The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                June 2000


Field Day 2000 plans were firmed up at the June 8th club meeting, and  Dwight, W9YQ, has volunteered to be our gracious host at his Oconto County QTH.

We had been planning to return to K0SN's QTH again this year, and run separate BAWA and MMARC stations, but Tom has out of town commitments on Field Day weekend, and with the limited availability of some other operators, we decided to change locations and run just one entry this year.

We plan to operate in the 2E  (maybe 3E) class...home stations on emergency power.  Two stations will be set up, both capable of phone or CW operation.  A third 10 meter only station could be set up if we have the operators and band conditions warrant.  We'll be using Dwight's regular antennas.  

Dwight sums up the decision to enter in the E class. "It's minimal setup, a bug free, cool environment (my shack in the garage). It will be close to an indoor restroom, refrigeration, charcoal broiler, and a firepit in the yard for enjoyment. I can also put up the pop-up camper for anyone interested in napping in between operating sessions." Sounds like first-class accommodations!  

The club will have some refreshments and food available for operators and visitors.

We'd like to see many of our members and their guests stop out.  It's a great chance for our newer licensees and those not on HF regularly to get introduced to HF operating and contesting, but we hope you'll stop by, even if you don't want to grab a mike. 

Here are the directions to W9YQ's QTH:

Take US-141 south from Stiles to Timberline Road (comes off at an angle).  After crossing a set of RR tracks, Timberline veers to the left.  Veer left as well and West Slope Road is approx. 2.3 mi. in, and the 2nd road to the right after you veer left.  Signs will be placed in strategic spots. The approximate mileage from the M&M area is 35 miles.

There will be a talk-in on 146.55.

Field Day begins at 1pm Saturday June 24th and runs for 24 hours. 

Hope to CU there!


Just after going to press we finally received the news that the call signs came through for the two newest area amateurs. Please congratulate Renelle Schaffer, KB9WKD, and Sean Nelson, KC8OQT, who passed their tests back in April. We hope to hear them on the air soon! 


Plan on attending the monthly meeting of your club Thursday June 8, 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee, next to KFC. Agenda items include...
   (a) Field day activities, location, times
   (b) Special event station update
   (c) status of repeater antenna
   (d) New and upgrade license status
   (e) Dayton 2000 report
   (f) August picnic update
   (g) Summer social events
   (h) Emergency Government exercises
   (i) Other items proposed by officers/membership


We particularly need your attendance at the June meeting to find out who is planning on helping out and/or operating on Field Day.  We are again planning to operate from K0SN’s QTH.  Field Day starts at 1pm Saturday, June 24th, and runs for 24 hours.  Due to some other commitments, some BAWA members may not be able to devote as much time this year, so we may be doing just one station this year.  Once we have an idea on how many operators we have, we can decide how many stations and transmitters we should set up.


The M&M Radio Club was well represented at Dayton this year.  Eight
attended including, K8IR, KG8CX, KG9AD, KB9NNV, W9YQ, KB9SPL, WC9E, W8DXX, as well as AE1W, the grandpa of KB9SPL, who made the journey from Marinette to Dayton via motor home, on his way back to Maine.
A great time was had by all.  According to preliminary reports attendance topped the 30,000 mark.  Sore feet and tired muscles were the order of the day, but all said it was well worth it.  Many already plan on making a return visit in 2001, and bringing a few new attendees with them.  Check out the club web page for photos on the hamvention.


Congratulation to our members for a superb showing in this year’s event.  The BAWA Club Station, N9KI, operating from Oconto and Langlade Counties set a new record in the Multi-Operator Mobile Class as they took first place with 100,935 points, almost doubling the second place entry in that category. Operators were AA9PB, K0SN, and KG9GH.  BAWA placed 7th in club scores, with N9PQU, KA9WAR, K8IR, and KG8CX also contributing to the effort from their home stations.

Dwight, W9YQ entered under the M&M Amateur Radio Club banner and placed 5th in the Single-OP mobile division. Dwight amassed 52,000 points with 343 QSO’s from 19 Counties…all on CW, and while logging by hand and doing all the driving himself!   How does he do it?


We welcome back into club membership Michael J. Anuta, W8HKY.  Mike is a past member of our club, as well as the Civil Air Patrol, but has been inactive in amateur radio since selling his equipment when he moved off his farm on Highway 577 15 years ago.   Mike, celebrating his 100th year, and his wife,  Marianne now reside in the Northland Terrace apartments.  He saw the recent article in the Eagle-Herald about the club’s 50th anniversary, and wrote a letter asking how he could rejoin.  He’s also hoping to acquire a two-meter handheld so he could be active on the 2 meter repeater.  Many of us remember Mike as an attorney, but did you know he was a Professional Telegraph operator in the 1920’s, first with Western Union, and later with the Milwaukee Railroad, before he passed his bar exam? It’s an honor to have him back on our membership list. 


M&M ARC will be taking part in two exercises this month, in conjunction with WPS and Marinette County Emergency Government.  They are both simulated dam break scenarios, and associated flooding conditions.  The first is a tabletop exercise on June 6, and the second is the actual simulation on June 20.  Lynne, N8OSK, and Ed, KG8CX will represent the club at both of these events.  Of course, Renelle Schaffer, Marinette County Emergency Government Director, is in direct charge of both.


The Sunday evening net continues to flourish with these check in figures for May:  21, 17, 20, and16. Your check-in support is appreciated, Keep it going.   It shows the non-ham and ham population alike listening in, the amount of amateur activity in the area.  Net control, KG8CX, is always looking for new people to check in, so if you have yet to taste net life, or have not checked in lately, do so soon.


 Congratulations to the following members who are celebrating their
special days this month:
Anniversary greetings go to -
  George & Barbara Benoit, 19th
  Larry & Nancy Buccholz, 20th
Birthday greetings go to -
  Larry Buccholz, 10th,  Tom Hellem 26th, Al Mans, 27th


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Groundwave.




The May 11, 2000 meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by K8IR . Jim introduced AE1W Jim Painter a guest at the meeting.

The minutes for the April 13, 2000 meeting were published in the May Groundwave. KG8CX presented the treasurer's report. A balance of $34.12 in the checking account and $583.49 in the savings account for total assets of $617.61. A motion was made by KB9NNV Nathan and seconded by N9PQV Keith to approve both. All in favor


Jim reported he received a letter from Mike Anuta W8HKY that he wants to rejoin the club and is 100 years old. Correspondence was received from Wisconsin Public Service and Marinette Emergency Government on dam emergency exercise dates of  June 6 and 20 if interested.


Ed KG8CX reported for the Sunday Net checkins of 20 to 25.




VE session was held and information is in the May Groundwave. At this time there will be a delay in receiving a call sign and updates because of the backlog. At the present time it will be the end of may or early June before updates will be provided.

A fishfry was held in Peshtigo at the Chop House and the next one is May 19 at the Pullman House. The club call W8PIF was used for the Michigan QSO Party.





The major item of new business is the repeater antenna. Jim KC8DOA reported that the tower will be painted later part of August but also there is a winch on the tower and the antenna could be installed. The best price is around $600.00 plus shipping. It would take four to six weeks to get the antenna. At the present time Ed KG8CX reported there is about $160.00 in donations towards the antenna. Jim KC8DOA suggested a anti sway bar be installed on the antenna that is up there for now. He does have one that can  be put to use in his garage. Club will continue to raise money and ask for donations and will try the anti sway bar on the antenna that is up there.

Field day will be at K0SN's location.

Special event station will be on September 16 with the call of W9M


Motion by Noel K8NB and seconded by Dwight W9YQ to adjourn all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm by K8IR.


Gary W Luthardt  KG9AD, Secretary


Persons attending the meeting:

Gary Luthardt  KG9AD
Ed Engleman  KG8CX
Jim Callow  K8IR
Jim Painter  AE1W
Cole Haskell  KB9SPL
Dave Arnold  W8DXX
John Edquist  W8NZV
Jeff Rymer  N9PQU
Ashly Rymer
George Benoit  N9UGG
Louis Parkansky  W2PY
Dwight Bosselman W9YQ
Nathan Luthardt  KB9NNV
Jim Swanson  KC8DOA
Noel Beardsley  K8NB
Keith Tonn  N9PQV.