The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Jim Callow K8IR
                     Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                               February 2002   


About 30 members and spouses will be gathering at Schussler’s in Peshtigo for the annual Charter Night Banquet Saturday February 2nd.  Wisconsin ARRL Wisconsin Section Manager Don Michalski, W9IXG will again be visiting us.  A video, The Ham Radio Olympics, will also be shown.  Reservations are no longer being taken for the dinner.  We’re looking forward to seeing those who are signed up.



Don't forget this month's meeting scheduled for Thursday February 14, 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  Tentative agenda items include

(a) review of the charter banquet,    (b) future VE session 

(c) suggestions for a special
event station 

(d) ARES updates, Field Day plans, among others.

Remember, a quorum now consists of 13 members since we have gained several additional ones since the last meeting.


Our  January 10th testing  resulted in two new hams.  Congratulations to John Goldschmidt, KC9AXH, who resides in the Lake Mary area in the town of Wagner, and to Darron Smith, KC9AXI, who lives in the village of Coleman.  Both have been on the air, and both have indicated their desire to become involved in the hobby.  John is a volunteer firefighter with the Town of Wagner Fire Department, and Darron is attending UWGB and working toward a degree in Law Enforcement. Welcome to the hobby, guys.

Also, at the same session, RA Arends, (formerly KF9XV) upgraded to Extra class. He received his new call, AB8MC, but is applying for a vanity one more to his liking.  Congratulations, RA.



We welcome John Goldschmidt, KC9AXH, to the M&M Amateur Radio Club.  He becomes our 54th member.


After a very successful VE testing session before our January meeting, we discussed having testing sessions scheduled quarterly before the regular club meeting. Our next scheduled testing will be on April 11th  at 5:30pm in the cafeteria of BAMC-Menominee.  If you know of any prospective hams, or want to upgrade, contact Jeff, N9PQU or Ed, KG8CX so we can plan for the April session.  For those thinking about an upgrade, a reminder that the new, more difficult Extra-Class test goes into effect July 1st.



Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 14, 6pm, in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee, for our annual severe weather training update.  Renelle Schaffer, KB9WKD, Marinette Co. Emergency Government Director, has secured the services of a meteorologist from the Green Bay NOAA office.  The session will last approximately an hour and a half.  A regular meeting will follow, and it will be a short one.  We should all be out by 8pm or so. Remember, any Skywarn alert is transmitted on the  147.000 repeater. Backup repeaters are the 444.075, 145.470, and 147.330 machines, as well as 146.550 simplex  Regular reports are received directly from NOAA in Green Bay, and transmitted immediately on the repeater.  Mobile units and fixed stations are welcome to participate.  We also are connected to the Marquette NOAA office by phone, since Menominee County is considered part of that office's coverage area.  In addition, weather alerts are broadcast over the NOAA transmitter in Sister Bay at 162.425 MHz., and now over the new transmitter in Delta Co. at 162.500 MHz.  We are also looking forward to a new NOAA weather transmitter in western Marinette Co. soon.


We’ve had many favorable comments on AA9PB’s article on QRP DXing last  month.  Jim has been busy on his QRP DXCC during the past month.  At last report he was  nearing the 80 countries worked QRP mark, and at the present rate he should be at the 100 countries worked mark very soon.



The ARRL has asked us to participate in a club survey.  We are including the questions in this Ground Wave.  We’ll discuss our response at the February meeting.  If you can’t make the meeting, but have some input you’d like us to consider, please let one of the officers know.



The Bay Area Wireless Association is still looking for anyone who would like to help operate at a station during the Wisconsin QSO party March 10th.  The club hopes to win the overall club score plaque this year, and plans on operating several multi-operator stations.  The Wisconsin QSO party is a fun event to operate, with very good participation, and a short 7 hour period.  If you’re interested, contact Jeff, N9PQU.


Volunteers are still being sought to help with communications for the UP 200 Sled Dog Race the weekend of
February 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2002. They need help at the start line in Marquette for the start of the U.P. 200
and for checkpoints in the Gwinn area for the return leg of the event. Likewise help may still be needed in the Alger and Delta County legs of the races. Please contact
Greg, KI8AF for volunteering in the Marquette and Gwinn area, or Richard, N8OYR for the volunteering in the Delta County area, or Paul, K8PG for volunteering in the Alger County area, .



**Feb. 14---regular meeting
**Mar. 10--Wisconsin QSO party
**Mar. 14--regular meeting/Skywarn training
**Apr. 6---AES Superfest in Milwaukee
**Apr. 11--regular meeting
**May 17-19--Dayton Hamvention
**May 9---regular meeting
**June 13--regular meeting
**June 22/23--Field Day
**Aug. 25--Annual picnic at Henes Park



The M&M ARC would like to wish Mike Anuta, W8HKY, birthday greetings on his 101st birthday Feb. 4.  Mike is a regular participant in our Sunday nets, enlivening them with many fascinating anecdotes about his early life in the area.  Many more Mike.


It has come to our attention that Clayton Cardy, W9OVO will soon be observing his 7th decade in amateur radio.  Many of you know Clayton from his work with the Good Morning net, and the Door County ARC.  He has many fascinating tales to tell of the early days of ham radio, and of the many experiences he has had within the ranks. He also had a hand in the formation of this club and some of our activities.  We hope he and his wife Leona will attend our summer picnic in August, and give others a chance to meet this unique person.  Congratulations, Clayton, and many more years in the hobby.




Wisconsin is poised to be the next state to incorporate the language of the limited federal preemption known as PRB-1 into state law. ARRL WisconsinSection Manager Don Michalski, W9IXG, said the antenna bill--Assembly Bill 368, "Amateur Radio FCC PRB-1 Amateur Radio Antenna Protection Act"—passed the State Senate this week (week ending 1/25/02) on a voice vote.  The bill now goes to Gov Scott McCallum for his signature.

"We would like to acknowledge this victory due to the tireless efforts of Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ, SK," Michalski said. "Without his hard work over many years, it would not have been possible. This is a tribute to Jim, and we should all be grateful." Romelfanger, a Wisconsin Amateur Radio activist, ARRL Public Information Coordinator and editor of the Badger State Smoke Signals ham radio newspaper, died December 22. Wisconsin ARRL State Government Liaison Jim Lackore, AD9X, said AB 368 passed the upper chamber January 22 with no expressed opposition. AB 368 would require that ordinances or resolutions affecting the placement, screening or height of Amateur Radio antennas or support structures have a
"reasonable and clearly defined aesthetic, public health or safety objective." Such an ordinance or resolution also must represent "the minimum practical regulation" necessary to accomplish the locality's objectives and must reasonably accommodate Amateur Radio communication. Lackore and Michalski were encouraging Wisconsin amateur to contact Governor McCallum and urge him to sign AB 368 into law. Lackore noted that e-mail can be sent to McCallum's e-mail address,, or via the governor's Web site <>. Messages also may be sent via fax (608-267-8983) or by mail to The Office of the Governor, 115 East State Capitol, Madison, WI 53702.

 A copy of the pending legislation is available on the Wisconsin Legislature Web site,



These people are celebrating an anniversary this month:  2nd...Kurt and Arlene Berge;  8th...Ken and Ruth Ann Greffin.
Birthdays this month include:  4th Mike Anuta, 5th Jim Mans;  7th Jim Swanson;  8th  Cheryl Janssen;  11th Paul Drees;  27th Barb Benoit

If you are a more recent member of our club, we may not have your birthday/anniversary information.  If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up and would like it included in the Ground Wave, please email the information to K8IR at



Jeff , N9PQU is looking for any radio or test equipment that you may want to sell. You can call him at 920-897-4561, or email him at


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.

Thanks to Jim, KC8DOA for hosting the W8PIF Repeater on his tower.


Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club minutes for the month of January 2002


The January 10, 2002 meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by President Jim K8IR. Jeff N9PQU introduced Darron Smith who did pass his technician license today prior to the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves to Darron. Robert Arends KF9XV also upgraded to extra. John Goldsmith also passed his technician license tonight. All three who tested passed their tests.

The Treasurer's report for January 10 is $515.28 in the checking account and $340.27 in the savings account for total assets of $855.55 Motion made by Bob AA9GZ and seconded by Larry N9OSF to approve the report. All in favor.

The minutes for the November 2001 meeting were in the December 2001 Groundwave Jim AA9PB made a motion to approve them as printed and seconded by Jeff N9PQU. All in favor. There was no business meeting at the Christmas Party on December 13, 2001.


Ed KG8CX presented some information about the Red Cross and if anyone would be interested in becoming a member. Jim K8IR reported receiving a card from Mrs. Anuta thanking everyone for the card members had signed. The club also received a thank you from the Salvation Army for the donation.


Noel K8NB reported that both of the repeaters are working fine and he did do some adjustments on the 440 machine. Ed KG8CX reported for the net report that last sunday 26 checkins and has been averaging well over 20 checkins on sunday night.


Old Business:

Jim K8IR thanked everyone who attended the Christmas Party and all who helped to plan it.

New Business:

Jim K8IR thanked Jim AA9PB for his article in the Groundwave on QRP'ing and dx'ing and also that anyone can and should send articles to be published in the Groundwave.

April will possibly be another test session and another just before the July 1 new exam for the extra class. Perhaps having all test exams before the meetings on Thursday night. In the future having testing on a regular time schedule with it posted in the Badger Smoke Signals and other publications.

Charter night is coming up on February 2, 2002 at Schussler's in Peshtigo and deadline is January 23 to get your paid reservation in.

Renelle KB9WKD will check into having a weather spotters class on March 14, 2002 at 6:00PM prior to the meeting by the national weather service out of Green Bay.

Wisconsin QSO party will be coming up on March 10 Jeff N9PQU wants a team effort this time and any questions contact him.

Activities to consider this year are field day, parade, and special event station.

Sled Dog Racing communications help in the UP is strictly at your own expense. Nothing is provided not even a meal.

Renelle Schaffer presented her report to the club on what is going on for the ARES. Any questions please refer to her.

Jim K8IR reported he will put the questions in the February Groundwave for the ARRL Survey and also the internet and be able to e-mail answers back.

Motion made by AA9PB and seconded by N9OSF to adjourn. All in favor at 8:15PM.


Gary W Luthardt  KG9AD  Secretary


Persons attending the January, 2002 meeting:

Gary Luthardt     KG9AD
Ed Engleman      KG8CX
Jim Callow         K8IR
Renelle Schaffer     KB9WKB
Lynne Rynish     N8OSK
Larry Buchholz     N9OSF
Noel Beardsley     K8NB
Bob Schrader     AA9GZ
John Hurschik    KB8DSC
Kurt Berge     K8BKA
Keith Tonn    N9PQV
Tom Hellem   K0SN
Tom Rynish    N8LHB
Darron Smith
Jeff Rymer     N9PQU
R A Arends   KF9XV
Jim Mans   AA9PB
Dwight Bosselman   W9YQ



The following is an open essay questionnaire that we hope you will use in discussion with your club at any upcoming meeting before Valentine’s Day, 2002. Please feel free to be as detailed as you wish so that we might best learn about your club and the issues your members find most important.

Who You Are

1) What is the name of your club?  M&M Amateur Radio Club

2) What is the current size of your club?  54 Members  

Has the number of participants grown?  Decreased? What would you say accounts for this change?

3) What is the age range of club members? 

What Your Club Does

1) What are the main interests your club pursues?

2) Because of the events of September 11th, have any new issues been
discussed at your club meetings?

3) What do your club members view as positive about Amateur Radio public

4) What do you club members view as frustrating about Amateur Radio public

For Your Club Members

1) What significant events or milestones does your club celebrate/honor?

2) What is important to your club about club meeting attendance?

3) Do you participate with other Amateur Radio clubs in joint activities?
Please describe.

4) How does your club raise funds for activities?

5) What was the best activity your club did in the past year?  The worst?

Your Club’s Personal Wish List

1) What would members of your club cite as the most important endeavor that
your club has yet to realize?

2) What can ARRL do to assist you in making the club experience a success
for individual members?

Thank you for giving us your views. Please return your comments anytime
before February 14th---a special date chosen because WE LOVE CLUBS!