The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                 May 2000 



Plan on attending the next club meeting on Thursday May 11, at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  All current and prospective hams are invited to attend.  We will be looking at the antenna project and putting in an order for a specific model shortly.  Donations are growing weekly, and are still appreciated.  Also on the agenda will be a review of the Michigan QSO party, planning for Field Day 2000, summer event run-down, Special event station, VE test results,  among other topics.
See you all there.


We are saddened to hear of the passing of William (Doc) Fluegge recently in Arizona.  Doc was a long time active ham and member of the local club and volunteer examiner for many years.  Many of us remember Doc in the testing sessions supervising the code  portion.  He probably gave many of
us the CW portion of our exams. A memorial graveside service was held at the Peshtigo Cemetery  on May 6. Our condolences go out to his family.


We have applied for and received our call for the special event station planned for Sept. 16 in conjunction with the Fall Fling (cornroast/swapfest/camp-out)  It is W9M, and except for the number is the
same as last year's call.  We will be operating the station in observance of the club's 50th year, and the letters "M - M" which signify the year "2000" in Roman numerals, as well as Marinette, Menominee.  We may call this year's event the "M&M ARC 50th Year Millinium Station" Notices will be sent soon to the popular ham magazines.  Hopfully we can secure Green's Acres again this year for the site.  More later.


Our last test session was held on April. 18th at WPS building in Menominee. Ten persons were examined.  Congratulations to the following successful candidates and license earned....Renelle Schaffer, Technician;  Sean Nelson, Technician;  Bob Jarnutowski W9AMZ, paper upgrade to General and written Extra;  Al, KG9BI paper upgrade to Extra;  Terry, N9JFC paper upgrade to General;  Ken Exworthy, N0AWM paper upgrade to General;  and Jim, KC8DOA written General. We may have another test session later this summer to accommodate others wanting to upgrade or get into the hobby.



Over 20 members attended the severe weather training session/meeting in April.  Much valuable information was presented by Bob, N9LXM, from the NOAA weather bureau. A regular club meeting was held following.


The NEWRL which owns the 147.270 repeater has disbanded, but re-emerged as the "Packerland Area Skywarn Society" (PASS).  They have a new repeater at a much better location, and will conduct their nets on the 1st and 3rd Tues. of each month.  When ever a severe weather situation occurs, one of their members (probably Andy, KB9ALN, or Scott, KB9AMM) staffs the amateur station at the Green Bay weather bureau, and opens up the SKywarn net, which serves approximately 15 counties in NE Wisconsin. This is the net that we communicate with in reporting weather conditions.  Support their net if you can.


The movie 'Frequency' which opened April 28th, includes among its "stars", amateur radio.  It seems to be a good thing , as it will expose thousands to the hobby of ham radio.  More information on the movie and many viewer comments can be gotten from the KG8CX/M&M ARC website.

 Just click on "Frequency".  Let us know your reaction to the film.  Send comments to the editor at and we may print some of them in the June newsletter.

Your editor, K8IR, and Joey checked out the movie the day after it opened.  As an old Heathkit owner, I enjoyed seeing a rig that glows on the inside again.  The film has an interesting sci-fi  plot, together with a theme that will bring a tear to the eye of all dads and sons.

Ed, KG8CX, delivered 100 "Make A Personal Connection" Kenwood booklets to Pine Tree Mall Theatre which were made available to patrons who saw the movie.  He stamped them with our club
name on the back.  Another great opportunity for us locally to spread the "gospel". 


The M&M Amateur Radio Club was featured in another article in the Eagle-Herald on April 25th.  The page two article concerned the 50th anniversary of the Club, and gave us another chance to “sell” amateur radio.  A good article, except for the reporter failing to list  KG9AD as the club secretary, an oversight taken care of  by the paper the next day. Sorry about that, Gary.  K8IR reports receiving inquiries from both interested newcomers and former members as a direct result of the article. Thanks again to Lynne, N8OSK for working on the club publicity, which has resulted in an abundance of coverage in the local media in the past several months.



Only a few weeks away now....the largest amateur radio convention, flea market, vendor display, forum lineup in the world.  May 19, 20, 21 are the dates at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio.  This year the ARRL national convention will also be held at the same time, and it promises to be one gigantic event.  Several local hams are planning to make the pilgrimage to Dayton, including, WC9E, KG8CX, K8IR, KG9AD, KB9NNV, W9YQ, KB9SPL, and possibly a few more.  Watch the KG8CX website for photos shortly after the 21st. Will Nate, KB9NNV, luck out and garner a major prize again?  You'll all find out on the May 21st net, along with other inside info on what went on at Dayton.



Ed, KG8CX, wishes to express thanks to all of you who have made our Sunday evening net such a success.  We have been consistently getting 20 and more hams checking in each week.  We get responses from Green Bay, Kewaunee, Gillett, Door county, Escanaba, as well as our local tri-city/county area.  In addition to club news updates, listening to the net also brings member comments, and the latest in amateur radio news from the ARRL, and sometimes the RAIN report .  Thanks for the support. If you have not checked in lately, please do so.  An "in and out" check in is fine if you do not wish to comment.


The following are celebrating their special days this month:
 Birthdays-- 1, Arlene Berge; 2, RuthAnn Greffin;  6, Jim Callow; Marge Schrader;  10, Andrew Buchholz;  11, Nancy Zeratsky; 29, Larry Campbell;  30, Jim Armstrong;  30, Andrew Janssen
 Anniversaries-- 29, Paul & Maxine Drees;  30, Noel & Lisa Beardsley.
Congratulations to all, Enjoy your special day!


For your convenience, we are including an updated roster of club members in this issue.  The roster is also available on Ed’s Club Web Site



Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for providing the printing of the hard copy version of  The Groundwave.




The April 13, 2000 was called to order at 8:00pm by President Jim K8IR. Prior to the meeting a weather spotters class was held by Robert Sanders from Green Bay. Jim introduced David Cunningham KB9WBP and Randy Zandt. Both are students of the amateur radio classes. Dave got his tech with code in Milwaukee WI on April 8.


The minutes were in the Groundwave for the March meeting and were approved. Motion by George N9UGG  seconded by Jim KC8DOA all in favor.


N8OSK reported in the checking account balance of $58.32 and savings account $583.49 for total assets of $641.81. Jim K8IR presented two bills for payment overhead projector rent and postage for mailing the Groundwave. Motion made by Jim AA9PB and seconded by George N9UGG all in favor.


A letter was received from Paul Brennan WA9SKK thanking the club for the lifetime membership and recognition plaque. He also thanked Lynne N8OSK for all the historical research for the booklet


Ed reported that the net on Sunday has been in the twenties for checkins and is doing extremely well.



 Jim reported the license classes have ended and testing will be on April 18 at Wisconsin Public Service Building in Menominee. Registration at 5:30pm  and testing at 6:00pm. Any student from the class who receives a amateur radio license will receive a free 6 month membership in the club.


 Michigan QSO Party is coming up on Saturday.


Special event station this year using MM year 2000 and apply for W9M September 16. At Green's campground.


Jim AA9PB reported that Jim KC8DOA donated a 386 laptop computer to the club which will be used for logging on field day and other special events. The club thanks Jim for his donation.


A motion was made by AA9PB to adjourn and seconded by Bob AA9GZ all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:23pm.


Submitted by Gary W. Luthardt KG9AD, Secretary


Persons in attendance at the meeting:

Gary Luthardt  KG9AD
Arde Nelson  KA9WAR
Keith Tonn  N9PQV
Randy Zandt
David Cunningham  KB9WBP
William Peterson  KB9URW
Eric Janssen  KG9GH

Cheryl Janssen  KB9NTN
Bob Schrader  AA9GZ
Jim Mans  AA9PB
Jeff Rymer  N9PQU
Renelle Schaffer
Cole Haskell  KB9SPL
Jim Swanson  KC8DOA
Tom Rynish  N8LHB
George Benoit  N9UGG
Jim Callow  K8IR
Ed Engleman  KG8CX
Lynne Rynish  N8OSK
Nathan Luthardt  KB9NNV
Robert Sanders  N9LXM   

M&M ARC ROSTER  (As of 5/7/00)

*Jim Armstrong, KB8PCQ, Menominee, MI
* Dave Arnold, W8DXX, Menominee,MI/Joliet, IL
*Noel Beardsley, K8NB, Stephenson, MI (ve)
*George Benoit, N9UGG, Peshtigo, WI
*Kurt Berge, K8BKA, Menominee, MI (LM)
*Mark Boesen, N9YKT, Marinette, WI
*Dwight Bosselman, W9YQ, Oconto, WI (ve)
*Paul Brennan, WA9SKK. Marinette, WI (LM)
*Larry Buchholz, N9OSF, Gillett, WI (F)
*Nancy Buchholz, KA9UZC, Gillett, WI (F)
*Andy Buchholz, KB9LMO, Gillett, WI (F)
*Jim Callow, K8IR, Menominee, MI
*Larry Campbell, WA8LRU, Menominee, MI
*Dave Christenson, KA9ZRR, Daggett, MI
*Dave Cunningham, KB9WBP, Stiles, WI
*Terry Dobrzenski, N9JFC, Menominee, MI
*Paul Drees, WC9E, Marinette, WI (ve)
*John Edquist, W8NZV, Menominee, MI (LM)
*Marty Eggener, KB9NNW, West Allis, WI
*Edward Engleman, KG8CX, Menominee, MI (ve)
*Connie Fletcher, KB8VQR, Menominee, MI
*Scott Francois, W9SF, Marinette, WI (ve)
*Ken Greffin, WA9JTU, Porterfield, WI
*Allan Grenier, N9QAA, Marinette, WI
*Cole Haskell, KB9SPL, Marinette, WI (F)
*Lisa Haskell, no call, Marinette, WI (F)
*Steven Haskell, no call, Marinette, WI (F)
*Tom Hellem, K0SN, Porterfield, WI
*Tom Horvath, WD8OSE, Popular Grove, IL
*Eric Janssen, KG9GH, Marinette, WI
*Robert Johnson, AA8UT, Menominee, MI (LM)
*Gary Luthardt, KG9AD, Marinette, WI (ve) (F)
*Nathan Luthardt, KB9NNV, Marinette, WI (F)
*Allen Mans, KG9BI, Marinette, WI
*Jim Mans, AA9PB, Porterfield, WI (ve)
* Jim Morrison, N8YWA, Menominee, MI
*Arde Nelson KA9WAR, Peshtigo, WI
*Dan Nyman, NT9B, Crivitz, WI (ve)
*Robert Osier, AA9IB, Marinette, WI (ve)
*Lou Parkansky, W2PY, Marinette, WI (ve)
*William Peterson, KB9URW, Pembine, WI
*Jeff Rymer, N9PQU. Pound, WI (ve) (F)
*Mary Rymer, KB9TPC. Pound, WI (F)
*Lynne Rynish, N8OSK, Menominee, MI (F)
*Tom Rynish, N8LHB, Menominee, MI (F)
*Renelle Schaffer, Marinette Co. Emer. Govt.
*Robert Schrader, AA9GZ, Marinette, WI (ve)
*Michael Schultz, KB9NGF, Marinette, WI
*Shannon Sievert, KB9GLB. Pearl, MS
*Howard Sorenson, W8ZPU, Menominee, MI (LM)
*Dottie Staffeldt, WB9NCT, Porterfield, WI
*Jim Swanson, KC8DOA, Menominee, MI
*Keith Tonn, N9PQV, Peshtigo, WI
*Tom Zeratsky, K8ICO, Menominee, MI

License classes:
No call=3; Technician=11; Tech w 5wpm=9;
General=8; Advanced=8; Extra=17;
(F)= family (ve)=vol.examiner (LM)=life member-