marinette county EC, is on the interested ham list.  We may well have classes starting up in January with this kind of interest.  An article in the local media,  planned for later in the year chronicling our club's 50 years of operation , may well generate further interest.  We also are awaiting the decision of the FCC concerning license restructuring, as this will greatly affect the direction ham classes will go. Stay tuned, interesting days are ahead.


Welcome to our newest member, Bill Peterson, KB9URW.  Bill is from the Pembine area and has attended our last two meetings.  Welcome aboard!


We have recently received a membership application and dues from Dan Nyman, NT9B.  Dan, as many will recall, was active in the operation of the club several years ago, serving as secretary/treasurer, and newsletter editor.  He has since moved to Crivitz, and is getting back into radio.  Nice to have you back, Dan.


Our local DX club, Bay Area Wireless Association, is now on the world wide web.  Their address is or you can link to it from the KG8CX main page.  Jeff, N9PQU, is the webmaster, and has a list of members and e-mail addresses, as well as
pictures of recent club activities.  A chat page is also available. Check it out soon. Jeff also has started his own page at eboard.  That address is
This is a free webpage that anyone can access.  It won't cost you a cent, and you can get your own site on the internet.  Type in and follow the instructions.  You will soon have your own page online.  If you do, please let KG8CX know and I will put a link to it from my site, which, is getting wider exposure as you will see from the following article.


KG8CX recently e-mailed George Race, WB8BGY, assistant director of the ARRL  Great Lakes division. which consists of the states of Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.  The substance of the note was to inform him of our 50th charter anniversary, special event station, and invite him to our charter banquet.  His response was that, if he is re-elected to the post, he will seriously consider coming, providing weather conditions are favorable.  He also is the webmaster of the division website, which is one of two featured sites on the KGB8CX webpage.  He found that site, and especially the M&M ARC page very informative.  So much so that he
has a link to it from the his G.L. division site.  So, as you see, the M&M ARC site is slowly getting wider exposure, as well as any local links that are shown.


The following have birthdays this month: - Rose Mary Edquist, Sally Mans;  7 - Kurt Berge;  10 Keith Tonn;  18 - Diane Mans; 24 Carolyn Johnson.  On the 26th, Tom and Linda Hellem
celebrate their wedding anniversary. Congratulations to all.


 As usual, Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment, the Minolta Copier Dealer in Menominee for providing the copying of the Ground Wave.

 Thanks to Tom, K0SN for submitting the following:



By Troy Weidenheimer W0ROF

It’s more than dots and dashes,

It’s a place.

A sanctuary for those who’ve learned

To love the mysterious magic of

Thoughts arriving in mile-long strings

On roads of ether or wire.


Even more, it’s peace,

A shield from the disordered sounds

Of traffic, angry people

And industrial clutter clatter,

Within its warm mantle

We find soothing respite.


And the patter of bright ideas it is,

The sharp focusing of others’ thoughts

From miles beyond our vision’s range,

As in a dream we sit so still.

It floats in our ears and stirs our minds

With concern, remembrance, speculation

And mirth.


And code is music,

From sounders and speakers it dances

In the shack to each sender’s inner clock,

And comes butter-smooth, deliciously swinging,

Or choppy stacatto from a “fist” praising definition,

Or perfectly metered, flowing exquisitely

From the gentle hand of an artist.


A place,

And peace,

Intelligence and


Code is more than dots and dashes.



Thanks K4FW/8 and Amateur Radio Telegraph Society newsletter.

  M&M ARC Christmas Party RSVP Form

         **Last one of the Millenium**
When:  Thursday, Dec. 9, 1999
Where:  Brass Lantern, Hwy 180
              Marinette, WI
Time:  Cocktails @ 6pm, Dinner @ 7pm
Cost:  $10 per person, includes tax, tip, and
       choice of coffee, tea, or milk

Menu:  Chicken and Tenderloin tips served family style

    + Short meeting following dinner
    + Announcement of Ham of the Year
    + Final tally and report on QSLs received
         from special event station
     + Discussion of charter banquet plans
        year 2000
      + Other business as may come up
      + Trivia contest by AA9PB??
       Everything should be finished by 9pm

We are expecting a large attendance at our final social event for the
20th century.  Let's make it one to remember.  Send the RSVP form by---
DEC. 1---along with your check, and no. attending to our club address:
  M&M ARC,  P. O. Box 1082,
        Marinette, WI 54143
  Merry Christmas and Best of the Holidays!!


number attending_______
check in amount of $_________enclosed

   Mail by DEC. 1 to club address


Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club Minutes for the Month of October 1999

The October 14, 1999 meeting was called to order by the President K8IR Jim at 7:05pm.

Lynne N8OSK Treasurer reported a balance of $96.92 in the checking account and two deposits of $105.00 each and disbursements of $24.75 Jim Callow postage for newsletter, Postmaster stamps $33.00 and Jim Mans beer and corn for the special event station corn roast camp out $57.48. The balance in the checking account is $191.69 and in the savings account $563.49. Total assets $755.18. A motion was made to approve the Treasurer's report by Larry N9OSF and seconded by Paul WC9E. All in favor. Lynne reported that three previous members have rejoined the club. A article was in the Eagle Herald and the Peshtigo Times and the Menominee Journal about the Amateur radio Club.

The Secretary's report for the minutes of the September 1999 meeting was in the Groundwave for October was motioned to be approved by George N9UGG and seconded by Kurt K8BKA. All in favor.

A letter of appreciation was received from Renelle Schaffer, Marinette Co Emerg Director for the club's participation in the table top exercise.

Ed KG8CX reported that the Sunday net is holding at around 19 to 21 checkins.


The Special Event Station held at Green's there were 350 contacts made. All requests for certificates and QSL cards will be printed up by Jeff N9PQU. The date of mailing will be December 28         ( Charter of Affiliation was December 28, 1949 )

 so they have that for a postmark. All paid up members will have their callsigns on the QSL card. A request for payment of dues will be in the next Groundwave. Try to pay your dues by December1, 1999 if you do want your call on the QSL card.

Jim K8IR reported that ham of the year nominations need to be turned in by the next meeting for November 11. Nominations will be closed and then we vote.


The Christmas Party will be on December 9 at the Brass Lantern and the reservation form will be in the November Groundwave.

Charter night was talked about but nothing was decided. We still have time to come up with a date and a place. This will be the 50th official charter banquet.

Jim K8IR reported that Lynne is working on a keep sake booklet about the club.

If there is enough interest the club will offer license classes this January. Ed reported that so far there is about six persons interested.

A fishfry is coming up on October 29 at Schusslers in Peshtigo.

N8OSK reported that she is working on getting prices for club apparel.

October 23 Paul WC9E reported everyone is invited  to N1493 Harbor Road for a barbecue around 2:00pm till 5 or 6pm.

Meeting adjourned per K8IR at 7:45pm.


Submitted by Gary W Luthardt KG9AD, Secretary

 Members and guests in attendance:


Gary Luthardt KG9AD                        Larry Buchholz N9OSF

Paul Dress WC9E                                Lynne Rynish N8OSK

Jeff Rymer N9PQU                              Jim Callow K8IR

George Benoit N9UGG                        Ed Engleman KG8CX

Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV                  Keith Tonn N9PQV

Kurt Berge K8BKA                             John Nomellini N9APM (Guest)

Bill Peterson KB9URW

Nancy Buchholz KA9UZC