The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
Web Page:
President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                June 2001


Our meeting this month will take place on June 14th, 7pm at Henes Park in Menominee.  Our first choice will be the new pavilion by the deer pens, the site of previous club picnics, but since we’ll be taking our chances without a reservation, we may end up at one of the other pavilions, or in a picnic area.  Some members will head out early to fire up a grill, and you are invited to bring your supper.  The club will provide some soda, but other than that, you are on your own for food and plates, napkins, etc. We should have the grill going by 6, or a little before, so come out and join us for a pre-meeting picnic.  We do want to get started with the business meeting promptly at 7pm, since we must be out of the park by nightfall. 

On the agenda tentatively .....
  *  444 repeater status
  *  Field Day update 
  *  Special event station discussion
  *  Lighthouse Special Event Station
  *  August picnic overview
  *  September corn roast
  *  Dayton review
  *  return to hospital meeting quarters

We will be monitoring 147.000 for those needing directions!



There has been much discussion among members during the past couple of weeks on getting the 444 repeater back on the air.  There is considerable  support for installing it back at the Menominee hospital location.  We’ll have a full discussion at the June 14th meeting, and make a decision on which way to go.


FIELD DAY 2001...

Due to last year’s success, W9YQ has again graciously offered the use of his QTH for our Field Day event.  It will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 23/24 at Dwight’s beautiful Oconto County location.

Here are the directions to W9YQ's QTH:

Take US-141 south from Stiles to Timberline Road (comes off at an angle).  After crossing a set of RR tracks, Timberline veers to the left.  Veer left as well and West Slope Road is approx. 2.3 mi. in, and the 2nd road to the right after you veer left.  Signs will be placed in strategic spots. The approximate mileage from the M&M area is 35 miles.

The Field Day period is 1pm Saturday to 1pm Sunday.  We’ll probably have a setup similar to last year’s with three stations, giving everyone an ample opportunity to operate.  We especially invite the new licensees to come out and experience one of Amateur Radio’s finest traditions.  It’s a great place for operators of any class license to get a taste of HF operating.  Last year we had an excellent turnout, and we hope all club members will have a chance to stop in sometime during the weekend.



A total of ten club members made the annual pilgrimage to Dayton, Ohio. Despite a pouring rain on Friday, all had a great time.  The shuttle bus situation left something to be desired, but it was a minor inconvenience


Lining up for the shuttle at the end of the day

No one can come back from Dayton empty-handed.  Jim, K8IR, picked up a new Icom 706 at a price that he couldn’t pass up....Jeff, N9PQU, latched on to a new 1200 watt amplifier.  He should now be heard to the four corners of the Earth easily....Ed, KG8CX, came back with a new Alinco DJ-196 HT at an unbeatable price....Dave, NS9R, picked up an Icom 2100 for XYL Vicky, KB9ZKQ,…Gary, KG9AD, came home with a new scanner…and Paul, WC9E picked  up a new logging program.  Many of the local crew sat in on former MMARC member Tom Harrell, N4XP’s Kingman Reef  DX-pedition program, which was excellent.  The “Survivor” TV series should include these guys and one gal.  It made you appreciate what they went through to get a rare DX entity to the masses.  Both Ed and Jeff purchased the video, so expect to see it at a future meeting.



Amateur radio is mentioned in the summer guide "Mouth of the River", just out in all area businesses.  We are
listed under June events for Field Day.  Pick up a's a handy reference to summer events in the area.



Marinette County EC Jeff, N9PQU received an email from Bill Niemuth, KB9ENO,  EC for Outagamie County.   Bill is working with the folks who coordinate the third annual Mid-America Xtreme Adventure Race. See the link below for details on this unusual event.:

The Outagamie County hams will be coordinating the communications during this years race, and are looking for some additional help.  They will be staying at White Water Rapids ranch on the Peshtigo River where the race departs.  Most of the race is in Oconto County in the Nicolet National Forest, but part is in Marinette county.  The race begins about 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 21 and lasts until about 3:00 p.m. the same day.  They already have about 12 volunteers.  They will split communications into two shifts and probably need a total of 15 to 20 operators to do a good job.  They will  use the 145.470 repeater, but also have the opportunity to place a repeater atop Mount McCastlin. Camping at the ranch will be free and there are several meals and a T-shirt for volunteers.  The hams will provide both emergency and logistical communications and it promises to be an exciting event.  We’ll bring this up at the June meeting, and see if there are any members interesting in working on this event.



Ed, KG8CX reports that Don Michalski, W9IXG, the Wisconsin ARRL Section manager will be  here on August 4th, to pass out ARRL literature at our special event tent at the Menominee Waterfront Festival.



Eric, KG9GH, found this circuit for a grid dipper accessory for MFJ antenna analyzers. It is very easy to build and very inexpensive. Check out:

Since there are a few MFJ Antenna analyzers owned by people in our club, he thought we should pass this along.



Tribander beam and tower with rotor. 5 element tribander beam with rotor and control. 40 foot tower with clamps and guy wires. Buyer to disassemble. Can be seen at former WD8ANB residence at 609 Spruce Street, Tamarack City. (Hubbell, MI) $250 or best offer. Call: (906) 296-0198 only if serious.


Jeff , N9PQU is looking for any radio or test equipment that you may want to sell. You can call him at 920-897-4561, or email him at



Congratulations to George and Barb Benoit on their June 19th anniversary, and to Larry and Nancy Buchholz on their June 20th anniversary.
Birthdays celebrated in June are:   Larry N9OSF, 10th...Tom, K0SN, 26th...Al KG9BI, 27th.  All of you enjoy your special days.



Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.

Thanks to Jim, KC8DOA for hosting the W8PIF Repeater on his tower.




The meeting for May 10, 2001 was called to order by President Jim K8IR at 7:03 pm at the location of W8HKY. A thank you was given to Mike for providing the use of the room. Everyone at the meeting introduced themselves.

Lynne N8OSK presented the Treasurer's report for April and May 2001. For the April report checking balance of $239.72 for savings $340.27 total assets $579.99. For the May 10 report checking balance of $192.72 and a savings balance of $340.27 total assets of $532.99.

With no official meetings being held there are no minutes to report by Gary KG9AD Secretary.


Ed KG8CX reported that Noel K8NB worked on the 147.000 repeater and did turn down the level of the K. Noel reported that his last conversation with Jim KC8DOA the 440 repeater antenna would be going up in the near future and have not talked to him this week.

Jeff N9PQU could not make it to the meeting tonight and is the ARRL EC for Marinette County. He is going to start a ARES group in Marinette County and will   hold a meeting on the 147.000 repeater Wednesday night May 23 at 7:00 pm.

Lynne N8OSK will be the EC for Menominee County and is in process. Each EC will send in their own reports.

Jim K8IR reported about the ARRL insurance and what coverage is available to members for their equipment. Check this out on the ARRL website.

Jim K8IR reported his state appointment representative for Menominee county for local Emergency Planning Committee for the amateur radio club.



Paul WC9E reported that for the April 21 testing there were six candidates for testing and all six did get their Technician License. He also reported that Father Ron did pass the theory test for General License.

A fish fry was held on April 20 with eleven attending the fish fry. The fish fries have been called off until the month of October with all the activites taking place in the future months.

Members of the club took part in both the Wisconsin and the Michigan QSO Parties.

On April 12 a weatherspotting meeting was held in Menominee by the Marquette Weather Bureau close to 30 people there and 13 were club members. A mock tornado drill was held late April with 16 members checking in. On April 23 an actual Skywarn callup with 10 members calling in.

Eric KG9GH reported on the weatherspotting meeting held on April 20 for Marinette county reporting  15 nonamateur radio operators at the meeting plus a few hams there.



Letters were passed out concerning the operation of radio equipment that does receive  police frequencies in the state of Michigan. Anyone with a bona fide amateur radio license of  technician or higher issued by the FCC does have the privilage of operating a radio to monitor police frequencies in the mobile along with a copy of your ham license. Does not apply to Wisconsin as there are no laws on this.

Field Day is June 23 and 24 this year and will be held at Dwight's W9YQ location.

The special event station is set for August 4 operating 11:00 am to 4:00 pm local time for the National Lighthouse Weekend at Menominee. The information will be in QST and CQ magazines. The information should be in the August issue. The event will be held at the Menominee Waterfront Festival.

A motion was made by Paul WC9E to have the club purchase six copies of Now You Are Talking with a message stating this book donated by the M&M ARC Club seconded by Tom N8LHB. All in favor. Six copies for $89.70 will be given to the three high schools and the three libraries.

The June 14, 2001 meeting will be held at Henes Park in Menominee with some arriving at 6:00 pm setting up for those who are eating before the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm by Jim K8IR with coffee, refreshments, and doughnuts provided by Mr and Mrs Michael Anuta. thank you

Present at the meeting:

Michael Anuta   W8HKY
Marianne Anuta
Gary Luthardt   KG9AD
Ed Engleman   KG8CX
Lynne Rynish   N8OSK
Paul Drees   WC9E
Jim Callow   K8IR
Eric Janssen   KG9GH
Scott Jarmusch   KA8TFF
Randy Zandt   KB9ZES
Bill Peterson   KB9URW

Keith Tonn   N9PQV
Louis Parkansky   AA9JH
George Benoit   N9UGG
Dwight Bosselman   W9YQ
Nathan Luthardt   KB9NN
Don Conant   N9GRK
Tom Rynish   N8LHB