The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                November 2000


The November meeting will take place on Thursday the 9th at 7pm in the
cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee. 

Tentative agenda:
 (a) old business:  spec. event certificates
 (b) new business:  Ham of the Year nomination form, appoint ballot
committee, look ahead to Charter banquet (dates, special honors),
repeater news, possibility of winter classes.


It's time to think about the recipient for this year's award.  Bring your nomination form (find it at the end of the newsletter) to the November meeting, or mail to our PO box.  We will appoint two members to sort through the forms prior to the Christmas party, and have a final ballot with the top two or three names for all members to vote on at the Christmas party.  The H.O.T.Y. for 2000 will be publicly revealed at that time.  The plaque will be officially presented to the recipient at our Charter banquet.  Remember to include the reasons for selecting your choice for this year's award.   The following members have been previously honored as Ham of the Year: Noel, K8NB 1994:  Ed, KG8CX 1995;  Jim, AA9PB 1996;  Jim, KC8DOA 1997; Paul, WC9E 1998;  Jim, K8IR 1999.


A reminder that the Christmas Party will be held on Thursday December 14th at Schusslers.  A reservation form is included in this issue of the Ground Wave.  Please return it by December 8th.


The first monthly fish fry this season was held at the Heritage Inn in McAllister, and according to all reports was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  There were 17 in attendance, including Jim Smith, W4IJR of Dykesville and his wife.  The fish, especially the (all you could eat) cod at $5.80 was delicious.  Service was outstanding.  We were seated promptly at 6:30pm, and food served immediately.  Of course having reservations with food choice was a major factor.  Perhaps we should follow this procedure at all our fish fries.  We will definitely return there at some future date.  Where will our November fish fry be?  Any ideas? Or volunteers to set one up?  Stay tuned to the Sunday net, or come to the meeting for further information.


On Saturday October 21st, Paul invited all club members and other friends out to
his very comfortable retreat off Harbor Rd, outside of Peshtigo. Burgers, brats, salads, and desserts were served, along with the usual camaraderie.  Those who were unable to attend missed out on a very nice time.  Thanks to Paul for setting everything up.


Mark Sunday, November 5th, and take a short drive down to Kaukauna for the
annual Fox Cities ARC swapfest.  It will be held at the Starlight Club, at the corner of Hwy 55 and Co. Rd. JJ about 1 mile north of the old dog track.  The event opens at 8am, and over $1000 in door prizes will be given away, with many vendors and flea market tables available.  Check out their web page


We have had several questions of ham classes being available again this year.  Whether we do or not depends on availability of instructors and a location to hold them.  Let us know if you are interested in helping.   Is there any interest in having a test session sometime in the next few months? Anyone who needs to take the 5 wpm code element, upgrade, or know of someone who would like to test for their initial license, should contact one of the club officers so we have some idea if it's feasible to run a test session. 


Congratulations to the following Wedding anniversary:  Tom & Linda
Hellem, Nov.26.
Birthday people are:  5th, Rose Mary Edquist; Sally Mans;  7th, Kurt
Berge; 10th, Keith Tonn; 18th Diane Mans;  24th Carolyn Johnson.  Best
wishes to all.


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.


The October 12, 2000 meeting was called to order by President K8IR Jim at 7:05 pm.

The Treasurer's report shows a balance of $330.36 in the checking account and $333.44 in the savings account for total assets of $663.80. Contributions to the antenna fund to date is $812.00. Motion made by Arde KA9WAR and seconded by Larry N9OSF to approve the Treasurer's report. All in favor.

The Secretary's minutes for the September 14, 2000 meeting were published in the October issue of the Groundwave. Motion made by Lynne N8OSK and seconded by Tom N8LHB to approve the Minutes as printed. All in favor

Ed received correspondence from Noel K8NB for our yearly renewal for the UPARRA. Membership dues is $5.00. Motion made by George N9UGG and seconded by Kurt K8BKA to have the Treasurer strike a check for $5.00 made out to the UPARRA. All in favor. The 444 repeater is ready to be installed at the site and Jim KC8DOA will be climbing up the tower to install the antenna at the 200 foot level. A ground crew will help with the installation and any volunteer help will be appreciated. Noel reported that many of the old parts for the 444.075 repeater are used on the Mastr II repeater. In the e-mail Noel proposed the club get full ownership of the new repeater and he would get the left over pieces of the old one and use it as he would see fit. Motion made by Dwight W9YQ and seconded by Keith N9PQV to approve this trade. All in favor

Ed reported that Paul WC9E will be having a get together at his deer camp on October 21 Saturday and everyone is invited there. Time will be 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Food and refreshments will be served.

Other correspondence received by Ed was from W9LVN relating to selling name tag products

October 28 is hamfest in St Paul, MN. Ed also received correspondence from Infolink stating they are in need of volunteers to help out This is located in the old radio shack store.

Ed reported that the Sunday evening net has been averaging 20 checkins.


For the special event station held in September 120 Q's and so far the club has received 22 requests for certificates-QSL cards. Jim K8IR reported that the club will use same certificate and QSL card as last year with the change of information. Jim remarked thanks to all who helped with the special event station.


N9JFC is looking for help to put up the antenna at the high school either on Saturday or after school is out on a weekday A time needs to be set up with N9JCL and persons to help set up the antenna

Ed reported about W8HKY will be 100 in February and some recognition should be made by the club and other sources for this celebration.

The next fishfry is October 21 and deadline for reservations is October 13

The Door County Good Morning Net  used the 147.000 for about two weeks while their repeater was down from a lightning strike and is now back on the air with full strength signal. They all thank the 147.000 repeater and reported if ours is down to please use the 147.210 if needed. The 146.730 repeater is now on the air with a good signal. Ed reminded everyone that JOTA weekend is October 21-22. Ed reported the Christmas Party will be on December 14 and cost will be $12.00 at Schusslers in Peshtigo. Information will be in the November Groundwave.

Arde KA9WAR reported that Jeff N9PQU passed the test and is now a card checker.

Motion made by Don N9GRK and seconded by Dave KB9WBP to adjourn. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm by K8IR.

Gary W Luthardt  KG9AD, Secretary

Persons attending meeting:

Arde Nelson   KA9WAR                   Tom Rynish   N8LHB
Don Conant   N9GRK                        George Benoit  N9UGG
David Cunningham   KB9WBP           Dwight Bosselman   W9YQ
Bob Johnson   AA8UT                       Ed Engleman   KG8CX
Larry Buchholz   N9OSF                    Jim Callow   K8IR 
Kurt Berge   K8BKA                         Lynne Rynish   N8OSK
Keith Tonn   N9PQV                         Gary Luthardt   KG9AD
Renelle Schaffer   KB9WKD


2000 Ham of the Year nomination form:

I nominate ___________________ Call_____ for Ham of the Year, for the following reasons: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Bring to the Nov. meeting, or mail to M&M ARC, P.O. Box 1082, Marinette, WI 54143 by Nov. 7



DATE:  Thurs. Dec. 14, 2000
PLACE: Schusslers in Peshtigo, Hwy B east
TIME: Cocktails/QRM: 6pm...Dinner 7pm
MENU: Chicken/Tenderloin Tips, family style, coffee, milk, tea included
COST: $12 per person, tax/tip included
Make checks payable to "M&M ARC"
Mail: M&M ARC P.O.B. 1082 Marinette, WI 54143
All reservations MUST be in by Dec. 8
Please adhere to this date...No refunds!

Name____________________  Call___________
No. attending____________ Amt. enclosed $_____