The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
Web Page:
President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                February 2001


The monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 8th. Meeting begins at 7pm sharp, and we hope you will attend.  Some items on the short agenda will be:  (a) update on charter banquet,  (b) discussion on possible lighthouse special event station, (c) Field Day plans, (d) updates from ham "elmers" and new ham interest, (e) 440 repeater update,  (f) NOAA weather class, (g) location/date of next fish fry,  and other business as may come up.


Due to construction at the Marinette Hospital, the Caferteria at BAMC Menominee will not be available on our meeting night through July!

Thanks to Lynne, N8OSK, we have secured the meeting room at STEPHENSON PUBLIC LIBRARY, 2ND FLOOR in Marinette for the February meeting.

The library is across from the Best Western Riverfront Inn, the building next to the bridge, by the state of WI tourist center. Plans for future meeting locations will be determined later.  Our March meeting could be combined with our fish fry at Schusslers.  So stay tuned to your emails and 147 repeater for updates and info on our
meeting locations through July.  If you have any ideas on some places we could meet, let Lynne, or any of the officers know.  Thanks Lynne, for snagging the Marinette library for us this month.

Please pass this important information along to any club members you may talk with, so the word gets out to all.


We hope many of you have already made reservations for the February 10th banquet at the Best Western Riverfront Inn in Marinette.. Deadline is Feb 2nd with reservations going to Lynne, N8OSK. The reservation form was mailed in the last Ground Wave. Remember, social hour begins at 5:30pm, with the dinner at 6:30pm.  Program starts around 7:15 + or -
A full program has been planned for all...recognition of  W8HKY... short video of last Field Day and Special Event station...  awarding of the Ham of the Year of past year's activities, and overview of upcoming events...and a short presentation by Don Michalski, W9IXG, the ARRL Wisconsin section manager.  In addition, many restaurant certificates will be awarded to some lucky people. 


In conjunction with Menominee County Emergency Government Director, Marge
Bramschreiber, a training/re-training session has been scheduled for Thursday, April 12, in the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee.  Jack Pellett, a meteorologist and licensed ham, from the NOAA office in Marquette will present the class.  It will begin at 6pm, with the class open to other county emergency personnel as well as radio club members.  Our regular
April meeting will follow if there is time.  Otherwise we will hold off until the May meeting.  As many members as possible are hoped will be in attendance, as April usually begins the official severe weather season


Very special congratulations go out to Mike Anuta, W8HKY, who turns 100 on February 4th. Mike informs us that his family is planning a reception in honor of his birthday on Saturday February 3rd in the activity room of his residence building at 1200 Northland Terrace, from 2 to 4pm.  A cordial invitation is extended to all members of the radio club.  Turn onto Northland Terrace Lane from Shore Drive.  The road makes a 30 degree turn to the left and ends at a drive-in porch to Mike’s building. Parking may be available in the back of the building.


At the January meeting, the members decided to do a more informal, personalized training of new amateurs this year.  We hope to match prospective hams with Elmers who can help them study for the Technician License. We’ll plan group activities, such as shack visits, to add to the training process. WC9E and KG8CX have been compiling a list of students and contacting them.  They are looking for members who would like to serve as Elmers, or help teach or otherwise help in the group activities.  We hope you’ll volunteer.  It can be very rewarding to help a newcomer discover the pleasures of our wonderful hobby.  Also let us know of anyone interesting in becoming a ham.


We are also looking at a VE Testing session for April.  Besides the “graduates” of the training program, several members have expressed interest in upgrades. Please contact Paul, WC9E, or Ed, KG8CX if you are interested in upgrading.


A number of our members were busy competing in the North American QSO Party at the Bay Area Wireless Association Station that has been taking over Tom, K0SN’s garage on recent weekends. BAWA members have been busy building antennas and testing a multi-transmitter setup in preparation for the Wisconsin QSO Party on March 11th. On Saturday January 20th, the team of K0SN, AA9PB, KG8CX, KB9WBP, and K8IR racked up 1135 QSO’S in a 12 hour period using the BAWA club call, N9KI.  A second “fun” station using the W8PIF call made another 100 QSO’s.

Anyone who would like to help out in the Wisconsin QSO Party should contact one of the BAWA members.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about the contesting side of amateur radio.


Listen to the Sunday net for details, or find out at the meeting.


The membership of the club as of January 22nd  stands at fifty.  The roster is online at the club website for printout.  Several copies will be available at the February meeting for those without internet and email capabilities.

The big event of April is the Superfest set for April 6 and 7th at AES
in Milwaukee.  Check the link for their website on the club page for
details.  Are you going?


A large contingent of local hams are planning a trip to Dayton this year...May 18-20.  A link to the hamvention website is located on the KG8CX/M&M ARC page.  Many neat photos, comments, and schedules of events are listed.  Check it out, even if you do not plan on attending, and see what you are missing.


Ed, KG8CX, has a large collection of Amateur Radio related videos.  Let Ed know if you are interested in borrowing any of the following:

1. ARRL AV Recruitment Library, including:
   a. New World of Amateur Radio (28m)
    b. Ham Radio in Space (30m)
    c.  Your Headquarters at Work (22m)
    d.  Handi-Ham videos (2 sections, 10m ea.)
2.  CQ Ham Radio Horizons (49m)
3.  Ham Class by Gordon West (approx 50m)
4.  Friends For Life, a speakers companion.
     (approx. 8m)
5.  ARRL AV Library, Vol 3, Disaster Preparedness/Public Service,
     a.  When Disaster Strikes (10m)
     b.  At any Moment (14m)
     c.  Field Day Fever (25m)
     d.  Disaster Drill:  The Big One (12m)
     e.  Last Voice from Kuwait (25m)
6.  Getting Started In Ham Radio (49m)
7.  Getting Started in Dxing (52m)
8.  Getting Started in VHF (52m)
9.  Dayton Hamvention '97 Open Forum I also have several videos of our past Field Days, from 1991
to preset; some other club activities, including classes, picnics, special event stations, etc.  


Charter Night, Best Western Riverfront Inn, Saturday February 10th .

Weather Spotter Training, BAMC Cafeteria, Thursday April 12th, 6pm.

Field Day, location to be announced, Saturday June 23rd.

Annual Picnic, Henes Park picnic on Sunday August 26th.



Welcome to our newest member, Val Hallam.  Val is studying for her ticket. Glad to have you, and Good Luck!


These people are celebrating an anniversary this month:  2nd...Kurt and Arlene Berge;  8th...Ken and Ruth Ann Greffin.
Birthdays this month include:  4th Mike Anuta, 5th Jim Mans;  7th Jim Swanson;  8th  Cheryl Janssen;  11th Paul Drees;  27th Barb Benoit


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.

Thanks to Jim, KC8DOA for hosting the W8PIF Repeater on his tower.





  The January 11, 2001 meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by KG8CX. Everyone introduced themselves to the latest member of the club Valerie Hallam.

The minutes were approved as printed in the Groundwave motion made by Arde KA9WAR and seconded by Paul WC9E all in favor.

The Treasurer Lynne N8OSK presented her report of $393.72 in the checking account and $333.44 in the savings account for a total assets of $727.16. A motion was made AA9PB Jim and seconded by KB9WBP Dave to approve the Treasurer's report all in favor.

For correspondence Ed reported about a letter he received from the Marinette School District on the yellow ribbon program. This is a program founded by parents to prevent   suicide of young people. A program could be presented if anyone was interested to have it at a meeting.

The 2-meter repeater is working fine Ed reported but when windy out there is some static. The 440 repeater is out at the site and the antenna will be put up when the time and weather permits. The report for net checkins on Sunday night has been averaging 20 and up to 27.


The Christmas Party held at Schussler's in Peshtigo had 39 people there and everything was good. Lynne reported that Schussler's overbooked and our group ended up in the main dining room because of this we got a break on the prices and received $75.25. Also at the Christmas Party Lynne N8OSK became the new ham of the year. Ed reminded about late membership dues and the roster is up to date on his web site.

Jeff N9PQU reported all the certificates were sent out for the special event station in September for the contacts who did send in for the certificate. Club members who checked in are on the log and AA9PB will give the information to Jeff.


The Charter Banquet is set for February 10 at the Bestwestern Riverfront and Don Michalski will again be at the banquet along with special recognition for W8HKY who will be 100 years old in February. Ed will present a video on the recognition

With the $75.25 money plus adding 24.75 by the club the total amount for certificates $100.00. KA9WAR suggested $10.00 certificates be issued. A motion was made by Paul WC9E to have $100.00 for certificates in the amount of $10.00 for ten certificates. Seconded by N9GRK Don all in favor. Certificates will be from Applebees and Perkins. Reservations must be in by February 2.

For ham classes Ed presented how they do it in Madison and asked how we should run our classes. There are some persons interested in becoming ham radio operators and are interested in the classes. Arde suggested having a display in the mall again on ham radio perhaps getting more people interested in taking the classes.

Lighthouse special event station in August?  Also what about having it at the waterfront lots of exposure with all the people around there. Thousands of people there those four days.

Another thought K8IR brought up was a straight key night from the home of Signal Electric. Have the CW operators do this on new years eve. Signal Morse Keyers.

August 26 is the date for the summer picnic which will be held at Henes Park in Menominee Michigan.

Bob W9AMZ presented a report on the American Red Cross program and how it helps out everyone during a disaster. It provides food shelter and clothing expecting nothing back. A two hour introduction session will take place on February 17 in Stephenson  Mi for disaster representative training no charge. Any questions contact Bob Jarnutowski  W9AMZ. Volunteers are needed for the American Red Cross.

Motion made by AA9GZ to adjourn and seconded by AA9PB all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm by KG8CX.

Gary W Luthardt KG9AD, Secretary


Gary Luthardt   KG9AD
Edward Engleman   KG8CX
Lynne Rynish   N8OSK
David Arnold   W8DXX
Valerie Hallam
Arde Nelson   KA9WAR
Bob Schrader   AA9GZ
Paul Dress   WC9E
Bob Osier   AA9IB
Louis Parkansky   W2PY
Don Conant   N9GRK
David Cunningham   KB9WBP
Randy Zandt
Jim Mans   AA9PB
Tom Hellem   K0SN
Jeff Rymer   N9PQU
Ashly Rymer
Bob Jarnutowski   W9AMZ
Larry Buchholz   N9OSF
Nancy Buchholz   KA9UZC