The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
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                   President: Jim Callow K8IR
                     Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                              December 2002   


We hope to see many of you at our annual holiday get-together, scheduled for Thursday, December 12th at Schusslers in Peshtigo.  Socializing starts at 6pm, with a family style dinner at 7pm.  We will have the smaller private room and hope for a good turnout.  Aside from the camaraderie and the good food and drink, we will finalize and count the vote for 2002 Ham of the Year.

Remember, reservations are due on Dec. 4.  Out of respect for the supper club and to eliminate the numbers juggling that arises from late reservation, none will be accepted after December 4th.

There will be no business meeting this month. 



Our first meeting of 2003 will occur on January 9th at the usual time and place...7pm in the cafeteria of BAMC, Menominee.  We will continue to discuss the By Law revisions, especially as it applies to new membership approval.  Other possible items on the agenda will be future 147 repeater improvements to allow for expanded coverage especially during Skywarn and emergency situations, the 53rd Charter Banquet, and other business as may come up.



The 53rd charter banquet will be held on Saturday February 1st, 2002 at Schusslers in Peshtigo.  More information and the reservation form will appear in the January Ground Wave. 



At our last exam session on November 14th, two young individuals successfully passed their technician tests, and became our newest amateur radio operators.  They are:

Ben Benesh, KC9CTK, age 15, of Marinette.  He is in the 9th grade at Marinette high school.  There is a link to his web page on the club site. Ben is planning to tap into Echo Link until he gets his HT.

Aaron Buchholz, KC9CTJ, age 10, of Gillett, WI.   He is home schooled and the son of Larry (N9OSF) and Nancy (KA9UZC).  His older brother is also licensed, so that makes four hams in the Buchholz family.  Aaron is the youngest ham in the club and the entire area, and probably also the youngest ham that M&M ARC has ever had. Aaron has already been on the air, checking into the Sunday Net.

Thanks to Jeff, KE9S the VE session coordinator, and the following VE's
who worked the session:  AA9GZ, W9YQ, KG8CX.  All told, we have 12 VE's within our club.  Thanks to all who have given of their time over the past
several years.



Welcome to two new members voted on at the November meeting. They are Dan Wagner, N9OWD, of Peshtigo and Earl Andre, KB9DSV of Abrams.  You may run into Dan at Menards in Marinette, where he works.  Earl has been a regular visitor to our meetings, and owns the Abrams repeater.



The Sunday evening net at 7pm on the 147.000 repeater continues to have a good response, although slightly lower now that we are at the new location.  Losing 300 feet of altitude does make a difference, especially with mobile coverage.  Most base stations are still able to access the repeater within a 40-45 mile radius of Menominee.  According to KG8CX, log results have shown an approximate 20% drop in check ins since the repeater was moved.  But when you factor in the count we had at the previous location, the drop only covers about 4 to 5 stations.  HT access within the tri city area is now improved.  We will probably notice the decreased range when Skywarn season starts in next year, and we need mobile coverage.  But, by then, we hope to have some improvements to our coverage in place, or make use of other repeaters. 

A reminder that with the move to BAMC, there is no longer an autopatch service available on the 147.000 repeater.

Don't forget the 444.075 repeater....its coverage has been improved, and in many locations is as good as the 147.000.



After some discussion, and the realization that a few people are desirous of participating in a formal class setting, we will probably start a class in mid January, most likely the 21st.   A location still needs to be firmed up, although we have a lead on a good one.  A number of instructors have also volunteered to assist.   A committee of member instructors will set up the class schedule and materials, and have final information at the January meeting.  



Members of the ARRL's Great Lakes Division have elected Jim Weaver, K8JE, of Mason, Ohio, to lead their division for the next three years.  Weaver, with 2295 votes, topped the field in a three-way race.  Incumbent Gary Johnston, KI4LA, got 1629 votes, and Paul Daley, WT8S, picked up 783. Incumbents were re-elected in contested races in the Atlantic, Delta and Midwest divisions.

''I will seek opinions and fully represent the division,'' Weaver said during the Great Lakes campaign. ''I will not forget that ARRL is its members.'' An ARRL Life Member and an amateur licensee for 40 years, Weaver also pledged--among other things--to seek ways to improve recruitment, promote increased awareness of League services and join the fight against restrictive antenna laws, ordinances and deed covenant, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs).

Weaver served as a Great Lakes Assistant Director under four directors. He's active in traffic nets, DXCC and 10-10 International as well as in local clubs, and he once wrote a newspaper column on ham radio.

The former Great Lakes Vice Director, Johnston had been seeking election in his own right to the director's position he gained following the surprise resignation of George Race, WB8BGY, during last July's ARRL Board of Directors' meeting. Former Michigan Section Manager Dick Mondro, W8FQT, was unopposed for Great Lakes Vice Director.



...Anniversaries:  Cheryl & Eric Janssen, 8th
....Birthdays: Eric Janssen, 5th,   Cindy Armstrong, 18th; Steve Mellenthin, 20th; Nancy Buchholz, 21st;  Noel Beardsely, 22nd; Al Grenier, 23rd.
Congratulations to all !

Note to our newer members, we may not have your birthday/anniversary information for inclusion here.  Please send your information to K8IR at



Happy Holidays from the M&M ARC