The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Nathan Luthardt KB9NNV

The MMARC Newsletter                                                August 1999 


There will be NO MEETING at the regular date of Aug 12. Instead, it will be held on Sunday, Aug. 22 at Henes Park, in conjunction with our annual picnic. A number of Door County amateurs will attend, and we hope many local hams and families as well. Invitations go out to past
members as well as any ham from the tri-county area. We all look forward to seeing our old friends and make some new ones.  Don't forget, reservations must be in by  Aug. 12 to Lynne Rynish, with a note of the dish you choose to bring to share with others. Cost is $3 per adult, $1.50 per child 6 to 12 yrs. Children under 6 are free. Club will furnish meat, soda and beer. See you all at Henes Park on Aug. 22.


A nominations committee was set up at the July meeting to work on a slate of officers for the next year.  If you would like to be part of the club leadership in our 50th year, let Jim, AA9PB, or George, N9UGG know. The annual club elections are held in September. Those elected will take office in October.


Everything is in readiness for Sept. 18 for W8M, our 50th anniversary special event operation. It will be held at Green's Green Acres campground just west of the Peshtigo River bridge on Hwy 64. A corn roast, swapfest, and picnic will also be part of the day's festivities. Those wishing to camp out overnight are welcome to do so. The station will be set up from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to help operate. Attractive certificates will be sent to those who call in. Each person operating will also receive a certificate or QSL card. Thanks to Jeff, N9PQU, for designing and printing the certificates and cards. Check the Sept. issues of CQ and QST magazines for notice of our special event station.


Are there any candidates for classes to start in January? We know Renelle is one, and we would like several others, to make a group session worthwhile. Make some queries now, and let WC9E, or KG8CX know. It's not too early to start preliminary planning.


We appreciate the fact that the Marinette County Emergency Coordinator, Renelle Schaffer, attended our July meeting, and filled us in on many facets of that organization, and how wewill be working with them in the future. Renelle plans to be at the August picnic. And we understand she
is very much interested in becoming a ham. It sure would be a plus for amateur radio to have a licensed person in emergency government.


Renelle is planning a tabletop exercise with a “Y2K” scenario to help various agencies serving Marinette County plan their preparedness for emergency situations, such as if there were large disruptions in electric power or other services, as some have predicted could happen on January 1st due to the Year 2000 computer “bug”.   Our club has been invited to participate in this exercise, and several members are planning to attend.  It will be held from 9:30am to Noon on Wednesday September 8th at the Rescue Squad Building in Marinette.  If you’d like to attend, please let Jim, K8IR know by August 13th so he can let Renelle know how many of our members to expect.

GRAYSLAKE HAMFEST, Sept. 25-26....

One of the country's best and biggest hamfests will again be held at the Lake County, Illinois fairgrounds. Many consider it to be one of the top three 'fests in the country outside of Dayton. Several M&M ARC members are planning to attend again this year.


Big changes are coming in the way we will be applying to the FCC for licenses or modifications in the near future.  For those of you who haven’t heard about this, we are reprinting the following article from the ARRL Letter:


The FCC begins phasing in the Universal Licensing System for the Amateur Service August 8 at 4 PM Eastern Time. That's when the FCC stops accepting new or upgraded licensee data from Volunteer Examiner Coordinators under the current amateur licensing system.

The ULS ushers in an era of electronic, interactive filing and handling of Amateur Radio applications. Being phased out under ULS is the familiar paper FCC Form 610 series. A "universal" Form 605--primarily designed for electronic use but also available on paper--will take its place.

A July 23 FCC Public Notice says the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau will begin using the ULS for the Amateur Service on August 16. Existing Amateur Radio licensing data will be transferred into the ULS database during a weeklong phase-in period. During the phase-in period, the FCC will not process new or upgraded licenses.

Electronic filing of Amateur Radio license renewals using FCC Form 900 ends August 9 at 9 AM Eastern Time. Electronic filing of vanity call sign application Form 610V terminates August 13 at 5:30 PM Eastern Time. Hams should not attempt to file renewal or vanity applications until the ULS comes up August 16.

Starting August 16, hams registered in the ULS may file the new FCC Form 605 electronically at any time of day, seven days a week. FCC Form 605 will be used for license renewals, modifications, cancellations, vanity call sign application, application withdrawals and amendments, as well as requests for duplicate licenses and administrative updates (ie, a change of address or
other clerical license modification). Applications for new or upgraded licenses will continue to be filed through a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator.

Automated processing of electronically filed applications will occur nightly each business day, but five days a week instead of seven. There will be no weekend processing under the ULS. The FCC has warned that applicants should anticipate processing delays during the first couple of weeks the ULS is in effect.

The FCC will stop accepting most Form 610 applications next February 16, but club station Form 610B will continue to be valid beyond the six-month transition window to allow time for the FCC to implement new handling procedures.

Among the advantages of the ULS, the FCC says, are fast and easy electronic filing, improved data accuracy through automated checking of applications, and better electronic access to licensing information. One feature of the new ULS is a renewal reminder sent 90 days prior to a license's expiration date. ULS also will simplify the process of submitting fees to the FCC, and
the FCC said it anticipates that the ULS will be capable of accepting credit card payments on-line in the near future.

Registration in the ULS is required. Applicants should use FCC Form 606 for both electronic or manual filing. To register online, visit and click on "TIN/Call Sign Registration." A paper FCC Form 606 is available at or from the FCC's Forms Distribution Center, 800-418-3676.

The FCC will not process future license grants, upgrades, modifications or renewals for any applicant not registered in the ULS. Individuals eligible to hold a Social Security Number must provide this number to the FCC in order to be registered in the ULS.

A copy of the July 23, 1999 Public Notice is available at Additional information on ULS will appear in the Washington Mailbox column in the September issue of QST.


On Monday August 2, Paul, WC9E, gave a presentation on the 1994 St. Paul Island (CY9) DX-pedition .  Ed, KG8CX, assisted with the slide projector, and some background information.  Several handouts were given to each member.  It was of such interest that a number of members remained after the meeting to see the completion of the program.

According to Paul, this is most unusual.  Paul’s brother, Larry, from Dayton also attended as a guest.    We hope to provide more community > programs on amateur radio in the future.


This issue of The Groundwave is printed courtesy of Peninsula Office Equipment in Menominee.


By Paul Drees, WC9E

Sometimes I wish I had a humongous antenna farm:  8 monobanders on separate towers fed with low loss hardline.  Sometimes I wish I had a spacious shack with a Kenwood 950, racks of big transceivers, and the best legal limit linear amp a person could get.

Sometimes I wish I could copy and send 40 wpm and be able to work all the digital modes.  And sometimes I wish I have worked and confirmed all countries, all IOTAs, all states, all counties, all lighthouses, all....

And then, after all this wishing, I recall a stanza from John Whittier:

 “To seek is better than to gain.

 The fond hope dies as we attain;

 Life’s fairest things are those which  seem,

 The best is that of which we dream.”

  So now, sometimes I wish I had the time just to dream.


Congratulations and best wishes to the following :
Birthdays: 11th, Shannon Sievert; 13th Lisa Haskell; 22nd, Dwight
Bosselman; 24th, Gary Luthardt; 27th, Maxine Drees
Anniversaries: 3rd, Bob & Margie Schrader; 17th, Jim & Joan
Callow; 22nd, Dwight & Connie Bosselman; 23rd, Bob and Carolyn Johnson