The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                 Feburary 2000 


Plan to attend this month's meeting on the 10th at 7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee.We had a great turnout at the January meeting, and would like to continue that throughout the year.


Don't forget to get your RSVP in by February 19th for the feature packed 50th Charter Banquet.  Quite a few have already been turned in.  We will have two Wisconsin ARRL officials in attendance.  In addition to the Wisconsin  Section manager, Don Michalski, W9IXG, Bette Kratz, KF9ZU of Friendship, Wisconsin will also be with us.  She is the state Affiliated Club Coordinator, and is coming to present BAWA (Bay Area Wireless Association.) a 100% ARRL membership certificate. She will also speak to M&M ARC from her appointment as the official liaison between ARRL and all the state affiliated clubs.  We are indeed fortunate to have two ARRL appointed state officials in attendance at our banquet.  Another reason for all to attend this very special club event, and perhaps receive the latest FCC and League news.



BAWA has just been recognized by the ARRL for 100% membership in theLeague.  They will receive their certificate at the M&M ARC charter banquet.  As you know, BAWA is made up of M&M ARC members especially
interested in contesting. DXing, and computers.  No scheduled meetings are held, as most stay in contact with each other on 146.550 simplex.  All area hams are welcome to contribute to any conversation on 146.550, and we have had many do so.  If you have a radio, antenna, or computer related problem or question, feel free to jump in any time.  A lot of expertise is available, and they are anxious to help anyone out.




The last club Fish Fry was held at the Best  Western Riverfront Inn on January 21st. 24 members, spouses, and guests attended, and all had a great time. Debra Wormwood, the Menominee County 911 coordinator was a special

The next Fish Fry social event will be held on March 24th  at the "Sizzlin' Grille Steakhouse" (formerly he Brass Lantern) on Hwy 180.  Further details in the March newsletter.




The April meeting will be held in conjuction with a weather spotters training session.  It will be held on April 13 at the Bay Area Medical Center-Menominee Cafeteria.  The weather spotters class will begin at 6pm and last until about 7:30pm.  Jeff Last, a meteorologist from the NOAA Green Bay office will conduct the session.  Our regular club meeting will begin at the conclusion of the weather session, and should not last over a half hour.  We will try to keep the agenda short. We encourage as many members as possible to avail themselves of this great opportunity to receive some valuable severe weather spotter training, and to update their skills.   We will continue to be part of the Northeast Wisconsin, Upper Michigan Skywarn network, to be activated whenever severe weather threatens our area. 

More information and updates in future newsletters. 


At the January meeting, Noel, K8NB, briefed everyone on the state of the present repeater antenna.  A replacement is needed, and the go ahead was given to shop for a good, heavy duty commercial antenna.  It will cost
somewhere in the vicinity of $600 plus shipping, but will give us 20 years plus of service, and have excellent gain.  Most importantly, it will eliminate a noise problem that makes communications difficult during windy conditions. A team of climbers will be at the tower site during the summer, and be available to install the antenna.  It was also
decided to allow for individual donations to the repeater fund as desired.  Already, several have made contributions.  Any members wishing to make a contribution may do so at a meeting, or by contacting Lynne, N8OSK.

FIELD DAY 2000...

This year, Field Day will take place on June 24-25.  Any ideas on how or if the club should participate?  It's not too early to begin preliminary plans. We had a rather nice one last year in conjunction with BAWA.  We’ll have a preliminary discussion at the February meeting.



We will begin classes leading to the entry level Technician license on Tuesday. February. 8th, at  6:30pm in the tech lab of Marinette High School.   Classes will last for approximately 8-10 weeks, with VE testing to probably occur after April 15. Considerable interest has already been shown in our hobby by members of the community.  Contact Paul, WC9E, or Ed, KG8CX, if you know of someone who may be interested in attending these classes. Also, we are in need of people willing to help out at the classes.  If you would like to donate an hour or two a week, contact WC9E.  We will also
need some members to help out at home  with 2 meter and HF  demos, the first evening, and occasionally thereafter.

Licensing restructuring will allow for three classes of license....technician, general, and extra.  The new technician test will consist of only 35 questions compared to the combined 55 question novice/tech test.   However, 90% of the current question pool will remain. 


This just in from the ARRL:


Revised Amateur Radio examination question pools for the new Elements 2, 3 and 4 that become effective April
15, 2000, now are available on ARRLWeb at



A local session is planned for late March or early April, BEFORE April 15, for those interested in upgrading to General or Extra.  Since many already have their 5wpm code, they only need to take the written in order to upgrade to the above classes.  Four members have already indicated their desire to upgrade, and more are anticipated.  If you are
interested in this planned session, either as an examiner, or examinee, contact WC9E.


A reminder that, according to the ARRL, if you pass the test for an upgrade before April 15th, you will have to attend another VE session after the 15th to do the paperwork for the upgrade under the new rules.  This could be at the VE session planned for the graduates of our licensing classes.




You can check out the latest Ground Wave  on K8IR’s site at This site will also archive back issues.

Check out N9PQU's new page at


It is very interesting, and shows how html can really spice up a site.  You can
also link to it from KG8CX's webpage at

Jeff has only been working with html for about 2 to3 weeks.  Much more work will be done on the site to cover many topics other than just amateur radio.   KG8CX has also been experimenting with html on a very rudimentary basis.  Notice how changing the way links are shown from the actual url, to key words, improves the appearance.  Two new pictures have been added, and of course, the updated club roster is available online.  More improvements coming later. 




As usual, thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of  Menominee for allowing the publishing of the GROUNDWAVE on one of their Minolta Digital Copiers.




Those celebrating special days this month are:
 . . .Birthdays:  Jim Mans, 5th;  Jim Swanson, 7th;  Cheryl Janssen,
8th;  Paul Drees, 11th;  Barb Benoit, 27th.
 . . .Anniversaries:  Kurt & Arlene Berge, 2nd;  Ken & Ruthann Greffin,
Congratulations to all.





The January 13, 2000 meeting of the Marinette Menominee Amateur Radio Club was called to order by president Jim K8IR.

The minutes were approved as in the groundwave. The treasurer's report  shows a balance of $166.54 in the checking account and savings account $536.49 for total assets of $730.03.


For correspondence we received a letter from the Salvation Army thanking us for our donation during December and a notice from the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association of their swap and shop being held on February 5, 2000.


K8NB reported that both repeaters are in operation. Information on both repeaters was sent to ARRL for the Repeater Book. Noel reminded the club that it is again time to renew the membership with the Upper Peninsula Amateur Radio Repeater Association. The amount is $5.00 AA9GZ made a motion to pay this and was seconded by N9OSF. Check will be issued and Noel will take care of this matter. Noel also reported that the antenna on the tower is causing the static problems when it is windy out and presented some information on this. A replacement antenna can cost $125.00 and a good commercial grade antenna would cost $600 plus $60 shipping. After much talk it has been decided to go with the $600 antenna and donations from club members to help pay for the cost will be appreciated. This antenna is good for 20 years. A motion was made by AA9GZ and seconded by NT9B to have a special fund and get the commercial grade antenna. Motion was passed.  Some members presented donations for the antenna fund at the meeting. Noel reported that the tower will be painted this summer and perhaps at this time the antenna could be installed at little expense to the club. Ed KG8CX questioned about moving the 440 repeater to the tower site and Noel responded that he does have some cable for this and some leads for a antenna with again little cost for making this move.




K8IR reported the Christmas Party was great. Ed reported that the ham of the year is our president of the club Jim Callow K8IR.




Y2K review started around 10:00pm and everyone checked out at 2:00am thanks to everyone who took part in this. K8IR reported that the club was able to establish contacts with Green Bay, Madison, Lansing, Escanba, and Iron Mountain.


Thanks was given to N8OSK for all the newspaper articles in the paper relating to amateur radio.


Amateur radio classes will again be available this year with classes starting February 8  at Marinette High School.


The Charter Banquet is on February 26 at Schusslers in Peshtigo and a great program is planned with Wisconsin Section Manager W9IXG Don Michalski.


Renelle Scheffer presented some information on the weather spotting program and after much discussion it was decided that a program will be presented April 13.


Motion made by Lynne N8OSK and seconded by Larry N9OSF to adjourn the meeting all in favor meeting adjourned.


Submitted by KG9AD, Secretary


Gary Luthardt KG9AD

Noel Beardsley K8NB

Tom Hellem K0SN

Jeff Rymer N9PQU

Tom Rynish N8LHB

Paul Drees WC9E

Larry Buchholz N9OSF

Renelle Scheffer

Nancy Buchholz KA9UZC

Cole Haskell KB9SPL

Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

Bob Schrader AA9IZ

Arde Nelson KA9WAR

Lynne Rynish N8OSK

Jim Callow K8IR

Ed Engleman KG8CX

Keith Tonn N9PQV

Dave Christenson KA9ZRR

David Cunningham

Dan Nyman NT9B