The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Jim Callow K8IR
                     Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                             July 2003


The July 10th meeting will again be held at Henes Park in Menominee.  We will try and secure the same pavilion (3rd), but if it is not available, there are two others we can use.  The meeting will start at 7pm. K8IR promises the grill will be hot by 6pm for those who would like a picnic dinner.  Some leftover beverages from Field Day will be in the cooler. Agenda items will include the August Picnic, future meeting sites, possible club activities for the fall, and naming a nominating committee. Hope to see many of you there.



Another field day has come and gone.  Many memories and great experiences were shared during the weekend.  Even though moderate rainfall took over most of Saturday, we still had almost a dozen visitors and operators.  Sunday turned out much better, if a bit on the cloudy side, but no rain until the very end of the takedown period.

Tom, N8LHB checks out 75 Meters on Sunday morning.


We had a total of  24 visitors and operators during the weekend.  A highlight of Sunday was a VE session at which time we tested and licensed a young ham radio op....Noah VanZandt.  His dad is Dick, K9OM and they are from Florida with family members living in the Marinette area.  A fitting conclusion to a great Field Day.

Worth mentioning was the fact that one of our young area hams, Ben, KC9CTK, spent almost six hours in front of the 20 meter rig, and made 40 contacts.    We may have the makings of a new HF contester in our midst, and hope to use his services in upcoming events.  Way to go, Ben.  Check out his website


Behind Joey Callow are the two operating tents.  To the right the R8 vertical used mainly on 20 Meters. Not visible is a four-band dipole hanging between the trees in the distance.


Seven year old Joey Callow also got started in Field Day by making six contacts on 20 meters with grandpa Jim, K8IR doing some coaching.  Dave, NS9R's young daughter also made one contact on 20 meters.  Nice to see some young people getting exposure to ham radio. 


Keith, N9PQV tuning 20 Meters.


A total of 450 contacts were made over the 24 hours of the event.

Many thanks and club appreciation goes to Marge and Earl Bramschreiber, KC8WJN for contributing food, location and many materials to this year's Field Day event.  Earl's 390 acres were open to us, although we only used a tiny fraction for our operations. But the operators who were there already are talking about some LARGE! antennas for next year! XYL Marge prepared two large turkeys,  stuffing, and a cream vegetable dish for the Saturday meal.  On Sunday, she brought a scrumptious strawberry dessert, which certainly hit the right spot.  Without the gracious cooperation of both, we would not have had the great FD that we did.  Thanks again, Marge and Earl!

For more pictures from Field Day, check the KG8CX/M&MARC Web Site at  .



Visible for the first time at Field Day was the spectacular sign that Earl, KC8WJN  made for us.  It was positioned at the entrance to the FD location, and looked good enough to be a permanent structure at any location.  It is movable and will be stored at the home of one of the club members to be used at other club functions.   One of many thoughtful things that Earl has done for the club and amateur radio since he became a club member within the past year.   Thanks Earl.



Mark your calendars for the M&M ARC annual picnic, to be held August 17th at Henes Park in Menominee.  A sign-up form is in this Ground Wave. Please return yours by August 9th 


A new Link Systems full feature controller will probably be in operation on the 146.835 repeater when you read this.  It is one of two ordered, the other will be used on the 146.775 Wausaukee link repeater.  Both have full voice and message capabilities, as well as remote base and linking.  Messages such as reminders of the ARES net, Skywarn announcements and other area ham activities such as our meetings, nets, and events can and will be programmed in.  With the Wausaukee link soon to be operational, these messages will reach a very large audience indeed.   A very useful feature will be the extended Skywarn coverage, and the capability of linking in eventually with the Marquette office of NWS, as well as Green Bay.  This will make warning announcements and weather reports available through one repeater system.  A remote receive link in Marinette is still planned which will provide HT coverage into the entire system.   Coverage will then extend from the northern edge of Manitowoc to north of Iron Mountain and Escanaba and westward into Oconto and Forest counties.   Bill, WA8WG, the Abrams/Wausaukee repeater tech is planning more improvements, so stay tuned as this becomes one of the best linked systems in the Midwest.



Recently George, N9UGG contacted Jim, K8IR for help in renewing his license.  With changes in the way the FCC handles their paperwork, the renewal process can be difficult, especially for those without computer access.  The paper form used for amateur renewals is also used for a number of other services, and the “instructions” don’t seem to help much. George had his application returned by the FCC…twice…with a cryptic form letter explanation. 

Jim had George drop by his QTH, and took care of the renewal and an address change on-line in just a few minutes.  Within 12 hours, George’s renewal was official on the FCC site. 

Jim will be glad to help any members who need to renew or modify their licenses.  



Lynne, N8OSK, brought to our attention the new web site being developed by Marinette County Emergency Management.  Check out  for a lot of good information and links.



NEWINGTON, CT, Jun 17, 2003--The ARRL Michigan Section has a new Section Manager. Former SM Dale Williams, WA8EFK, of Dundee, will pick up the reins from Debbie Kirkbride, KA8YKK, who has stepped down. Williams' appointment is effective today.

"Debbie is resigning for health reasons, and hopes to stay as active as the health issues allow her to be," said ARRL Field and Educational Services Manager Rosalie White, K1STO, in announcing Williams' appointment. "She regrets having to give up the position for now."

Kirkbride was named Michigan SM last July after former SM Dick Mondro, W8FQT, became the Great Lakes Vice Director. Williams' appointment came with the recommendation of ARRL Great Lakes Director Jim Weaver, K8JE,
Vice Director Mondro and Kirkbride. Williams had served previously as Michigan's SM from 1992 until 1996. He's now an Assistant Great Lakes Division Director and heavily involved in emergency communications.

Michigan ARRL members may contact Williams via e-mail or telephone, 734-528-3232.



Ever wonder what it’s like working Europe from the East Coast? Wonder what your signal sounds like at a remote site?  And now there’s a way to work that rare DX that only shows up while you’re at work. Arde, KA9WAR, passed along a link to a very interesting web site. Check out .  From here you can learn more about, and use a system that allows full remote control of a distant (or not so distant) station via the internet.  Just think of the possibilities!



Radio History is Made at WRC-03 with 7-MHz Realignment Compromise

(Jul 3, 2003) -- There's good news from World Radiocommunication Conference 2003 (WRC-03) for 40-meter enthusiasts. In an 11th-hour compromise, delegates to WRC-03, which wraps up officially July 4, agreed to move broadcasters out of 7100 to 7200 kHz in Regions 1 and 3 to make room for the Amateur Service. The agreement eventually will mean a 200-kHz worldwide allocation at 40 meters. Although the change does not go into effect until 2009, that's considered speedy in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) terms. Some of the timelines proposed during discussions on the 7 MHz agenda item would have held off the changes until 2033! The WRC-03 action on 7 MHz makes no change in the exclusive US 40-meter allocation. US amateurs will continue to enjoy the full 7000 to 7300 kHz band they now have.



Effective July 3, 2003, US Amateurs may use new channels allocated in the 5MHz band. ARRL has posted a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ)
concerning 5 MHz operation on the ARRL Web site, .

Since the channelized band and ERP restrictions are something new to amateurs, please be sure to read and understand the new requirements before attempting operation on the new band.




The meeting of June 12, 2003 was conducted at Henes Park and was called to order by President Jim, K8IR at 7:07pm.

Jack Hudson, W9MU, was introduced as a guest, with introductions going around the table.

The secretary and treasurer were not present, so those reports were dispensed with.

Ed, KG8CX, received correspondence which was covered in "new business."

Repeater report will be covered in detail also in "new business."

Net report given by Ed showed totals of least 20 check ins for some time.

Under Old Business, Dwight, W9YQ reviewed the tour several of us had of the KC8WJN Field Day site on Friday, June 6.

Under New Business, it was decided that the club will operate FD as a 3A station with three transmitters.  Antennas were discussed, and it was decided the club will provide beverages.   Earl, KB9DSV, suggested a can be made available for people to drop contributions to help defray cost of the beverages. 

After some discussion on various food choices, Dwight moved that the club provide a turkey for the Sat. evening "food-fest."  Motion seconded by Earl A., and approved by the membership.  Marge Bramschrieber said she would prepare the turkey.

Second item of new business concerned correspondence Ed received from BAMSAR ( Bay Area Mounted Search and Rescue)  They would like to use amateur radio as a communications tool in their work.  Some interest was shown, but we need more information on exactly our role would be.  Ed was appointed to contact the leader of this group and invite him to the July meeting.

Third item of business concerned the current state of the 147.000 repeater.  While the receive and transmit seem to be ok for its current location, there is a "pulsing" noise on less than full quieting signals, and a loud "skrunch" at the end of most transmissions when the key is let up.  General consensus is that the repeater probably needs some attention and a general check-up.  Bill, WA8WG spoke of what he thought the problems were and possible fixes.  Jim, K8IR appointed a repeater committee consisting of Ed, KG8CX;  Noel, K8NB;  Bill, WA8WG; and Eric, KG9GH to try and visit the site on the 4th floor of BAMC, and attempt to get a handle on the problems and to report back at a future meeting, with their findings, and possible solutions and recommendations for the repeater in general. 

Bill reported on the Wausaukee, 146.775 linking project.  At this time he is waiting on tower climbers to erect the antenna.

The Ares/Races weekly net on the Abrams repeater was discussed.  Check ins have come from Marinette, Oconto, Kewaunee, and Menominee counties.

Earl A mentioned the Y0-Yo picnic on June 14 at Holtwood Park in Oconto, and invited all to come enjoy the afternoon. 

Ed mentioned the Women's Classic Air Race coming to the Menominee airport on June 21 and 22.

It was decided to hold the July picnic at Henes park on the 10th.  If weather is bad, we will use the back room at Perkins Restaurant in Menominee which is available free of charge.

Bill, WA8WG brought up the possibility of fund raisers for repeater upgrades, etc.

Earl A moved for adjournment...seconded by Bill . 

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.


..............................................Minutes taken by Ed, KG8CX 


Attending the meeting were:

Jim K8IR; 
George N9UGG; 
Dwight W9YQ; 
Arde KA9WAR; 
Dave W8DXX; 
Jack W9MU; 
Joe N9LLA; 
Terrie N9MPU; 
Bill WA8WG; 
Keith N9PQV; 
Earl B. KC8WJN; 
Marge Bramschreiber;
Earl A. KB9DSV;
Eric KG9GH; 
Larry N9OSF; 
Nancy KA9UZC; 
Aaron KC9CTJ; 
Amy Buchholz,
Anne Buchholz

Club members & guests are cordially invited to attend the annual

M & M Amateur Radio Club Family Picnic

                   Date:               Sunday, August 17, 2003

                        Place:       John Henes Park - third pavilion

                                                Menominee, MI 49858

                        Time:                12:00 p.m.  social

                                                  1:00  p.m.  lunch


                        Hosts: Jim & Joan Callow, Tom & Lynne Rynish, Paul & Maxine Drees


The club will provide meat, soda, beer & table service.  Each club member is asked to provide a food item to share.  (see below)



                                          Price per person: $ 5.00 per adult

                                          $ 3.00 per child ages 12 and under


Reservations are required and must be submitted with your check no later than Saturday, August 9, 2002.  Make check payable to the M & M Amateur Radio Club and mail to:


                                                Lynne Rynish  N8OSK

M & M Amateur Radio Club

                                                P. O. Box 1082

                                                Marinette, WI  54143

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 

mail this portion with your check


Name of club member ___________________________  Call sign _______________ 


Number of reservations             __________ @ $ 5.00 per adult 

                                                      __________ @ $ 3.00 per child

                                                                                    Amount enclosed $____________


I will take the following to share:

pasta salad ______ fruit salad _______   fresh fruit ______   cheese tray _______ 

fresh veggie platter _______ pan of bars _______ home made cake _______

home made cookies ______  home made pie _______

3 bags of snacks (chips, pretzels, Cheetos, Fritos, party mix, etc.) _______