The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

The MMARC Newsletter                                                May 1999 



Please take note that our May meeting will take place on FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 5:30pm at McGuires corner of Hwy 180 and Co. G, about 5 miles out of Marinette. As noted above, it will be a combined fish-fry/meeting. Lynne, N8OSK, is in charge, so contact her if you plan on attending. Do so by Mon. April 26, if you have not already indicated your intention. Her phone is 863-3573. We have decided to hold the May meeting earlier, because of the large number of members who will be gone to Dayton, on May 13, when our regular meeting would be held. We will resume our regular meeting date in June.


Because of the resignation of Cole, KB9SPL, we are looking for someone to take over the duties of "Ground Wave" editor. We would need someone with e-mail capabilities, as news items are transmitted to the editor that way. Also, the editor would be responsible for formatting the news, running off copies, and the mailing. We need to continue this long standing tradition, and keep everyone informed of matters important to the membership and amateur radio in general. If you have the time, and are willing to put out a little effort to help out the club, let
Jim, K8IR, or Ed, KG8CX know. We would appreciate knowing that the newsletter won't miss an issue because of lack of an editor. Thanks to Cole for doing the last two issues. because of the press of his academic and work commitments, he was unable to continue in that capacity. The membership appreciates the time and effort you put into those issues. 


It appears as if we may have a combined competition/fun type Field Day event this year, in one general location. Each station would have its own rig(s) and antennas, and would be separated by a reasonable distance so as to not cause interference. Each station would operate on a
different band at any given time, with 2 meters probably being the method of notifying the other station of a band change. The competion station would operate 24 hours, but the "fun" station
would probably only run daylight hours. This would give everyone a chance to get together and visit each station. We are hoping to use the K0SN "ranch" for this event. Accessibility would be no problem. More on this in the June newsletter and on our weekly Sunday nets.


Our special event station, W8M, will operate on Sat. SEPT. 18, from Green Acres campground. We plan on combining it with our annual corn roast/picnic/camp-out which would run Sat. and Sun. Jim, AA9PB, will again coordinate our annual fall family event, with the addition of having a special event station running on that Saturday. Sounds like a fun type weekend. Accessibility would be easy for the special event station, which was one of our goals. The Eagle-Herald, and other papers would have a write up of our 50th year, and the station, which hopefully may attract some people to check us out. Stay tuned for further updates.


As many of us know, the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth, have been cracking down on all sorts of radio operating irregularities lately. They are especially tough on those who mis-use the service by using profane, indecent language, interfering with communications, and those who have obtained their tickets by less than proper behavior at exam sessions, among other things. Licenses have been pulled and fines issued. We must remember that others are listening to us including young children, and their impression of our beloved hobby may be colored by what they hear on the air. Every amateur operator must remember to use proper on air etiquette, and convey the impression of a service/hobby that is a respectable and enjoyable one. We need and want more good ham operators, especially young people to carry on our proud tradition. What is heard on our bands will go a long way in determining the future of amateur radio.


The following people are celebrating birthdays in May. Arlene Berge, 5/1; Ruth Ann Greffin, 5/2; Jim Callow, 5/6; Margie Schrader, 5/6;
Andrew Buccholz, 5/10; Nancy Zeratsky, 5/11; Larry Campbell, 5/29; Jim Armstrong, 5/30; Andrew Janssen, 5/30. These couples are celebrating anniversaries: Paul and Maxine Drees on 5/19, and Noel and Lisa Beardsley on 5/30. Congratulations and best wishes to all of these
fine people.


Paul reached this special amateur radio milestone recently. He had his cards checked and verified at the last NEWDXA meeting. Way to go. Who will be our next DXCC person?


The meeting for April 8th was called to order by President Jim Callow at 7:04 P.M. in the basement of the Menominee BAMC cafeteria facility. New members were checked, and there were none. The Secretary's report had to be read aloud, due to the fact the newsletter was not out at the time. Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurers report -- The checking account beginning balance was $205.16, with disbursements of $48.19 to Cole Haskell for postage. $32.00 for Paul Drees's ARRL renewal. Deposit -- ARRL renewal for Paul Drees -- $34.00. Balance in checking: $158.47. Savings account beginning balance: $559.99 interest accrued: $3.50. Balance in savings: 563.49. Total assets: $721.96.. Correspondence.. no correspondence.. Repeater report -- Problem with 440
repeater, with people getting into it. 147 is working fine until its windy then there’s a lot of static..

Net report -- Averaging between 16-20 checkins..

Old Business:
Fish fry report.. had a good turn out for March edition at the Brass Lantern, we are looking to do one again this month, having a day, a coordinator, and a location.. Perhaps Maguires, on April 30th, where a meeting will also be held. Special event station will be at Greens
Green Acres -- Sept 18th 1999. Date/info in on magazines by July 1st.
Dayton group.. Anyone wanting a new repeater directory, name badge, small item, specific literature, let anyone going know.

Wis QSO party went well...

Weather spotters class report given, on how everything went... remember to keep tuned to 147 repeater in event of severe weather.. backup is 147.33, 146.685, or simplex.

Other old business?? Again, meeting for May will be April 30th at the fish fry. Any other old business.. Michigan QSO party was next weekend, shortened down to twelve hours.

New Business:
We need a new newsletter editor, Cole doesn't have the time to do the newsletter.

Field Day plans... Don't know what we'll be doing yet as a club...

ARRL memberships.. need to get our annual report in quickly. Do we have enough to qualify for an ARRL club? we need 51% to be ARRL members...

NEWDXA report meeting at Railhouse..

Wisconsin Amateur Radio Awarness Day/Week is April 22... The day is also falling on the same as Tornado Awareness Day.

Are we doing anything also to promote amateur radio in the area? Even in our conversations on the repeater as many non hams do listen to us. Give them an impression of a first class
radio service/hobby...

Other new business? Gary, KG9AD brought up the fact of the usage of what may be deemed as vulgar language on the repeater, because even a CB'er came up and asked about the rules and regulations the ARRL and FCC set forth on the use of language on the air...

Meeting was adjourned at 8:01 P.M... And as a reminder, meeting will be
April 30th during  the fish fry

Submitted by Nathan, KB9NNV

Members in attendance of the April 8th 1999 meeting..

Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV
Paul R Drees WC9E
Dwight Bosselman W9YQ
Jeff Rymer N9PQU
Gary Luthardt KG9AD
Jim Mans AA9PB
George Benoit N9UGG
Cole Haskell KB9SPL
Arde Nelson KA9WAR
Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Jim Callow K8IR
Ed Engleman KG8CX