The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55

President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                 April 2000 



The meeting this month is combined with an official NOAA weather spotters training session, and will be held on Thursday,  April 13 at 6:00PM in the cafeteria of BAMC in Menominee.  This session was set up by Renelle Schaffer, Marinette County. Emergency Government Director, and other public safety personnel from the county are invited as well. A meteorologist/ham from the Green Bay office will instruct the session, which will begin at 6pm and continue until approximately 7:30-7:45. Following the training session, a short club meeting will be held.  We promise to have everyone out by 8:30pm or earlier.
We are looking for a sizable turnout of M&M Club members.  Severe weather season is fast approaching, and we will again be monitoring the Green Bay NWS frequencies, and will initiate a spotters net when conditions warrant.  As always, keep your ears on the 147 repeater whenever severe weather is forecast, and be prepared to help out with spotting reports from your home QTH, or from a mobile location.  All reports are appreciated, and of great value to all of us, and especially to the NWS  in Green Bay and Marquette.   



The March FF was held on the 24th at the Sizzlin' Grille Steakhouse. Over 20 members and spouses attended. 

Our next club Fish Fry will be  Friday April 28th featuring  a return visit to Berg’s Chop House in Peshtigo.  The schedule is cocktails at 6:00pm, and then heading to our table to order at 6:30pm. We should be eating by 7:00pm.  The event is for club members and their guests.  Reservations must be made by the Sunday April 23rd net.  Or contact Lynne, N8OSK, or Ed, KG8CX.

The May Fish Fry is set up for Friday May 19th at the Pullman Center north of Menominee.  The schedule will be the same as for the April event.  Registration deadline will be Sunday May 14th.



The March 22th  ARRL "Members Only" edition carried a nice story of our club anniversary banquet along with several photos.  This gave us nationwide and worldwide exposure.  Check it out if you are an ARRL member and have access to a computer.  The URL is


The local test session held on March 11 served five people.  Four of them were successful upgrades.  Congratulations to:  KG9BI who received a CSCE for an extra upgrade;  KG8CX, who also received a CSCE for his extra upgrade;  N9JFC, who received his CSCE for a General upgrade;  and N9JKX, who traveled from Algoma and received his General upgrade CSCE. All of them will need to turn in those CSCE's at a VE session on or after the 15th of April, and receive their official upgrade authorization.

Paul, WC9E reports the next local VE Session will be held Tuesday April 18th at the Wisconsin Public Service Building in Menominee.  Contact Paul if you wish to be tested or process your CSCE at this session.  Also we need VE’s to help run the session.  You can contact Paul via e-mail at



Increased security at the Marinette High School forced the M&M ARC to suspend our Technician License Classes.  School officials are severely limiting access to the high school building at night due to the recent string of bomb threats.  Since there were only a couple of weeks left, the instructors decided to end the formal training sessions, but instructors are offering to “elmer” students who feel they need some additional help to prepare for the testing session on April 18th.  We have a very enthusiastic core of students this year, and we hope to have several new licensees very soon.



The following local members have contacted their required 100 DX countries  since January 1st to qualify for this coveted award, which covers the period from January 1st  to December 31, 2000.  Jim, K8IR; Jeff, N9PQU; Arde, KA9WAR; Ed, KG8CX.   The DXCC Millennium award does not require the submission of  QSL cards.  It’s a great way to have some fun and add to the wallpaper in your shack.  As we approach the top of  the sunspot cycle, it’s never been easier to work DX.



Many social activities are being planned for the coming months, some of which will help us achieve our goal of a new repeater antenna. Lynne, N8OSK, and Jim, AA9PB, have "cooked" up some plans that will have your mouth watering.  In addition, plan on participating in Field Day in June, the picnic in August, and the corn roast/campout/picnic/swapfest in September.  These are great times to be an M&M Radio Club member.  Lots of fun activities in store for members and families. Listen to the 2 meter net on Sundays at 7pm for details and updates.   


KG8CX would like pictures of your hamshack with or without you in it, to place on the club webpage.  Send a picture to me via a jpg file, or give it to me at a club meeting.  I can also come over to your shack and take a video which I can then upload to the website.  Don't be shy, any picture from the simple to the deluxe, is acceptable.  Several shack pictures are already on the KG8CX/M&M Radio Club website. 
Speaking of the club website, several photos of the most recent VE session have been posted on the club photo page.  Check them out.


The Sunday evening 2 meter net has been steadily increasing station count.  We have reached and surpassed 20 check-ins for several weeks now.  If you haven't checked in for a while, and are within range of the 147.000 repeater, we would like to hear from you.  Up-to-date news concerning club activities and meetings, member news, and the ARRL Audio News are featured each week.  You may check in one of several ways:  (1) Give your call, "in and out" no comments needed, but we hope you continue to listen;  (2) Give your call, for one transmission;  (3) Give your call "" and you will be acknowledged immediately for a transmission.  We hope to hear from some of you that do not regularly
check in.  Let's try for a record count of 30 sometime soon.



Dave Colangelo, KB8RJI the ARRL Michigan Section Public Information Coordinator now has a Michigan  Section Newsletter on the Internet. Check out the latest Michigan Section news at:

The Wisconsin Section news can be found at:

 Both these links, and many more can be found on Ed’s M&M ARC page at:



Spring is a great time to set up or update your mobile rig.  Arde, KA9WAR, passes along an article on a very inexpensive way to build your own multi-band HF mobile antenna.  You start with a 20 meter Ham Stick Antenna, about $25 from Lakeview Company, Inc. (  You also need to order two toroids, type F82-7 mix from Palomar Engineers ( They run about $1.50 a piece, plus shipping.  Buy three pieces of  “Music Wire”  36 to 42 inches long, from a Hobby Shop.  Also buy four different colors of plastic electrical tape, and allen-head stainless steel screws to replace the screw-driver set screws that come with the antenna.

The toroids should be slipped down over the base portion of the antenna and taped into place.  These have been found to reduce the SWR of the antenna when it is side-mounted on a vehicle.

Tune the “stinger” wire on the top of the antenna to get an SWR under 2:1 across the 20 meter band.  Use the colored electrical tape to mark the position of the stinger so you can quickly change bands. 

Cut a piece of music wire to 23” and insert this “stinger” into the antenna base, tuning for best SWR on 17 meters.  Mark with a different color tape.

Cuts stingers for 15 meters (13 inches) and 12 meters (7 ¾ inches)  and tune and mark them. A nail can be used to tune the antenna for 10 meters.

You now have a multi-band mobile HF antenna for an investment of around  $40.00.   For more information, contact Arde.  And thanks for the tip, Arde.



(From the ARRL Letter)

Amateur Radio storm spotters were out all over Wisconsin Wednesday, March 8, when the earliest tornado on record hit Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. And Wisconsin's SEC says he thinks hams were first to report the phenomenon to the National Weather Service.

The storm hit around 6 PM near Mitchell International Airport. Several minor injuries were reported, some vehicles were overturned, buildings lost roofs, power poles and trees were downed, and some gas leaks were reported.

ARRL Wisconsin Section Emergency Coordinator Stan Kaplan, WB9RQR, reports that hams regularly fed the National Weather Service at Sullivan with hail and wind reports. The Weather Service rated the tornado as an F1 category storm. It cut a swath between 50 and 75 yards long over a mile and a quarter. Hail of up to 1.75 inches in diameter was reported at one point, although most of the hail reported by hams and others was of the much smaller half-inch variety.

Milwaukee Area SKYWARN Association Executive Director Skip Voros, WD9HAS, noted that the March 8 tornado broke the old 1977 record of April for an early tornado.



Congratulations to the following who are celebrating special days this month: Lou and Tanya Parkansky, wedding anniversary on the 4th;  Jim and Diane Mans, wedding anniversary on the 5th.  These members celebrate birthdays:  Tom Rynish, 10th; Dottie Staffeldt, 11th; and Bob Schrader, 14th.



The March 9, 2000 meeting of the Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00 PM by vice-president Ed KG8CX.

The treasurer's report  shows a balance in checking of $58.32 and a balance in the savings account of $583.49. Total assets of $641.81. Deposits: Dues $52.50 Antenna fund $140.00 and Banquet $585.00 disbursements Marinette county parks $45.00 Peninsula Office Supply for 50th year Booklet Printing $123.35 Charter night banquet $660.80 A motion was made by N9OSF Larry and seconded by N9PQV Keith that the treasurer's report be approved. All in favor. Additional expenses for the banquet the covers for the booklet, frames for two charters, and five frames and certificates for Life Members Awards was $42.50. This was paid  by Tom N8LHB and Lynne N8OSK as a donation to the club.


The minutes for the February 10, 2000 meeting were published in the March 2000 Groundwave. A motion was made by AA9GZ Bob and seconded by KB9URW William that the minutes be approved as printed. All in favor.


A letter of appreciation was presented to the club from Kurt K8BKA thanking the club for the lifetime membership award.


Ed reported the repeaters are up and running. Donations for the new antenna fund at this time is $140.00. Checkins for the Sunday night net are on the average of 20.




The Charter Night banquet was held on February 26. A total of 54 attended the banquet and was planned for 55. A net loss of $15.80 resulted. One person made a reservation without submitting payment and failed to show. The club paid for the dinner. Six people showed up without prior reservations resulting in Schussler's having to set up an additional table to accommodate the group. This problem was brought up at the meeting that it is very important to get your reservation in and money for any future gatherings. Reservations and money must be paid in advance to help prevent these problems for the club members arranging the outings and for the place it is held at.


Ed reported that for the amateur radio classes there are about 13 students taking the classes. A test session may take place on March 11. Another test session may take place on the first Saturday in May with the new question pool.



The Weather spotters session will be on April 13th here where we hold our ham radio meetings and will start at 6:00 PM. This session should last about one and one half hours and the ham meeting will start right after the weather spotters session.


The next fish fry will be on March 24 at the Sizzlin' Grille. Last day for reservations will be March 19 the Sunday net.


Field Day will be held on June 24 and 25 at K0SN's place located on 2 Mile road off  W heading towards Crivitz.


The club may have some cookouts during the summer for fund raising


The summer picnic is on August 13, Sunday at Lake Noquebay Park


Hamfests coming up is the AES Superfest 2000 on April 7 and 8 and the Dayton Hamvention on May 19-21.


A brief discussion on the Amateur Radio Spectrum Bill and Club 2000 Achievement Awards was presented by KG8CX Ed.


A motion to adjourn was made by Lynne N8OSK and seconded by Jim KC8DOA. All in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Submitted by Gary W Luthardt KG9AD, Secretary


Persons in attendance at the meeting:


Gary Luthardt  KG9AD
Ed Engleman  KG8CX
Lynne Rynish  N8OSK
William Peterson  KB9URW
Randy Zandt 
Bob Schrader  AA9GZ
Jim Swanson  KC8DOA
Nathan Luthardt  KB9NNV
Larry Buchholz   N9OSF
Nancy Buchholz  KA9UZC
Keith Tonn  N9PQV
Kurt Berge  K8BKA
John Edquist  W8NZV
David Arnold W8DXX
David Cunningham