The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

The MMARC Newsletter                                                June 1999 


Our next regular meeting is on June 10th, in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee starting at 7pm.  We will finalize Field Day plans, and begin preparations for our special event station.


The summer picnic is scheduled for Sun. Aug. 22 in the new pavilion at Henes Park.  Plan now to attend this 50th session.  Reservation forms and details in the July newsletter.  We will also extend an invitation to our friends in Door county and to all former members of the M&M ARC. Hopefully we'll have a good response for this event.


This year FD will take place at the QTH of Tom Hellem, K0SN.  He is located on Two Mile Road just off  County Trunk W,  going  northwest towards Crivitz.  Both groups, BAWA, and  M&M ARC will be set up there.  Each group will have a separate location so as to minimize QRM.  The BAWA station will be “competitive” and run for the full 24 hours.  Our club station will be the “fun” type social operation, and probably only run daylight hours.  Plenty of cameraderie will exist during this operation, not to mention the proper field day food.  Let us know if you can work the M&M ARC station.  It should be lots of fun.  We will be under cover in case of bad weather. We certainly appreciate K0SN's offer to use his large spread this year.
Thanks Tom!


We will be holding an antenna construction session at the Field Day site on Sunday, June 6.  Both groups  (M&M ARC and BAWA) will be building and testing FD antennas. Following that, a steak/hamburger cookout will be held.  All M&M ARC members who are NOT members of BAWA are asked to bring along their preferred meat and eating utensils.  Remember, the location is at K0SN's QTH on Two Mile Rd, just off county "W".  Watch for the road sign after you turn off Hwy 64 on to "W"  (Several miles on your left coming from Marinette or Peshtigo.)  See you there for yet another of our numerous club social gatherings.


This month the club fish fry was held at "The Barn" in Lena with a number of family members attending.  Thanks to Larry, N9OSF, for making the reservation for us.  We probably will not have one in June, as we already have a steak fry and Field Day scheduled.  It's
possible one will be scheduled for July, but we realize summer is a very busy time for many members, and we may wait until fall.


The 147 repeater works well with excellent range.  The wind static continues to plague us though.  Many members have commented on this problem, which mars an otherwise great sounding system.  However, a solution is not too far off.  We expect to have the problem corrected soon, and have everything back to snuff.  Noel, K8NB is well aware of this and is working to have it corrected.  We also have a good chance of upgrading the 444.075 machine this summer, by moving the antenna to the main tower, and changing to a different repeater with greater power. The present repeater runs at 8 watts out with the antenna at only 80 feet.  At UHF frequencies, height is everything.  So a move to an antenna at even twice the height would make a big difference.  There are many hams in the area with 440 capabilities who would probably make use of a system that had decent range.  More on this in future newsletters.


The following made the trek to Dayton, Ohio recently:  KG8CX, KG9AD, KB9NNV, KB9SPL, N9PQU, K0SN, and WC9E.  While there we also met with Tom, N4XP.  Also joining us were Jim Painter, AE1W, Cole's grandfather, and Joanne, his grandmother.  They had their mobile home at Dayton for the week.  It was great to have Jim and Joanne join us. They are some nice folks.   Weather was good, no rain and moderate temperatures. Three of the group made a rather unique purchase....the tiny Alinco credit card sized 2 meter HT.  You must see it to believe the size.  It was on sale at the AES booth for $39.95.  What a bargain! It only puts out 1/3 watt, but enough to get into the repeater and to use simplex for several miles.  Ask KB9NNV about his "prize acquistion". Talk about luck.  KB9SPL picked up two 2 meter HT's, so he should be heard now on a regular basis.   Several of us also had the chance to hear Riley Hollingsworth, the top FCC amateur radio enforcer, speak, as well as astronaut Owen Garriot.  Many young hams were in evidence this year.  


On Friday. May 28, four members met with the new Marinette county emergency government coordinator, Renelle Schaffer.  Attending the meeting were Jim, K8IR, Lynne, N8OSK, Ed, KG8CX. and George, N9UGG.  The meeting was called by the EC in order to get to know the scope of amateur radio in the area and how we could help them.  It was a productive meeting, and
we all came away with a positive feeling.  She is considering obtaining her ham license, possibly after first attending our winter classes.  It appears that we finally are being recognized in both counties for the communications help we can provide in times of need.  We will invite
her to a future meeting.  Thanks to George for being instrumental in getting this meeting set up.


W e have as yet, not had a severe weather situation where the local system was called up to provide reports to the NOAA office in Green Bay or Marquette.  However, you can expect one at any time when severe weather threatens.  The Northeast Wisconsin Skywarn Network of which we are a part, is directed out of the Green Bay weather office, where a complete amateur station is located.  New antennas are being located at the tower there to access the Wausau area, and allow that area to become a part of the system, as well as using the 145.110 linked repeater at Wabeno, to reach into north central Wisconsin.  When severe weather is expected, quite a large area can be called up from Green Bay to allow spotter  reports to be passed along to the meteorologists.  We are a part of that system, and represent Marinette County, as well as Menominee County, Michigan.  Your spotter reports are very valuable whether they be fixed or mobile, and are greatly appreciated by the staff at NOAA weather.


By Paul Drees, WC9E

While strolling through the flea market Friday morning, I came across Cindy Wall, KA7ITT, and famous amateur radio author. Without any hesitation, I dished out six dollars for her recent book  “A Spark to the Past.”  She nicely autographed it, and as I walked away to view the next booth, I recalled last year when KB9NNW had a discussion with Cindy:  “How about a story about the midwest, The Upper Great Lakes, Marinette and Menominee County,  the Peshtigo Fire, the UP, and...and.. ” “But I’m only familiar with the Oregon area and the far west.”  Marty chimed in, “Well , Paul and his brother Larry and I can provide the necessary background information;  we would make it a team attempt.”  “Nice idea,” Cindy replied, “let me know.”

After viewing another 120 flea market sites, I remarked to KB9NNW, an assistant principal at Starbucks Middle School in Racine, and whose cottage is on the shores of Green Bay just south of Marinette,  “ Marty, we need, if we are serious, to do our own thing. We need to round up research people from our area and publish our own book.” Marty, with his feet already aching, and edging toward the arena for a comfortable seat in the upper deck, replied, “Yes with typists and help from our club, we could make it a club effort,  a club project,  a kind of aftermath to the club’s 50th year”.  “Let’s do it!” the two of us shouted together.

Back to the present. I have four  of Cindy’s books available to any member. The characters are Marc and Kim, a couple of teenage Hams. They start out in high school in the early series  and mature into college students as the series progresses.  They will make for relaxing reading as you swing in your hammock during the lazy, hazy days of summer.

I also have a couple of Walter Tomkin’s  paperbacks - more adventure stories  centered around amateur radio.

If interested, call  Paul at 735-7397 or   e-mail


For those of you with internet capabilities , check out the CCRAA web
site at: 

We will have a news item in the June issue of their newsletter, as we did last month.  This gives us even greater coverage than what we could get via the net or our own newsletter.   We appreciate the great cooperation from their editor in allowing us to submit items to their paper. 


This month’s GROUNDWAVE is printed courtesy of Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee on a Minolta Dialta Digital Copier.


PRB-1 bills active in several states:

Bills to incorporate the essence of the limited federal preemption known as PRB-1 into state law are active in several states. A bill in Maine has just been signed by the Governor there.
Oregon's PRB-1 bill, Senate Bill 879, just cleared the state Senate by a 26 to 3 margin and has been sent on to the House of Representatives for action. Oregon hams are being urged to contact the Chair of the House Rules, Elections and Public Affairs Committee and their own Representatives to urge speedy and positive action on the measure. In Louisiana, HB 2088 has passed the House is headed for the Senate. It would limit the authority of local governing bodies to regulate amateur radio antennas. Wisconsin, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, and Mississippi are in the planning stages of similar measures. States that already have this type of legislation include Texas, New Hampshire, Florida, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Virginia and Washington.

We are fortunate this has not been much of an issue around here…yet. 


Congratulations to the following:

Birthdays:  10th, Larry Buchholz;  24th, John Devroy;  26th, Tom Hellem;  27th, Al Mans.

Anniversary wishes go to George and Barb Benoit on the 19th, and Larry
and Nancy Buchholz on the 20th.