The Marinette and Menominee Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Frequencies 147.00 MHZ & 444.075 Mhz
Club Net: Sunday 7PM 147.00 MHz
Simplex DX Spotting and Ragchew Frequency 146.55
Web Page:
President: Jim Callow K8IR
Vice President: Ed Engleman KG8CX
Treasurer: Lynne Rynish N8OSK
Secretary: Gary Luthardt  KG9AD

The MMARC Newsletter                                                April 2001



We will meet at 6pm on Thursday April 12th in the Menominee Chamber of Commerce building, at the corner of 10th & 10th (US-41).  The purpose of the meeting is mainly to update our weather spotting skills.  The program will be put on by the Marquette office of NOAA.  Other county volunteers and employees may also be there, as will Marge Bramschreiber, the Menominee County emergency government director.  If there is time at the end of the session, we will have a short meeting.  If the session lasts past 8:30pm, we will probably hold off the meeting until the April 20th Fish Fry. Agenda items will include updates on the VE Testing, August Special Event Station, Field Day, repeaters, and summer meeting locations. It should be a brief session.



The next club fish fry will be Friday, April 20th at the Riverfront Inn.  We will be meeting in a private room so if we should need to conduct a business meeting, we will have some peace and quiet. Reservations are a MUST! Please contact Lynne, N8OSK, or Ed, KG8CX to make yours.  You can make reservations on the Sunday Night Net, if you prefer.  The deadline is Friday April 13th.  Social hour at 5:30. Seating for dinner at 6:30.



Our March meeting was held following the fish fry at Schusslers, with 34 members, spouses and guests in attendance  Although the environment was not too conducive to holding a meeting, we did conduct some business. One of the major decisions was to go ahead with a National Lighthouse special event station on Saturday August 4th at the Menominee Waterfront Festival. This will give us tremendous exposure, as 10,000 to 15,000 people regularly attend this event.  In order to make this, our most ambitious special event to date, successful, we need the cooperation of the entire club.  We will bring Amateur Radio to the attention of thousands, and we want to do it in the most positive light.  Contact with other lighthouse stations throughout the US, and world, will hopefully turn many on to the magic of ham radio.  We will discuss this in more detail at our May, June, and July meetings.  But, the bottom line is, we are committed. The Waterfront Commitee is looking forward to having us there, as a unique attraction.  Many thanks to Jim Callow, K8IR, for spearheading this event for us.


Remember to circle Thursday May 10th on your calendars.  That will be the date of our May meeting to be held at the Northland Terrace apartment complex in Marinette.  Mike Anuta has secured the community room there for our meeting. Come and meet our most senior member, and the subject of several recent recognitions and magazine articles.  It will be a not to be forgotten evening. There’ll even be some refreshments, courtesy of Mike. We’ll have directions for those needing them in the May Ground Wave.



Those of you who subscribe to QST already have read the excellent two page article on Mike in the April issue.  If not, find a copy fast, or ask someone to make a copy for you.  A definite keepsake issue for everyone.



We are happy to report two newly licensed hams receiving their calls during the past few days. 

Congratulations to Bill Overman of Oconto who is now KB9ZCZ.  Bill is the next door neighbor to his elmer, Dwight, W9YQ.

Also, congratulations to Randy Zandt of Pembine, who is now KB9ZES.  Randy was in our radio class last year, and has also had the help of his elmer, Bob, W9AMZ.

A number of other students are working with their elmers in anticipation of the upcoming testing date.



The M&M Amateur Radio Club will be conducting radio exams on Saturday, April 21st at the Stephenson Public Library in downtown Marinette. Registration begins at 9:30 and testing to begin at 10 AM.

Pre-registration is encouraged. Volunteer examiners will test for all classes including Technician,General, and Extra Class. The five words per minute morse code exam will also be offered.

Candidates should bring pencils, pens, paper, and a photo ID. Each test is $10. Checks should be made out to ARRL/VEC.

For registration and additional information, call Ed Engleman at 863-3477 or Paul Drees at 735-7397.



A meeting for all VE’s who plan to administer the April 21st exams will be held on Sunday, April 8th, 6:30 pm, on the 147 repeater. At this time, we can discuss the upcoming session and address any questions. Hope you can check in.   (From Paul, WC9E).



Stan Kaplan, the ARRL emergency manager for Wisconsin, has announced that Jeff Rymer, N9PQU, has been appointed the official ARRL emergency coordinator for Marinette County  replacing Dottie, WB9NCT.  Jeff has plans for getting an ARES group started within the club.  Anyone with an interest in this should contact Jeff.  Every county in Wisconsin except ten, now has an official ARRL  emergency coordinator in place. Jeff will be working closely with Renelle Schaffer, KB9WKD, the Marinette County emergency government director in any disaster scenario that may arise. This announcement was the subject of a nice article in the Peshtigo Times.



For those of you who are anxious for the new 444 repeater to go on the air, don't despair.  As soon as warm weather is here on a regular basis, and the climber is available, it will go up.  Thanks to Jim Swanson, KC8DOA, for allowing another antenna on his tower.  We all appreciate the fact that he has allowed all of our repeater equipment to be situated at his site. 



Once again the Bay Area Wireless Association (BAWA) club is planning on putting Menominee County on the map in a big way for the Michigan QSO Party.

Like last year, they will be running  a multi-op multi-transmitter operation from AA9PB hunting partner Mike’s camp.

This will be a “field day” type of  setup with all power from generators. They are hoping to have 4 stations this year, all running power.

The contest is April 21st from 11am to 11pm Central Time. (Yes, the same day as the VE Testing.  It’s going to be a busy day for some!)

They’ll again use the W8PIF call, and the scores of this and other local operations will be entered under the M&M ARC.  Last year W8PIF won the multi–multi class and the M&M ARC won the club competition and we received two plaques

Any club members are invited to get on the air, make a few QSO’s, and submit your score on behalf of the M&M ARC.

Anyone interested in participating in the multi-op station or who would just like more information on the Michigan QSO Party can contact N9PQU, K0SN, or AA9PB.



By Jim Mans, AA9PB.  Edited from the BAWA Newsletter

The 2001 Wisconsin QSO Party was a challenge and fun for all who attended.

Well it all started about 9 months prior to the contest, when Jeff {N9PQU} thought we should go for the title in the Multi-Operator, Multi-Transmitter Class. That class has recently been won by the W0AIH Super Contest station in  LaCrosse.  

Tom [K0SN] agreed to have the BAWA contest station at his place. And the plan started to take come together. Over the winter months a number of new towers, telephone poles, and antennas sprouted on the K0SN antenna farm.

A practice run using three transmitters was done in January during the North American QSO Party.

As the Wisconsin Contest grew closer, Jim, AA9PB took on the responsibility of organizing to make sure we would have all the equipment we needed to set up 8 stations on the site.

Most of the equipment was set up the day before the contest, and some testing was done. Everything seemed ready for the contest.

Then the big day was upon us. Sunday March 11th. The WIQSO Party.

At about 11 am it seemed to be going OK, but somewhere between 11am and 12 noon start, “Murphy” showed up as a guest operator.

Turmoil was an understatement at the start of the contest. We were lucky that 2 unscheduled operators showed up, Paul [WC9E] and Bob [AA9GZ] got free from prior commitments and came out to help. We were sure glad to see those guys  show.  We had planned and tested  2 rigs on 20, 40, and 80 meters, but  “Murphy” made things bad. Our plan of 8 rigs was now down to 4. After a lot of head scratching we made a few moves and were up to 6 rigs on the air, but still could not get  2 rigs on  40 meters where we needed them. So back to building antennas. Someone suggested putting up another antenna for 40 as far as we could get it away from the others. Jeff had a roll of coax in his  truck and Tom had a dipole cut  for  40 in the shed. After soldering ends on Jeff’s coax, Eric, KG9GH, and the two Jims, K8IR and AA9PB put it up in a tree as far away as  the coax  let us. It worked! Now, two hours into the seven hour contest, we had seven stations on the air, all running.  As the day wore on it seemed we were not as busy as we had hoped. At one end of Tom’s garage,  Dave, KB9WBP,  and Bob, AA9GZ were having a hoot of a time on 10 meter ssb, while Dwight, W9YQ was falling asleep trying to make  contacts on 10 and 15 cw. On the other side Jim, K8IR was working 40 ssb  for all it was worth while Jeff, N9PQU ran on 20 ssb. Mary [KB9TPC] looked for mults from her and Jeff’s home QTH and gave us spots on 2 meters. Meanwhile downstairs in Tom’s  shack Scott, W9SF ran 20 cw working DX  just to make contacts. Tom, K0SN, was running 40 cw with not much heavy action, while Ed, KG8CX kept calling on 80 ssb, without much success.

Somewhere around 5pm we decided to make another move. We put Jeff on 80 ssb and Ed on 20 ssb, somewhere in the meantime I managed  to get  in the 20 ssb chair and the brats  were burning on the grill. Soon after, we put  Dwight on 80 cw and he got his smile back and a nice run to finish out the last of the contest.

The big surprise was how well 10 meters held up. Dave had worked it for all it was worth. Tom’s   home-brew monobander  really  played on 10. 

The whole team pulled together  and overcame adversity. Everybody that showed up played an important role and nobody got much of a chance to relax during the contest. But when it was over we had logged about 1400 contacts. Now   that’s a  lot of calling CQ contest in 7 hours.

But all the work and preparation may have paid off.  AA9PB got an e-mail from W0AIH saying they were at 283,140 points.  Thanks to the 1.5 multiplier for running low power, it looks like the BAWA score will be about 330,000, hopefully good enough for a first place finish and a new record in multi-multi.  Of course, we won’t know for sure until the scores come out in several months.

Thanks to all involved.




Three new sites are now on the KG8CX/ M&M ARC  webpage...the first two are the official sites for the cities of Marinette and Menominee (we are listed in the Marinette site in the "Tourism & Recreation"  under * Clubs and Organizations *). Also Ed has added a "storm spotter" site in the weather bar section.  That is really useful.  Also remember to click on "Eric's Weather Page", for up to the minute radar views and other neat weather related stuff compiled by KG9GH.



Anyone wishing to purchase a UP Ham Directory from the Copper Country ARC, may do so by getting a check in the amount of $3.00, made payable to Copper Country ARC to Lynne, N8OSK by April 12th.  This directory will include info on over 1400 UP hams, UP repeaters and frequencies, emergency numbers and information which has not been published in previous directories.  They only intend to print 100 copies of the directory, so order early!



April 18 has been set aside as a day commemorating amateur radio and its service to the world community.  The theme this year, is "Providing Disaster Communications in the 21st Century".  A special program will be aired on shortwave, April 18, 0200-0255 UTC (8:00 - 8:55pm)  Check 9585 KHz shortwave, as this is the frequency and time the program will be beamed to North America.



Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum is proclaiming April 19, as Amateur Radio Operator Awareness Day in Wisconsin in recognition of the public service provided by hams



Here is a brief rundown on 2 meter and HF nets for you to listen to and/or check in to:

2 meter--
  147.210 - Door Co. GM net, 8am, Mo-Sa
 *145.470 - YoYo net, Crivitz, 8pm, Sa
 *147.270 - PASS net, GB, 8pm, 1st/3rd Tu
              Packerland Area Storm Spotters
 *147.120 - Mike/Key club net, 8:45pm, We
  146.550 - BAWA net, 7pm, Mo
  147.000 - M&M (Candy net), 7pm, Su
          Skywarn net when activated
   (*) indicates a PL of 107.2 for access
HF nets--
  3920 - U.P. Net, 4pm(cst), daily
  3985 - Wisconsin Wx Net, 6:00-7:15am daily
  3985 - Wisconsin SSB Net, 5:15pm dly
  14.300 - Maritime Mobile Net (some exciting action can occur here)
  14.325 - Hurricane Watch net(starting June 1)



4th - Tanya and Lou Parkansky;  5th - Diane and Jim Mans.
10th - Tom Rynish;  11th - Dottie Staffeldt;  14th - Bob Schrader.
Enjoy your special day.



Paul, WC9E, has varied lengths of #12 solid insulated copper for antenna installations. The wire comes in various colors, and lengths may be 100 feet or so. If you are planning a dipole or any other wire antenna, now is your chance. The price is FREE Contact Paul at 735-7125, or



Jeff , N9PQU is looking for any radio or test equipment that you may want to sell. You can call him at 920-897-4561, or email him at



Thanks to everyone who contributed to The Ground Wave. This is our biggest issue in several months, and several submissions ended up being  saved for future issues.  As always, any and all submissions are welcome.  –K8IR


Thanks to Peninsula Office Equipment of Menominee for printing the Ground Wave.

Thanks to Jim, KC8DOA for hosting the W8PIF Repeater on his tower.



The March meeting of the Marinette and Menominee Amateur radio club was called to order Friday March 9 after the fish fry by the president Jim K8IR at 7:33pm at Schussler's in Peshtigo. There was no official meeting held for the month of February due to the severe winter weather Thursday night February 8. February 10 the date of the Charter Night Banquet K8IR did go over a few items.

For correspondence K8IR reported receiving a letter from Mike Anuta thanking everyone for celebrating his 100th birthday.

The repeater report KG8CX reported that when the weather is at 40 degrees the 440 antenna will go up on the tower of KC8DOA Jim Swanson. For the Sunday net Ed reported it is averaging over 20 checkins.


April 12 is the date of the weather spotter's training starting at 6pm at the Chambers of Commerce Building in Menominee taught by the Marquette Weather Bureau. The April meeting will be held after the training session.


After much discussion it has been decided to have a special event station during the water front activities in Menominee. This is the same time as the lighthouse weekend will be taking place plus this will bring out ham radio exposure to the public attending the waterfront activities.

Field day again will be at W9YQ.

Paul WC9E reported ham classes are doing well and this is one on one instruction and test session April 21.

Wisconsin QSO Party is Sunday March 11 noon to 7pm. BAWA is having a multi multi station with 8 stations and 9 operators asking for help from members at the meeting tonight to help out.

K8IR reported the April meeting will be at the chambers of commerce building in Menominee. The May meeting will be at Mike Anuta's location and June and July meetings at Henes Park in Menominee? August should be back at BAMC.

Emergency Management Director, Renelle Schaffer reported on the upcoming exercises for the Peavy Hydroelectric dam failures. There are two exercises the first one is a tabletop exercise on May 16 and the functional one on May 19. They will be held in Iron Mountain and anyone interested should contact Renelle at 715-735-7660 or and she will make sure you get further information on the exercises. Renelle also mentioned the sirens and the press release that was sent out to the papers that stressed the importance of getting your own weather radio. This would provide a majority of residents alerts for weather warnings. She is trying to get a weather tower set up in Marinette County to cover the vacant reception in the middle of the county. Renelle reported for those HAMs that are interested in weather spotting training and cannot make it to the April 12 meeting another training session is most likely to be held on April 20 at the courthouse for Oconto and Marinette County residents. If anyone is interested please give Renelle a call.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm by Jim  K8IR  President

Submitted by Gary W Luthardt  KG9AD, Secretary